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Theory of Tri-Doshas

L ast post in this series we read about how the whole universe can be divided in 5 elements.Each and every living and non living thing in this world . As seen in different Mathematics examples you can achieve a same figure in many forms say 2+3=5 and 4+1=5 . The answers are same but just the way and the numbers are different . Same thing happens even in science group of scientist think that is the way and the others think the there is another way to achieve the same goal . Same is true with this theory of Tri-doshas.

To understand each and every single object in this Universe Ayurveda takes help of another theory which is based in some way with the older theory of Panchamahabhoots but still has its own ways .

Theory of Tri-Doshas :

According to this theory that the basic principles of our body are all governed by the Tri-doshas. They are the basic of our body. Every single happening in or outside the body can be dedicated to them in due way ...

What are Doshas :

In life normally to live what are the basic functions that do take place . First two atoms comes together, bond is created between them ... they might stay together and have some interaction for a while or they might get separated . In every aspect of life we can see this basic changes happening all the time. In our life we always go through Fusion , Metabolism and Separation . This fact has always been regarded as an important theory and thus Ayurveda defines this all changes in the name called Doshas.

Doshas can be defined as those with whose help our body does this basic functions namely Fusion , Metabolism and Separation.
The dosha that does Fusion is called as "Kapha " , Metabolism is done by the dosha named as "Pitta" and lastly "Vatta" does the part of separation in this trio .

Let us understand Doshas with an example . Let see how each doshas does the work in our body when we eat . So when we eat food it first mixes with saliva { kapha} ,then slowly goes down in our stomach and gets mixed with some more digestive juices in our stomach and duodenal area .
Slowly the digestion process start and the process of assimilation starts { pitta}.After the food reaches the small and the large intestine . Here digested food is absorbed in the blood stream and the undigested waste products slowly pushed towards the rectum. Vatta the does the role of separation between those two waste products and the food food .
This explanation is just a simple one to understand Dosha .We all know that the process is much more complicated.

Thus the theory that each and every happening in our body has to be the works of this tri doshas .. If they work well every thing in our body is fine , if they are disturbed then it is a problem ... Imagine the Pitta just refuse to metabolism the food .. what would happen. Imagine the Vatta refuses to assimilate waste and good food ... It would create issues which we call as Disease. Thus the importance of Doshas.

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