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5 Reasons Why One Should Get up Early !!!

"Early to bed and Early to rise ...." each one of us has been subjected to this quote either when we are young or we quote it for our young ones ...Many of the current generation kids have questioned the base of such quotes and its importance. Even I was forced in the beginning to wake up in the morning. Soon to find out that, it became my so called good or bad habit. Did I see any difference during those early hours, why I am still getting up this early. Study as some might stay, meditate some would say,Yoga class some say ..

My enrollment in Ayurvedic medical school proved a answer solver for me. Here are few reasons why one should get up early as possible

1] Morning and Waste Management :
After a nice meal at night, the body gets like 8 hours or even more for some people to digest the food. With such a gr8 amount of time, it is natural that the body by the time in the morning is ready to throw out the waste material. Thus many would have proper bowel moment first thing in the morning, either without any help or with a cup of tea or coffee or even breakfast. According to Ayurveda the throwing of waste away is governed by "Apana vyau", a special type of air in our body. Morning time is when this group of air in our body has its maximum effect in our body. Throwing away of toxins and waste remains the main goal of our body during those early hours. Miss those the body would not tend to clean itself out.Thus constipation, lethargy, heaviness strikes those who are late wakers. Not saying that the only cause of those issues are this, but it plays an important role in cleaning the body for sure .

2] Mornings and State of Mind:
Have you heard of any thefts or murders in the early morning. In some rare case scenario, but yes normally our human mind would tend to think fresh or more positive during those hours of morning.This is the effect of the state of mind refereed in Ayurveda namely called as "Sattvic state".
Sattvic state of mind is a state where one's mind tend to be pure, clear, mentally stable, inspiration comes with ease and always for a good cause, tends to look forward for more and more know how or towards more knowledge.
Thus many ancients from all over the world suggest to wake up early and write, think, analysis.Good creations comes more out our mind especially for writers,philosophers, thinkers .
Same for kids who wants to study hard.Morning is the time to do it.
Your's truly just studied for his medical schools only in the morning. That was the time I read my notes and books.And yes know the benefits now for sure.

3] Morning and Philosophy of Yoga :
In yoga this time is governed not just with the sattvic importance of the time, but also with some thing else. Breathe in and out as you read this article.Be Conscious!! So what did we notice.Well bet you many of us would be breathing in and out 50% less from one nostril at this time and 100% from the other nostril.
According to Yoga this is common. Unless the early morning time.In yogic philosophy morning times are those time when if cultivated humans can breathe in and out 100% from both the nostril with out any trouble. As the sun goes up and up our we tend to breathe more from one nostril that both .
So if you wanted yourself to get more Oxygen .. well do not go those oxygen chambers, but just wake up in the morning to get more fresh oxygen free of cost. Any thoughts .

4] Morning and Religion :
Observe carefully each and every religion or spirituality has some thing to do with this early morning period. The early morning masses of the Pope , Islamic Prayers in the morning , "Arti" and chants in temples of Hindus and so on and so ..
Ayurveda describes this time or Muhurt as "Brahama Muhurta ".
"Brahama " the creator of the world or in literal world God , while Muhurta means time in Sanskrit.
It has been regarded that this is the time of Godliness ... Do not spend time the whole day in remembering God or spirituality, just few minutes or hour in the morning and you would get the maximum. That is the time to meditate on the One Supreme .

5] Mornings and the Nature :
Rising sun bring out the birds chirping , the animals moving around yes even in cities do not you see the chipmunks busy this time of the year. Well just looking at those things makes us to forget all our stress and just enjoy the nature what ever we can enjoy. Such a calm state of mind,
nice sleep makes you feel refreshed in the morning, nice yoga or cardio makes you energetic the whole day and more over you have some extra time to plan your day and relax and have a cup of nice warm coffee.

Then any thoughts on waking up in the morning ..... Please do share with us ....

Posted by Sudeep

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8 comments: on "5 Reasons Why One Should Get up Early !!!"

Ralph said...

Those seem to be good reasons but there seems to be something wrong with the whole design mechanism if it is good for all these reasons to rise early and yet it feels so good to sleep late.
Is there perhaps another reason why getting up early is good? I suggest that it is good because it requires discipline to rise early an get on with the day's business and discipline is what builds character, consistency and success in other areas of life.

Just wondering!

Ching Ya said...

Feels good to rise early as it seems like we have a long day ahead of us. Great to start afresh. Thanks for sharing. ^^

Unknown said...

True i agree we need to get up early but what if we are working in shifts? We return home at 2.00 AM or sometimes even 5.00 AM at such times we can't get up early

Christina Crowe said...

I agree with Ralph. Often days I'm stuck in bed, not wanting to get up. As a result, I usually sleep until 11am now, rather than 7am like I used to.

Great article. I'll try get up early each morning, but I doubt I'll be able to. ;)

Sudeep Chitnis said...

@Ralph Yes you are right about discipline for sure .. one needs that ,And why not there are days when I feel not to wake up early .. We are humans we tend to make and break rules too as long they are not all the time broken .
@Shefali Unlucky when you work late night No one expect one to get up so early ....Sorry about that .

Gina said...

Aloha Sudeep!
OK you've got me ...I will give this early am a good honest try. I have alwyas understood the value of early to rise yet have usually been a night owl and therefor had great difficulty gettup early.
I am looking forward to the freer contact with the divine during those hours.
Mahalo for your insjight and wonderful sharing.

Nazim Khimani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vdsudeep said...

The idea is practise and being consistent ,some days you actually drag yourself to wake up , some days you would be happy to wake up .. Just do not break the habit and see the difference.

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