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Waste System of Our Body : "Mala"

So last week we saw the role of Dhatus .. the main area where the Doshas show its
function on .. I was happy after many people responded on that post especially this topic not been so much heard or given credit too .. I agree this posts are a little impractical .. but when I end up speaking some other post on Ayurveda this basic would help me to write more easily for the easy understanding of my readers .So bear with me ...

Today we would see the role of the last of the system which helps in running the body according to Ayurveda.We seen the actual forces that run the body {Doshas} , we have seen on whom they function {Dhatus} , now we would see the end product of their work too .
"The Mala " or our body waste system.
Together they form the bases of functioning of the body according to Ayurveda

When we eat food with the help of Doshas , the food is processed , digested and then also transferred to different Dhatus . The remaining waste both from the intestine and each Dhatus are what we call as "Mala " or waste products of our body. We all are aware of this waste products namely fecal material , urine , sweat ....

Three "Mala"

1] "Purish "[Stool]:

When one eat the solid waste material that is created in our intestine is throw away
in the form of bowel moment which in Ayurveda is called as "purish".Depends on the food
we eat, our digestion, our day to day bio clock the bowel moments vary with individuals .
For some once a day is normal for some 3 to 4 times a day is normal and for some once a week is
normal . Though being a waste product it is regarded as very important not just for its nature of throwing the largest toxic waste from our body , but also because if one cannot get devoid of it completely .

2] "Mutra"[Urine] :

The Liquid waste product that is created in this waste assimilation process is thrown away
as urine which is called as "mutra". Again depends on the functioning of our body, the season,
water intake the urine out put depends .. so do the color too .. Lot of waste coming from Liver /Gallbladder /Kidneys or blood is thrown through this channel .

3] "Swedha"[Sweat] :

Another important output given by our body is through our skin pores known as perspiration
or what we called "sweda" .The importance of swedha in Ayurveda is tremendous and as equivalent as with the other two waste materials . Toxins from the skin , blood vessel and some times even from digested food are thrown in this way ..Too much garlic remember you can even have a garlic odor sweat ...
Depends on the season , human nature the amount one may perspire is different though and can be negligible too in cold temperature areas .

Though this three being the main ways our body throw waste, there are few more which are not that regular like the menstrual flow in women , our sinus secretions , ear wax and so and so .
Ayurveda defines them waste of our Dhatus which we would see when we see each Dhatus in detail . Till then enjoy what we have discussed .

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6 things we should learn from Lance Armstrong

Yet another nail biting season of Tour of France . For me and I am sure for many this season was again talked because of the arrival of Lance Armstrong ... the master of the masters of this tour . 7 titles and still going one .. His returned back to the this stage was what brought again a lot of media attention .

Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in S├Ęte, taking ...Image via Wikipedia

And yes he was on the podium , unluckily not for himself but for his team mate Spain's Contador {Astana team}
Lance times 5 minutes 24 sec after him getting the third over all position in the race. What makes this guy keep on going .. Cancer , Chemo, 7 times winner,doping charges and then retirement for 3 yrs and another come back and still 3 on the world hardest tract. What secrets are stored in His life style that we need to learn.
When writing this article I read the recent book on him names "Lance " written by John Wilcockson to find out more about him ...

Here are few qualities which I found to learn from this person ...

1] Role Model for His Kids :

If you are a mom or dad , what things you try to do to be a good role model for your kids .
Are we role models for our kids ... well Here what I learned from Lance in the last couple of months. Lance career was always filled with allegation of drug use { though no one confirmed it}. His 2009 ride on Tour is just for his kids to let his kids know that there father can do it with a good record. In this book Lance speaks to the author about a need some days later in the memory that He wanted his kids to know there father for his ride rather than allegations and stuff . So after retiring from pro cycling his come back has all dedicated for his kids .
To be a role model ... can we learn from him...

2] Determination :

One 's comeback from Cancer is only to do with one's determination . Lance was one of them we could say . Its not easy for anyone to be detected with Cancer , metastasis and then come back in to pro cycling stage. One would require sheer will power , determination . We are sure that's exactly what is in Lance .
" I am going to beat this thing" Lance comments on Cancer .
Every one has a goal in life .. how many of you get knock out with just one failure. Many of us take the pretense of health to not go for there goals .. Let us do it .. Fight it and reach the Goal .

