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Dharna : Sixth Limb of Ashtanga Yoga

Last two post we spoke on Pratyahara for a length . I had some nice and interesting comments too for that post .Still was not sure if readers were enjoying the post or not . Has been the topics what I have been trying to explain through this posts going though you or are going way out of your reach . Please do let me know as the next two or three post that comes in this series are going to be little hard to understand and more serious post .

Even though with my practice of yoga for some years , still in the coming posts my words are getting dry. Blame it for my innocence but I need to accept it some stages have not yet experienced by me yet. Thus you would notice that some of my words are quoted form certain gr8 authors of yoga . It seems either I am not ready yet for those stages or I need more guidance on this topics to get personal experience .

Up till now we have tried to internalized our sense organs and mind to look in deep in our self . Going further today we shall speak on the sixth limb of yoga namely "Dharana " .

"Dharana" means to hold one self to one thing at a time . Your attention is focused to one thing . It seems like very similar to the idea of meditation .Yes Dharana and Dhyana the next stage of yoga both are stages of Meditation thus seems very common to each other .In Dharana you are trying to focus your mind to any thing that you wanted to do . The more your attention is
focused at the area needed the more one would enjoy.

Our mind is always moving even we do say we are reading a book , our mind flutters with many thoughts other than the book and thus we hardly even enjoy our book that we read . Do not have heard this complaint from your friends how quick the vacations went by and how little they enjoyed . Why ...even after having some time off why ? Simple even on vacations
this friends might be having lot of other things happening in their mind's. Thus reducing their enjoyment and fun. We tend to think either in past or future rather than being in the present .

Dharana is what yogis had in mind for such issue . Its a way one would keep his mind in attention always .The more it has been in attention the more one would notice the fun out of that . Some one has said that Dharana is like entering a dark room and pointing a torch to one single object . One 's vision is blinded being in a dark room and thus our mind is focused even for a second complelty to that simple object were the torch has been pointed . Can you try that
to keep the mind that focus.

In practical how one can practice Dharana. When one does his asanas or pranayama
try to focus only and only on one's position that is Dharana . See the fun , as I write it I understand that yes when I do practice any position and if my mind is in that dharana ,I enjoy that position for a long time than normal . If my mind is all over the place ,I hardly enjoy that position thus not staying or not feeling comfortable in that position .Its like being in the present all the time . Be in Attention and that what is Dharana What do you think .
Do you have any other ideas on practicing Dharana .
Do write to me or comment on this post .

Posted by Sudeep

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2 comments: on "Dharna : Sixth Limb of Ashtanga Yoga"

Ching Ya said...

Hi Sudeep,
Wow, so profound. For someone who's unfamiliar with Yoga I may take some times to digest them. ^^ All in all, you've done your homework and I think whoever is going for some in depth Yoga explanations will find this post useful. Good job.

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Unknown said...

Very good information. Regularly i am practicing eight Limps of yoga. That is very useful to me. Now i feel some improvement in my health and mental health. I found that eight limps at .


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