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6 things we should learn from Lance Armstrong

Yet another nail biting season of Tour of France . For me and I am sure for many this season was again talked because of the arrival of Lance Armstrong ... the master of the masters of this tour . 7 titles and still going one .. His returned back to the this stage was what brought again a lot of media attention .

Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in S├Ęte, taking ...Image via Wikipedia

And yes he was on the podium , unluckily not for himself but for his team mate Spain's Contador {Astana team}
Lance times 5 minutes 24 sec after him getting the third over all position in the race. What makes this guy keep on going .. Cancer , Chemo, 7 times winner,doping charges and then retirement for 3 yrs and another come back and still 3 on the world hardest tract. What secrets are stored in His life style that we need to learn.
When writing this article I read the recent book on him names "Lance " written by John Wilcockson to find out more about him ...

Here are few qualities which I found to learn from this person ...

1] Role Model for His Kids :

If you are a mom or dad , what things you try to do to be a good role model for your kids .
Are we role models for our kids ... well Here what I learned from Lance in the last couple of months. Lance career was always filled with allegation of drug use { though no one confirmed it}. His 2009 ride on Tour is just for his kids to let his kids know that there father can do it with a good record. In this book Lance speaks to the author about a need some days later in the memory that He wanted his kids to know there father for his ride rather than allegations and stuff . So after retiring from pro cycling his come back has all dedicated for his kids .
To be a role model ... can we learn from him...

2] Determination :

One 's comeback from Cancer is only to do with one's determination . Lance was one of them we could say . Its not easy for anyone to be detected with Cancer , metastasis and then come back in to pro cycling stage. One would require sheer will power , determination . We are sure that's exactly what is in Lance .
" I am going to beat this thing" Lance comments on Cancer .
Every one has a goal in life .. how many of you get knock out with just one failure. Many of us take the pretense of health to not go for there goals .. Let us do it .. Fight it and reach the Goal .

3] Learn , Learn , Learn :

Even if you are gr8 or some thing never give up the attitude to stop learning. As some one had quoted "Be students life long " . Lance magic was because of his quality of learning and knowing different new things about his field .To be on the top one need to know more and more about one's field and be ever receiving to new know how. To be open to new ideas and accept them if your heart desire is some thing one should be open for ....

4] Know yourself :

Most of the sportsman or leaders or an gr8 individual what I see in them is that they know themselves Black and Blue .. They know what positive they have, what negative they have. Like in Lance he knew he was bad on sprints while really good on high climbs.He not only knew this he knew when to use this in his win to success .. Its important for us to know if we need to succeed ...

5] Go for what you wanted :

Have we tried to do for what we wanted .. we give it a try .. but not a killer attack . Lance never
did that .He wants one thing , he would go for it .. yes with a killer instinct .. His determination , his positive attitude is what one needs to look for one's life ...

6] Giving:

Cyclist Lance Armstrong visiting the NIH (Nati...Image via Wikipedia

When one attends success .. yes money , fame , respect all comes by easily. Its different to have all this and then at that same time do some thing for a noble cause.
Lance facing his cancer new what he faced , the hardship ... his races where not just for himself , but also for then opened Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation .
The society owes us a lot for what we are in this world .. its very important for us to give back not a lot , just a little bit in wealth , in efforts, in ideas back to the society .
Lance would be a role model on that lines for sure ..

So what else one could think about .. Have you inspired in any way by Lance Armstrong ..
Any role models you want for your kids to be ... Let us know too ..

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6 comments: on "6 things we should learn from Lance Armstrong"

Alex said...

Hi Sudeep,

Thanks for dropping by my Blog...Looks like you have a very interesting place right here...


Ben said...

Lance Armstrong is a great inspiration. All that he's being through and all that he has still been able to achieve.

Thanks for sharing!

Shawanda said...

Lance Armstrong truly is an inspiration. I absolutely believe his determination had a lot to do with not only him surviving cancer, but going on to accomplish physically and mentally what so many people could never even fathom.

I'm glad you featured him.

Josh Moore said...

Hi Sudeep,

I think another thing we can learn from Lance Armstrong (and others) is persistence. Continual actions (especially when we are reaching new barriers and boundaries that need to be pushed) can make the difference between achieving our goals!

Great post! Keep up the good work!

Josh Moore

Sudeep Chitnis said...

You are right the persistance one thing that I think I missed .. you got that right .
Thanks @Ben ,@Shwanda ,@Alex for your comments too .

Ching Ya said...

this is one inspirational read. Lance Armstrong sure is one strong-willed and brave person. A story that keeps us reminded of not giving up easily when difficulties strike. Great post! Stumbled. ^^

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