3] Learn , Learn , Learn :

Even if you are gr8 or some thing never give up the attitude to stop learning. As some one had quoted "Be students life long " . Lance magic was because of his quality of learning and knowing different new things about his field .To be on the top one need to know more and more about one's field and be ever receiving to new know how. To be open to new ideas and accept them if your heart desire is some thing one should be open for ....

4] Know yourself :

Most of the sportsman or leaders or an gr8 individual what I see in them is that they know themselves Black and Blue .. They know what positive they have, what negative they have. Like in Lance he knew he was bad on sprints while really good on high climbs.He not only knew this he knew when to use this in his win to success .. Its important for us to know if we need to succeed ...

5] Go for what you wanted :

Have we tried to do for what we wanted .. we give it a try .. but not a killer attack . Lance never
did that .He wants one thing , he would go for it .. yes with a killer instinct .. His determination , his positive attitude is what one needs to look for one's life ...

6] Giving:

Cyclist Lance Armstrong visiting the NIH (Nati...Image via Wikipedia

When one attends success .. yes money , fame , respect all comes by easily. Its different to have all this and then at that same time do some thing for a noble cause.
Lance facing his cancer new what he faced , the hardship ... his races where not just for himself , but also for then opened Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation .
The society owes us a lot for what we are in this world .. its very important for us to give back not a lot , just a little bit in wealth , in efforts, in ideas back to the society .
Lance would be a role model on that lines for sure ..

So what else one could think about .. Have you inspired in any way by Lance Armstrong ..
Any role models you want for your kids to be ... Let us know too ..

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Some more thoughts on 8 Limbs of Yoga !!

We covered all the eight limbs of yoga up till now .. what thought goes through
the minds .. as we read each and every limb of yoga . I had many comments with this
series and also as I finish one by one each limb I thought I started understanding a little
bit more about each limb. More so after writing for the next limb I understood the previous
one better. I am sure even most of us would have the same experience ... My advice today is just go back and re read all the 8 limbs of yoga Again please ..

Read !!! So what are we up too any thoughts .... Are we doing what we should be doing ... or are we just focusing on certain limbs of yoga . Common on think hard .. are we not concentrating of Asanas and Pranayama and all the rest are pretty much a theory which should be completed in one lecture or so .. may be for advanced students or teachers training program . Why ? I did not get it .. if you have any answer for this do let me know .

Let us have a quick look at the sequence of 8 limbs of yoga....

Normally whenever I refer to some thing ancient text,We would always note that there is a pattern in every thing .The sequence does tells us some thing ...why such a sequence
is a normal question to be asked .. Some times and some text you might be lucky to find the reason. Some places we have commentaries by learned people quoting and giving reason for it.
So yes this sequence of Limbs of Yoga has a meaning .

1] Yama and Niyama : Work on disciplining our body and mind { personal , family , social level}
2] Asana and Pranayama : Work on Physical body and Breathe work Mind a little bit
3] Pratayahara : Sense organ and Mind
4] Dharana ,Dhyana : Sense organ , Mind , subconscious world .
5] Samadhi : Mind , very different plane ...

Each of the limb has its own meaning and so does the sequence too .. we start with disciplining our self with regards to society , our family , then to our own body ..Then we progress to work on making our body strong and ready to have some good breathe work. Further we take it to sense organ and then move on to work more and more on our mind .
We start with the society in mind .. and then slowly move on to the ONE ness of our self not you think?
Is that all we can change in this world .. is our approach , our ideas .. Right ?

And then are our yoga classes which are focused more on Asanas and Breathe work ... I am not saying all are focused are in that way . In my earlier post of 6 things to consider before joining a yoga class I would now add that make sure you know if they cover all the 8 Limbs of Yoga in the class .. If they do ... you got the best class .. what do you think?
One can slowly introduce in one 's class Yama and Niyama ... what's wrong in introduction .. One can introduce little bit of Pratyahara .. or Dharana or Dhyana .. why not .. So if you are a yoga teacher Please let me know what do you think .. what was the reaction that you get if do it .. Please feel free to speak your thoughts ... Be open for discussion ...

