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Waste System of Our Body : "Mala"

So last week we saw the role of Dhatus .. the main area where the Doshas show its
function on .. I was happy after many people responded on that post especially this topic not been so much heard or given credit too .. I agree this posts are a little impractical .. but when I end up speaking some other post on Ayurveda this basic would help me to write more easily for the easy understanding of my readers .So bear with me ...

Today we would see the role of the last of the system which helps in running the body according to Ayurveda.We seen the actual forces that run the body {Doshas} , we have seen on whom they function {Dhatus} , now we would see the end product of their work too .
"The Mala " or our body waste system.
Together they form the bases of functioning of the body according to Ayurveda

When we eat food with the help of Doshas , the food is processed , digested and then also transferred to different Dhatus . The remaining waste both from the intestine and each Dhatus are what we call as "Mala " or waste products of our body. We all are aware of this waste products namely fecal material , urine , sweat ....

Three "Mala"

1] "Purish "[Stool]:

When one eat the solid waste material that is created in our intestine is throw away
in the form of bowel moment which in Ayurveda is called as "purish".Depends on the food
we eat, our digestion, our day to day bio clock the bowel moments vary with individuals .
For some once a day is normal for some 3 to 4 times a day is normal and for some once a week is
normal . Though being a waste product it is regarded as very important not just for its nature of throwing the largest toxic waste from our body , but also because if one cannot get devoid of it completely .

2] "Mutra"[Urine] :

The Liquid waste product that is created in this waste assimilation process is thrown away
as urine which is called as "mutra". Again depends on the functioning of our body, the season,
water intake the urine out put depends .. so do the color too .. Lot of waste coming from Liver /Gallbladder /Kidneys or blood is thrown through this channel .

3] "Swedha"[Sweat] :

Another important output given by our body is through our skin pores known as perspiration
or what we called "sweda" .The importance of swedha in Ayurveda is tremendous and as equivalent as with the other two waste materials . Toxins from the skin , blood vessel and some times even from digested food are thrown in this way ..Too much garlic remember you can even have a garlic odor sweat ...
Depends on the season , human nature the amount one may perspire is different though and can be negligible too in cold temperature areas .

Though this three being the main ways our body throw waste, there are few more which are not that regular like the menstrual flow in women , our sinus secretions , ear wax and so and so .
Ayurveda defines them waste of our Dhatus which we would see when we see each Dhatus in detail . Till then enjoy what we have discussed .

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