Monday, July 27, 2009

Some more thoughts on 8 Limbs of Yoga !!

We covered all the eight limbs of yoga up till now .. what thought goes through
the minds .. as we read each and every limb of yoga . I had many comments with this
series and also as I finish one by one each limb I thought I started understanding a little
bit more about each limb. More so after writing for the next limb I understood the previous
one better. I am sure even most of us would have the same experience ... My advice today is just go back and re read all the 8 limbs of yoga Again please ..

Read !!! So what are we up too any thoughts .... Are we doing what we should be doing ... or are we just focusing on certain limbs of yoga . Common on think hard .. are we not concentrating of Asanas and Pranayama and all the rest are pretty much a theory which should be completed in one lecture or so .. may be for advanced students or teachers training program . Why ? I did not get it .. if you have any answer for this do let me know .

Let us have a quick look at the sequence of 8 limbs of yoga....

Normally whenever I refer to some thing ancient text,We would always note that there is a pattern in every thing .The sequence does tells us some thing ...why such a sequence
is a normal question to be asked .. Some times and some text you might be lucky to find the reason. Some places we have commentaries by learned people quoting and giving reason for it.
So yes this sequence of Limbs of Yoga has a meaning .

1] Yama and Niyama : Work on disciplining our body and mind { personal , family , social level}
2] Asana and Pranayama : Work on Physical body and Breathe work Mind a little bit
3] Pratayahara : Sense organ and Mind
4] Dharana ,Dhyana : Sense organ , Mind , subconscious world .
5] Samadhi : Mind , very different plane ...

Each of the limb has its own meaning and so does the sequence too .. we start with disciplining our self with regards to society , our family , then to our own body ..Then we progress to work on making our body strong and ready to have some good breathe work. Further we take it to sense organ and then move on to work more and more on our mind .
We start with the society in mind .. and then slowly move on to the ONE ness of our self not you think?
Is that all we can change in this world .. is our approach , our ideas .. Right ?

And then are our yoga classes which are focused more on Asanas and Breathe work ... I am not saying all are focused are in that way . In my earlier post of 6 things to consider before joining a yoga class I would now add that make sure you know if they cover all the 8 Limbs of Yoga in the class .. If they do ... you got the best class .. what do you think?
One can slowly introduce in one 's class Yama and Niyama ... what's wrong in introduction .. One can introduce little bit of Pratyahara .. or Dharana or Dhyana .. why not .. So if you are a yoga teacher Please let me know what do you think .. what was the reaction that you get if do it .. Please feel free to speak your thoughts ... Be open for discussion ...

Posted By Sudeep

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2 comments: on "Some more thoughts on 8 Limbs of Yoga !!"

Rafi Bar-Lev said...

Sudeep, that's pretty interesting. I wasn't completely aware that yoga had its roots as a "spiritual" kind of technique, although I'm not surprised!


zengirl said...


This is great information. I knew a little about Doshas and Dhatus but your site has lot more amazing information. Good for life long student like me. Now you are added to my blog bookmarks, so learning can start.


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