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Ayurveda 101 "Understanding "Dhatus"

Basic Ayurveda Physiology

Last week we discussed about the Tri Dosha theory. Vatta , Pitta , Kapha what they are
and what functions they have in our body.Today we would go one more step closer
to understand Human body according to Ayurveda. We would try to understand what is
"Dhatus" .

What are "Dhatus"

As usual the word "Dhatu" comes from the basic Sanskrit word "Dha" which means to hold or to put to one place. Thus you could see that this dhatus work for keeping the body in shape and providing support to the body. We saw that the Dosha were the main energy for the body to work .. but what would it be working on .The answer would be for the Dhatus .Both are such closely related that one could not stay with out each other .Such is the close relation between each other in our body .

How many Dhatus we have ?
Human body is divided into seven Dhatus . Each one of it is unique and has it own function
which in due course we might have a peek too
The seven Dhatus are as follows :
1] Rasa Dhatu 2] Rakta Dhatu 3] Masa Dhatu 4] Medha Dhatu 5] Asthi Dhatu 6] Majja Dhattu 7] Sukra Dhatu.

Position of this Dhatu's:

So let us see in a cut section of a skin .. when we open the skin what we see inside. First
some white watery substance flows through which can be called as lymphatic fluid, also
known in to us as "Rasa Dhatu".
After that we would have some blood oozing out which is called as "Rakta Dhatu".
The muscles holding around that we would notice are also called as "Massa Dhatu"
This muscles are inter connected with some sheath in between and some times in this gaps
are also some fat cells .. which are known to us as "Medha Dhatu".
Both the muscles and the Fats are some were attached to the bones which are known as
"Aasthi Dhatu ".
If you open the bones you find some substance very high in minerals namely bone marrow,
which is called as "Majja Dhatu".
Lastly the concept of "Sukra Dhatu" is very hard to understand ,so for this post I just leave it as the final
goal of all over digested food is to create this dhatu which can be used for reproduction.
In one way we may call it the sperms in male and the ova in the female .. but this literal
translation does not helps all our question .

Work of Each Dhatus .

Understanding the similarity between the new words and the words that you knew .. has
made us easy to understand all the functions of those Dhatus too. But lets look in the perspective
of Ayurveda.
Rasa Dhatu has the work to "prinan " which means to satisfy or to nourish.
Raktha Dhatu has the role to "jeevan" which manes to hold one's life .
Masa Dhatu has the role of" Lepa " which means to surround on one.
Medha Dhattu has the role to "snehan" which means to reduce friction between cells.
Asthi Dhatu has the role to " Dharana" to hold one's body in a shape.
Majja Dhatu has the role of "puran" to fill all the empty space in the asthi.
Sukra Dhatu has the function of creating new cells or help in reproduction
or " Garbhautpathi"

I am sure I have already confused a lot with all this ... sorry but some words do not
have the exact literal meaning in English thus could not be explained easily .I promise
that we would discuss each of the Dhatus as we discuss each Doshas later as we go further.
Till then keep on reading ....

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Solar Eclipse and Health

If you are waking up today do so and watch the sun ... not with your bare yes , but with complete protection .A chance that if you are staying in one of the South Asian countries like India , Bangladesh , China , Malaysia you would be able to see either partial or full solar eclipse. One of Nature's amazing creation ......that happens some times .. Unlucky for us in North America,Europe,Africa we are not going to have any glimpse of it at all . Sorry folks ..

Sun and its role in Nature :

We all are aware of the role of Sun in our world , its power to be the single power supplier to the plant ,animal kingdom and so also in a way to provide nourishment to us too.
According to Ayurveda Sun has been correlated with the element Fire or Agni.Remember we discuss it with all the 5 elements. So where in a human body one can see and feel fire ... Skin, blood , inner mucosa and all sensitive organs like eyes ,
stomach and all digestive tract . Every one has some influence of fire would you agree.
So the influence of sun would be on all this organs in some way or other.

