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Eight Limb of Yoga : Samadhi

In the last post I tried to explain about Dhyana . How different is the concept from the meditation that we normally think . It effects on our brain and its benefits to us if we practice it daily.
In this post I would try to write about the last limb of Yoga namely Samadhi. A stage that has
constantly been misunderstood in general. Some think it as a tantric feature or some crazy trick done with breathe , for some it is just hoax play..Still Samadhi is a stage that every yogic desires to reach some times in his life .. and keep on being in that stage .

Each limb of yoga is in a sequence. Yama then Niyama then Asanas and so on and on.Each stage comes in a sequence and this sequence has been for a reason . Each limb that we try to understand and do it ... we find as we master that limb we can move on to work on the next limb.
And here comes the last limb for which we can give it a try , but for mastering it we need to make sure we are well versed with the other 7 limbs of yoga properly .

What is Samadhi?

Samadhi the word in Sanskrit and is made up two words "Sam" means together or integrated, while the word"A" means towards and "Dhi " means to get , or to hold .
To be integrated or be together with The One is one meaning of the word "Samadhi ".

Another way of understanding the word is by splitting the word in other way namely
"Sama" means even and "Dhi" means intellect .
It is state of total equilibrium or detached intellect .

Yes most time we interpret the definition of samadhi to be more in regards to be conscious though being in state of semiconscious .. But many yogic teachers have argued that idea .. Many yogic teachers including Swami Satyanada Saraswati from Bihar yoga school believes that One can attained Samadhi even in a day to day life .He goes further describing that it is possible to be completely in present and let all our fears , anger , lust and everything be at the mercy of God.

So let us disccuss this more so .. Can we do it ????

Recently I read an article in what things one can do if the Internet is down. What I realize is that yes it was asking that blogger how to utilize time and not just be at the mercy of the Internet. It was in same way that we have to live our own lives too why do we need to fear or be anxious of the coming future.
In "Samadhi " stage we just leaves our fear , lust, anger and all results in the hand of the Spiritual One . Yes does not mean not to work and leave it to HIM ..but do work and just forget about the result .
It is funny many religious text have said this same thing in many different ways . Lord Christ asking his followers to leave their worries to Him, same in Islam and so in Hindus ... We need to believe in some thing Higher than us .....
Once you attain that you are in a Samadhi state ...

Benefits :
Ohh I hope so I do not need to speak of the benefits of this stage .The stage speaks for itself.The inner calmness , the inner peace ,that once can find would be here .. Have you ever wished to be a child again .. why ? Simple it was that calm mind , the peace of mind .. nothing to worry about , no bills to be paid .. every thing was on time .. well feed and cleaned .As a child you were at the mercy of your parents .. That 's what Samadhi like .....

Posted by Sudeep

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1 comments: on "Eight Limb of Yoga : Samadhi"

anonymous said...

Sudeep, thanks for this post. I'm still a yoga beginner so it's very helpful to learn these things. I especially like the idea of Samadhi involving both holding things together and releasing things. You release everything else so you can hold The One.

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