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Benefits of Massage at a cost of 30 cents /4 min a day !!

More and more Americans are currently having massages once a week , once a fortnight or even once a month.This love has been directly proportional to the stressful work they tend to work on.In today's post I would be writing about a completely different type of massage which requires not more than 5 min, cost factor is your time and may be 10 cent to 30 cent each day . Well the benefits are the same .... Ohh forgot to tell you , you yourself are doing it too ... so no therapist , no time scheduling nothing .

In Ayurveda one of the important routine of the day that one must do every day is called as Abyanga which means ...application of warm herbal oil all over the body . The oil is seasme seed normally unless you decided to choose some thing else . Do not need to keep the oil for long , as soon as you apply it you can go to shower and wash it off . If you have enough time sit in the bath for some time and enjoy the oil on the body

Why it's more advocated than even your regular massage here are the reaons :

1] Boost your immunity :

Swine flu /Avian flu / Mad cow diseases .. one by one different viral infection currently are been attacking the world and the best strategy that every individual should take is following the simple principle "Prevention is better than cure".Thus Boosting the immune system is the best way to handle during such epidemics . In my swine flu articles I have spoken on the same lines .
Sesame seed oil and applying it on your body would do this simple magic if you do it regularly .. boosting the immune system . Due to its action on the skin , then skin vulnerability to diseases especially air borne decreases .Not only that due to massage you are all ways making sure your blood flow is regular to every part of the body.In all you boost the immune process .

2] Reduce friction /lubrication :

We all know that when two particles are in motion with each other , they would create some friction ... forget the two particles we are saying of the whole body ... it has been in motion imagine the friction that would be created , knees cracking , dry skin .. all are the signs of friction. What do your say ? And if some thing crack , like door hinges , we put some lubricant jelly , then why do not we do that on our body .Thus this way of massage would work on decreasing the friction between each cells . No more cracks and crazy noises .

3] Wt Gain /Wt loss:

The magic of sesame seed oil which has been always known to Ayurveda is it nature to act as per as the user. Thus it can be used to help a person work on losing wt and also it can work in the same way to help a person gain wt if needed . It all depends on the activities and the food he takes . Nothing wrong in trying it if you goal recently has been in to wt loss and been working out crazy for losing some extra pounds .

4]Toning of the muscles :

Now you would ask whats store for just a regular person then .. well he/she can tone his muscles. Since ancient time wrestler , body builders have been using sesame seed oil in India to work on toning the muscles . If you need a nice biceps , triceps , abdomen .. apply the oil and see the results { yes slow progress for sure }

5] Prevention from Old age :

Old age bring catabolism process going rapidly , breakdown , wear and tear of different cells is quick . Many people face arthritis , osteoporosis , hearing loss , vision issues .In North America Alzheimer's ,Parkinson are on rampage with old age . To prevent one from facing those issues .. would it be not nice to work right from now .
Oil massage like this one works really magic in at least giving good quantity life ..even during old ages . Its the quality not the quantity that is important .. so as long as I have good health I would be happy .Long life and just visit to the hospitals would not appeal me at all . So to have both just put your 30 cents a day and 4 min ...
Rest is assured for the long run .

Posted By Sudeep

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