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Effects of Different Doshas on Agni

Give a quick thought and check it out yourself . In your family you would have some one
having a gr8 appetite so gr8 that after eating nice meal being hungry in 3 hrs . Some in
your house would have a very low appetite .. that they eat little and still they are fine to
go for long hours And then some you would notice they are some days hungry some days
not that hungry .No ... no one is having any disease or illness or any issue , as per standard
of health they all are healthy and fit .Still why this difference .

This difference is seen due to the effects of the Tri-doshas on one Individuals on its Agni .With respect to doshas agnis are thus further classified in 4 ways .

1] Tiksnaagni :

With the effect of Pitta Dosha .. due to its intense fire activity one would notice that such individuals would eat a lot and would also end up digesting too . Here Hunger could be manifested every 3 to 4 hrs .. and the quantity of food would be huge . Intake of wrong substance over and over would only affect such individuals. This is called as "Tiksna agni" {"tiksna" means heavy intensity }

2] Mandaagni:

Effects of Kapha Dosha on agni would create such type of agni where one would digest the food
very slowly and also eat in less quantity . Hunger been so less that one could have no trouble
fasting for the day or days . That is what called as "Mandagni" {"manda" means less intensity} .Instead of eating proper meals such individuals would have a nature to look out for small snacks like peanuts , chips ..

3] Vishamagni:

Vatta Dosha is known for it constant moment, constant ups and down .. thus creating an unusual type of agni ... One may feel very hungry today and could digest easily too , while some days one would not even feel like eating . Such tendency would be result of Vatta Dosha on Agni and thus called as "Visham Agni" {"Visham" means unequal }

4] Samagni :

Very few people you would notice that one would have equal amount of hunger and digestive strength too .. They would eat healthy in sufficient quantity and also would digest the food properly. Here the effect of all the doshas are in equal nature on the agni and in unison thus having a real nice digestive system.Thus called as "Samagni "{ "sama" mean equal }

One is bound to be in one this types of Agni .The idea is to actually follow what your body speaks here ... and try not to do what your body does not ask for . Like I have seen our dear wives forcing the husband to eat breakfast .. though he is not hungry , though he knows he has a very slow digestion. He might end up eating too .... but does his body likes it or not ... Such small incidence causes in the long run trouble . So just try to follow Our own Body .

Posted by Sudeep

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