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Ayurveda 101 "Understanding "Dhatus"

Basic Ayurveda Physiology

Last week we discussed about the Tri Dosha theory. Vatta , Pitta , Kapha what they are
and what functions they have in our body.Today we would go one more step closer
to understand Human body according to Ayurveda. We would try to understand what is
"Dhatus" .

What are "Dhatus"

As usual the word "Dhatu" comes from the basic Sanskrit word "Dha" which means to hold or to put to one place. Thus you could see that this dhatus work for keeping the body in shape and providing support to the body. We saw that the Dosha were the main energy for the body to work .. but what would it be working on .The answer would be for the Dhatus .Both are such closely related that one could not stay with out each other .Such is the close relation between each other in our body .

How many Dhatus we have ?
Human body is divided into seven Dhatus . Each one of it is unique and has it own function
which in due course we might have a peek too
The seven Dhatus are as follows :
1] Rasa Dhatu 2] Rakta Dhatu 3] Masa Dhatu 4] Medha Dhatu 5] Asthi Dhatu 6] Majja Dhattu 7] Sukra Dhatu.

Position of this Dhatu's:

So let us see in a cut section of a skin .. when we open the skin what we see inside. First
some white watery substance flows through which can be called as lymphatic fluid, also
known in to us as "Rasa Dhatu".
After that we would have some blood oozing out which is called as "Rakta Dhatu".
The muscles holding around that we would notice are also called as "Massa Dhatu"
This muscles are inter connected with some sheath in between and some times in this gaps
are also some fat cells .. which are known to us as "Medha Dhatu".
Both the muscles and the Fats are some were attached to the bones which are known as
"Aasthi Dhatu ".
If you open the bones you find some substance very high in minerals namely bone marrow,
which is called as "Majja Dhatu".
Lastly the concept of "Sukra Dhatu" is very hard to understand ,so for this post I just leave it as the final
goal of all over digested food is to create this dhatu which can be used for reproduction.
In one way we may call it the sperms in male and the ova in the female .. but this literal
translation does not helps all our question .

Work of Each Dhatus .

Understanding the similarity between the new words and the words that you knew .. has
made us easy to understand all the functions of those Dhatus too. But lets look in the perspective
of Ayurveda.
Rasa Dhatu has the work to "prinan " which means to satisfy or to nourish.
Raktha Dhatu has the role to "jeevan" which manes to hold one's life .
Masa Dhatu has the role of" Lepa " which means to surround on one.
Medha Dhattu has the role to "snehan" which means to reduce friction between cells.
Asthi Dhatu has the role to " Dharana" to hold one's body in a shape.
Majja Dhatu has the role of "puran" to fill all the empty space in the asthi.
Sukra Dhatu has the function of creating new cells or help in reproduction
or " Garbhautpathi"

I am sure I have already confused a lot with all this ... sorry but some words do not
have the exact literal meaning in English thus could not be explained easily .I promise
that we would discuss each of the Dhatus as we discuss each Doshas later as we go further.
Till then keep on reading ....

Posted by Sudeep

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Jacob Yap said...

Dhatus? I never know about these things. Thanks for sharing :)

Deano Power said...

Thanks for sharing Sudeep. I discovered an Ayurveda Cookbook about 12 years ago and after getting quite involved sort of forgot about it. This is motivating me to get more involved again. Thank you for that. Deano

Nick @ Swiftkickinthe said...

This is my first time at the site. I think I have a lot of reading to do here. I have a lot to learn and I think your posts are very informative. Thanks for sharing!!

Anupreeta said...

Good morning doc ....

This article is very informative and u have elaborated what is Dhatu in such a way, so that any person who doesn't know abc of Ayurveda can understand.

Thanks for sharing the infoirmation ...
Warm regards,

Anonymous said...


Great article and great website. I am from India and I really do not know this in details, I learned a lot from your site.

Keep up the great work.


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