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Dhyana: Seventh Limb of Astanga Yoga

Last Monday's in the series of Yoga we discussed on the topic of Dharana . I was assured that it was well read thanks . Also few question did came to me from individuals either by email or by tweet msgs regarding some old post and stuff . Due to my busy schedule last week ,I thought to answer those in some post after I finish this series of Astanga Yoga . Thanks a lot for those who read and liked the post ,also to those who asked question because ,it makes me think which I love to do .. makes my day you may say .

We now speak of the seventh limb of Astanaga Yoga namely called as "Dhyana" . Lot of time people do say that the meaning to this word means Meditation . But many authorities on Yoga , refuse to accept Dhayna as equal to the word called Meditation .The what is Dhayna.....

According to Patanajali's Yoga sutra the literal definition of "Dhyana" can be defined as "when the mind has been able to transcend the knowledge of smell, sound, taste,touch ,form and at the same time ,when the consciousness is functioning around one point ".

Our mind is like water or any liquid , pour some water from one vessel to another and it will change the shape of itself from the vessel prior to the vessel later . Our mind is in that way to mould . If we want we can actually bring this moving mind to rest and calmness .Dhyana would be the solution for it .

Swami Satyanda Saraswati from Bihar school of yoga has classified Dhyana in three stages . He says that first we need to withdraw our sense organs {Pratyhara } , second stage then concentrate on one point { Dharna } and lastly meditate on that point longer {Dhyana }. All three things in combination would be called as an act of Dhyana .

Even before researching for this article ,I was also in a notion that to meditate is to focus on one point and try searching for the magic bliss .... But no I think so even I did wrong ... now I know where . Well I tried to concentrate on one point and then try to work on it ... but still here I am still receiving signals from my sense organs ... I need to restrain them .. I need to withdraw them .. for that I need to increase my practice of Pranayama and Prathyahara .. which would then help me to work on Dharana and Dhyana .What do you all think ...

Scientific Benefits of Dhyana :

We would not discuss the benefits that we know from Dhyana .. let speak in the language of science of the present world . Brain produces four kind of waves according to state of consciousness . Waking state is the fastest one named as beta .Relaxed state or the state when you just entering sleep the wave corresponds to it is known as alpha. In deep sleep the waves that are produced are called as theta and delta . Dhyana brings the brain waves slower and they also become intense . Long trains of alpha and theta waves are more ordered and harmonized are found . The metabolism slows down , lowering the body temperature and blood pressure .Eyes ,sinus , bronchial tubes are also affected .

So for a moment when we finish reading this post take a moment and try to work on the whole ideology of Dhyana and try it use it now .... right in that chair or coach we are sitting and feel the difference .. whatever you can feel .. Give it try come on!! Has any one from the readers tried this on any of their clients ,to show magic results in health .Feel free to share here ...

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