Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exercise and some Recent facts in Canada !!

Here is a graph which shows the number of individuals preferring different activities in their spare time during the months of summer in Canada .Going to gym is loved by 26% of people , while two outdoor activities are head to head for the second and third spot namely Cycling and Swimming for around 19%.All the other sports are so back in the graph just giving 2 to 5% .It means even in the nice hot months of summer most Canadians love being indoor and work in the gym and not go outside to play .

It’s been a while since I started taking online survey’s in the early days it was more for sheer fun and slowly and slowly it has been a way to understand certain life style details of individuals .I started enjoying certain as they send us detail results of such surveys too . Net panel group has been one such group. The survey of outdoor activities was send by them and here were the results in front of you

I think so it worries me and also makes me thing why? Why do so many amounts of individuals love to be indoor even in the summer for their activities why? Is it the nice cool refreshing atmosphere that appeals them or is it the advantage of being near to one’s offices makes them to think of going to gym?

Another thing with Net panel surveys are they are age related so if they are send to me , it means this data was recorded pretty much for the age between 25 to 35 or 45 may be not sure .

I was so sure that many in Canada would say Golf, or swimming or cycling.. Gym was the least I think so people would be tend up doing.. But the results proved me wrong.

I have been staying in Canada now for over 4 years almost, and I started knowing the weather well... it is cold , freezing at least 6 to 8 months in some parts ... and the only few months we get of summer is half with rain and yucky weather . So to be frank we should be lucky to get some nice weather here...

Friends I do not have any thing in regards to any Gym ... but yes we can think of the gym during the cool winters.. But at least when it’s nice and warm please look out for some nice sunny sports like Golf, swimming, running, walking.

Is it the worry of the crazy U-V rays bothering us Canadians or is it just that we like being the cold as the gym offers the nice cool A/C all the time. What is it? Please feel free and if you have any thoughts let me know.

Also is a survey that I have posted, so I can know what my readers like too in summer sports indoor or outdoor let us see. What sports you like to engage during the summer months @Polldaddy . Click here for the survey .

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