Solar eclipse and Humans :

Some say its just traditions , some say its witch craft or pagan thing to do .. but with every solar eclipse different culture has different things to do with solar eclipse. The current scientific world call it as more likely as myth.

Here are few things that are normally said during an eclipse.Try it if you believe in it!

1] Sun and Eyes :

One thing that traditions and science are in unity is that one should not watch the sun with naked eyes for sure .
The sun rays are said to be with more UV index which can cause harm to our eyes sight. Many in Australia have reported this and such is its importance that the Government of Australia comes out with a Health warning in its official government website .Do read if you get chance.

2] Skin and Solar eclipse :

Ancients human in many traditions followed to avoid being exposed to the sun during such solar eclipse.The Belief that the sun rays are very powerful during such eclipse was big time in many cultures. Recent advances in medicine has also come to a conclusion about effects of sun rays having high u-v index due to depleting ozone layer on one's skin. Skin cancer is a big issue with many people in Europe , Australia where sun bathing was and is a fashion.. May be this issue was known in some way to those ancient people and thus avoided sun 's direct exposure on a solar eclipse .
What I do not understand is why on a solar eclipse day ....

3] Solar eclipse and pregnant women :

Here is the biggest myth that every one speaks as solar eclipse comes near . People from India especially my mom and others always vouch on this , while even in India many younger generation feel this to be a myth nothing else .
It says that " A pregnant women should not leave her house and expose to the sun but just rest during a solar eclipse". "If any pregnant women goes out, chances of her having a misconception or some marks or discoloration on the baby is common.
What do you think folks ... is it a myth or true .. I believe it a little bit, let me tell you why . First we all agree that changes in climate affects on our health .Like for some people they can predict the rain coming with their knees being swollen or hurting. Second a pregnant women in Ayurveda is always considered very fragile to heat&cold. And if sun rays are believed to be very strong on those days , yes it would affect her and her baby. If she is her first trimester ... misconception is a possibility and if she is in her second or third trimester .. birth marks or skin discoloration is a possibility too.

4] Food /Water and Solar eclipse:

Many people in Mexico , India do take a bath or sit in water during the solar eclipse. Many people throw away food that is already cooked after a solar eclipse , throw the stored water ... hmmm interesting na...
Again we are looking at those regions where water is scarce and stored in pots and tubs and not like us here in North America where it comes from well .. Food is cooked and kept out if its a left over . No refrigerator ..
Thus sun would affect all those creating some trouble .. I would say so that's would be the reason of this myth or truth not sure .

Friends I am trying to understand why certain traditions comes in practice .. I tried to reason myself especially with Indian tradition and solar eclipse . But help me if I am wrong or ,If you have another explanation . Also I would be glad if some one knows some more traditions and cultures from other part of the world . What do Pagans do , what do Natives do , What do Mayans used to do with such solar eclipse .. Please email me if you know to hear and read more on that .

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Eight Limb of Yoga : Samadhi

In the last post I tried to explain about Dhyana . How different is the concept from the meditation that we normally think . It effects on our brain and its benefits to us if we practice it daily.
In this post I would try to write about the last limb of Yoga namely Samadhi. A stage that has
constantly been misunderstood in general. Some think it as a tantric feature or some crazy trick done with breathe , for some it is just hoax play..Still Samadhi is a stage that every yogic desires to reach some times in his life .. and keep on being in that stage .

Each limb of yoga is in a sequence. Yama then Niyama then Asanas and so on and on.Each stage comes in a sequence and this sequence has been for a reason . Each limb that we try to understand and do it ... we find as we master that limb we can move on to work on the next limb.
And here comes the last limb for which we can give it a try , but for mastering it we need to make sure we are well versed with the other 7 limbs of yoga properly .

What is Samadhi?

Samadhi the word in Sanskrit and is made up two words "Sam" means together or integrated, while the word"A" means towards and "Dhi " means to get , or to hold .
To be integrated or be together with The One is one meaning of the word "Samadhi ".

Another way of understanding the word is by splitting the word in other way namely
"Sama" means even and "Dhi" means intellect .
It is state of total equilibrium or detached intellect .

