Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids Saving The Planet !!

On my blog today once again another Guest post . This time from another friend on Twitter @CoolWired . I hope you would enjoy this post .

n a recent visit to a local elementary school, in Ottawa, I was pleasantly surprised to see a child’s hand-drawn poster with this simple poem:

****************************************************************************** "Every day is Earth Day.
If it's cold or wet,
Or hot.
Pitch in to save the planet.
It's the only one we've got!"

It was made by the junior Green Team, at their school. Talk about low budget, but you get the idea!
They had lots of original ideas, about getting kids involved, teaching them stewardship of planet Earth. They collect Kool-Aid Jammers packaging. They wash them, and make re-usable school lunch bags. How cool is that?

To raise student awareness, they are also starting Trashless Tuesday lunch days- where each student must return home without leaving any garbage , including paper, banana peels and apple cores ! Ouch! That takes some new ways of storing food (thermos/juice boxes/other?). This makes for creative lunch-making-skills, by busy mothers & fathers . Believe me! <<<<> mess we are leaving in our landfill sites. How many water bottles can you count in this picture? This is just one landfill site! They are also reducing the use of plastic bags and water bottles, and recycling batteries. When I visited Toronto, Canada, a few years ago, I saw a bus stop, filled with plastic water bottles. The message from that was very clear , I encourage everyone to: Reduce, Reuse, & at last resort-Recycle!

Is anyone working on recycling used car tires? What about making a rubberized playground base for play structures? Ready for some fun? Here is a simple quiz each one of us can take-to calculate our own ecological footprint:

Try it! It's fun & free! You might be surprised at your results. Feel free to suggest more new & innovative ideas here. Psst! Pass it on! We can use all the help we can get!

My thanks to @vdsudeep for hosting my Guest Post. *****************************************************************************

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pRiYaN...! said...

'trashless tuesday !'- wow what a wonderful idea rock !


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