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Solar Eclipse and Health

If you are waking up today do so and watch the sun ... not with your bare yes , but with complete protection .A chance that if you are staying in one of the South Asian countries like India , Bangladesh , China , Malaysia you would be able to see either partial or full solar eclipse. One of Nature's amazing creation ......that happens some times .. Unlucky for us in North America,Europe,Africa we are not going to have any glimpse of it at all . Sorry folks ..

Sun and its role in Nature :

We all are aware of the role of Sun in our world , its power to be the single power supplier to the plant ,animal kingdom and so also in a way to provide nourishment to us too.
According to Ayurveda Sun has been correlated with the element Fire or Agni.Remember we discuss it with all the 5 elements. So where in a human body one can see and feel fire ... Skin, blood , inner mucosa and all sensitive organs like eyes ,
stomach and all digestive tract . Every one has some influence of fire would you agree.
So the influence of sun would be on all this organs in some way or other.

Solar eclipse and Humans :

Some say its just traditions , some say its witch craft or pagan thing to do .. but with every solar eclipse different culture has different things to do with solar eclipse. The current scientific world call it as more likely as myth.

Here are few things that are normally said during an eclipse.Try it if you believe in it!

1] Sun and Eyes :

One thing that traditions and science are in unity is that one should not watch the sun with naked eyes for sure .
The sun rays are said to be with more UV index which can cause harm to our eyes sight. Many in Australia have reported this and such is its importance that the Government of Australia comes out with a Health warning in its official government website .Do read if you get chance.

2] Skin and Solar eclipse :

Ancients human in many traditions followed to avoid being exposed to the sun during such solar eclipse.The Belief that the sun rays are very powerful during such eclipse was big time in many cultures. Recent advances in medicine has also come to a conclusion about effects of sun rays having high u-v index due to depleting ozone layer on one's skin. Skin cancer is a big issue with many people in Europe , Australia where sun bathing was and is a fashion.. May be this issue was known in some way to those ancient people and thus avoided sun 's direct exposure on a solar eclipse .
What I do not understand is why on a solar eclipse day ....

3] Solar eclipse and pregnant women :

Here is the biggest myth that every one speaks as solar eclipse comes near . People from India especially my mom and others always vouch on this , while even in India many younger generation feel this to be a myth nothing else .
It says that " A pregnant women should not leave her house and expose to the sun but just rest during a solar eclipse". "If any pregnant women goes out, chances of her having a misconception or some marks or discoloration on the baby is common.
What do you think folks ... is it a myth or true .. I believe it a little bit, let me tell you why . First we all agree that changes in climate affects on our health .Like for some people they can predict the rain coming with their knees being swollen or hurting. Second a pregnant women in Ayurveda is always considered very fragile to heat&cold. And if sun rays are believed to be very strong on those days , yes it would affect her and her baby. If she is her first trimester ... misconception is a possibility and if she is in her second or third trimester .. birth marks or skin discoloration is a possibility too.

4] Food /Water and Solar eclipse:

Many people in Mexico , India do take a bath or sit in water during the solar eclipse. Many people throw away food that is already cooked after a solar eclipse , throw the stored water ... hmmm interesting na...
Again we are looking at those regions where water is scarce and stored in pots and tubs and not like us here in North America where it comes from well .. Food is cooked and kept out if its a left over . No refrigerator ..
Thus sun would affect all those creating some trouble .. I would say so that's would be the reason of this myth or truth not sure .

Friends I am trying to understand why certain traditions comes in practice .. I tried to reason myself especially with Indian tradition and solar eclipse . But help me if I am wrong or ,If you have another explanation . Also I would be glad if some one knows some more traditions and cultures from other part of the world . What do Pagans do , what do Natives do , What do Mayans used to do with such solar eclipse .. Please email me if you know ...love to hear and read more on that .

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