Yes most time we interpret the definition of samadhi to be more in regards to be conscious though being in state of semiconscious .. But many yogic teachers have argued that idea .. Many yogic teachers including Swami Satyanada Saraswati from Bihar yoga school believes that One can attained Samadhi even in a day to day life .He goes further describing that it is possible to be completely in present and let all our fears , anger , lust and everything be at the mercy of God.

So let us disccuss this more so .. Can we do it ????

Recently I read an article in what things one can do if the Internet is down. What I realize is that yes it was asking that blogger how to utilize time and not just be at the mercy of the Internet. It was in same way that we have to live our own lives too why do we need to fear or be anxious of the coming future.
In "Samadhi " stage we just leaves our fear , lust, anger and all results in the hand of the Spiritual One . Yes does not mean not to work and leave it to HIM ..but do work and just forget about the result .
It is funny many religious text have said this same thing in many different ways . Lord Christ asking his followers to leave their worries to Him, same in Islam and so in Hindus ... We need to believe in some thing Higher than us .....
Once you attain that you are in a Samadhi state ...

Benefits :
Ohh I hope so I do not need to speak of the benefits of this stage .The stage speaks for itself.The inner calmness , the inner peace ,that once can find would be here .. Have you ever wished to be a child again .. why ? Simple it was that calm mind , the peace of mind .. nothing to worry about , no bills to be paid .. every thing was on time .. well feed and cleaned .As a child you were at the mercy of your parents .. That 's what Samadhi like .....

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Theory of Tri-Doshas

L ast post in this series we read about how the whole universe can be divided in 5 elements.Each and every living and non living thing in this world . As seen in different Mathematics examples you can achieve a same figure in many forms say 2+3=5 and 4+1=5 . The answers are same but just the way and the numbers are different . Same thing happens even in science group of scientist think that is the way and the others think the there is another way to achieve the same goal . Same is true with this theory of Tri-doshas.

To understand each and every single object in this Universe Ayurveda takes help of another theory which is based in some way with the older theory of Panchamahabhoots but still has its own ways .

Theory of Tri-Doshas :

According to this theory that the basic principles of our body are all governed by the Tri-doshas. They are the basic of our body. Every single happening in or outside the body can be dedicated to them in due way ...

What are Doshas :

In life normally to live what are the basic functions that do take place . First two atoms comes together, bond is created between them ... they might stay together and have some interaction for a while or they might get separated . In every aspect of life we can see this basic changes happening all the time. In our life we always go through Fusion , Metabolism and Separation . This fact has always been regarded as an important theory and thus Ayurveda defines this all changes in the name called Doshas.

Doshas can be defined as those with whose help our body does this basic functions namely Fusion , Metabolism and Separation.
The dosha that does Fusion is called as "Kapha " , Metabolism is done by the dosha named as "Pitta" and lastly "Vatta" does the part of separation in this trio .

Let us understand Doshas with an example . Let see how each doshas does the work in our body when we eat . So when we eat food it first mixes with saliva { kapha} ,then slowly goes down in our stomach and gets mixed with some more digestive juices in our stomach and duodenal area .
Slowly the digestion process start and the process of assimilation starts { pitta}.After the food reaches the small and the large intestine . Here digested food is absorbed in the blood stream and the undigested waste products slowly pushed towards the rectum. Vatta the does the role of separation between those two waste products and the food food .
This explanation is just a simple one to understand Dosha .We all know that the process is much more complicated.

Thus the theory that each and every happening in our body has to be the works of this tri doshas .. If they work well every thing in our body is fine , if they are disturbed then it is a problem ... Imagine the Pitta just refuse to metabolism the food .. what would happen. Imagine the Vatta refuses to assimilate waste and good food ... It would create issues which we call as Disease. Thus the importance of Doshas.

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5 Reasons Why One Should Get up Early !!!

"Early to bed and Early to rise ...." each one of us has been subjected to this quote either when we are young or we quote it for our young ones ...Many of the current generation kids have questioned the base of such quotes and its importance. Even I was forced in the beginning to wake up in the morning. Soon to find out that, it became my so called good or bad habit. Did I see any difference during those early hours, why I am still getting up this early. Study as some might stay, meditate some would say,Yoga class some say ..

My enrollment in Ayurvedic medical school proved a answer solver for me. Here are few reasons why one should get up early as possible

1] Morning and Waste Management :
After a nice meal at night, the body gets like 8 hours or even more for some people to digest the food. With such a gr8 amount of time, it is natural that the body by the time in the morning is ready to throw out the waste material. Thus many would have proper bowel moment first thing in the morning, either without any help or with a cup of tea or coffee or even breakfast. According to Ayurveda the throwing of waste away is governed by "Apana vyau", a special type of air in our body. Morning time is when this group of air in our body has its maximum effect in our body. Throwing away of toxins and waste remains the main goal of our body during those early hours. Miss those the body would not tend to clean itself out.Thus constipation, lethargy, heaviness strikes those who are late wakers. Not saying that the only cause of those issues are this, but it plays an important role in cleaning the body for sure .

2] Mornings and State of Mind:
Have you heard of any thefts or murders in the early morning. In some rare case scenario, but yes normally our human mind would tend to think fresh or more positive during those hours of morning.This is the effect of the state of mind refereed in Ayurveda namely called as "Sattvic state".
Sattvic state of mind is a state where one's mind tend to be pure, clear, mentally stable, inspiration comes with ease and always for a good cause, tends to look forward for more and more know how or towards more knowledge.
Thus many ancients from all over the world suggest to wake up early and write, think, analysis.Good creations comes more out our mind especially for writers,philosophers, thinkers .
Same for kids who wants to study hard.Morning is the time to do it.
Your's truly just studied for his medical schools only in the morning. That was the time I read my notes and books.And yes know the benefits now for sure.

3] Morning and Philosophy of Yoga :
In yoga this time is governed not just with the sattvic importance of the time, but also with some thing else. Breathe in and out as you read this article.Be Conscious!! So what did we notice.Well bet you many of us would be breathing in and out 50% less from one nostril at this time and 100% from the other nostril.
According to Yoga this is common. Unless the early morning time.In yogic philosophy morning times are those time when if cultivated humans can breathe in and out 100% from both the nostril with out any trouble. As the sun goes up and up our we tend to breathe more from one nostril that both .
So if you wanted yourself to get more Oxygen .. well do not go those oxygen chambers, but just wake up in the morning to get more fresh oxygen free of cost. Any thoughts .

4] Morning and Religion :
Observe carefully each and every religion or spirituality has some thing to do with this early morning period. The early morning masses of the Pope , Islamic Prayers in the morning , "Arti" and chants in temples of Hindus and so on and so ..
Ayurveda describes this time or Muhurt as "Brahama Muhurta ".
"Brahama " the creator of the world or in literal world God , while Muhurta means time in Sanskrit.
It has been regarded that this is the time of Godliness ... Do not spend time the whole day in remembering God or spirituality, just few minutes or hour in the morning and you would get the maximum. That is the time to meditate on the One Supreme .

5] Mornings and the Nature :
Rising sun bring out the birds chirping , the animals moving around yes even in cities do not you see the chipmunks busy this time of the year. Well just looking at those things makes us to forget all our stress and just enjoy the nature what ever we can enjoy. Such a calm state of mind,
nice sleep makes you feel refreshed in the morning, nice yoga or cardio makes you energetic the whole day and more over you have some extra time to plan your day and relax and have a cup of nice warm coffee.

Then any thoughts on waking up in the morning ..... Please do share with us ....

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dhyana: Seventh Limb of Astanga Yoga

Last Monday's in the series of Yoga we discussed on the topic of Dharana . I was assured that it was well read thanks . Also few question did came to me from individuals either by email or by tweet msgs regarding some old post and stuff . Due to my busy schedule last week ,I thought to answer those in some post after I finish this series of Astanga Yoga . Thanks a lot for those who read and liked the post ,also to those who asked question because ,it makes me think which I love to do .. makes my day you may say .

We now speak of the seventh limb of Astanaga Yoga namely called as "Dhyana" . Lot of time people do say that the meaning to this word means Meditation . But many authorities on Yoga , refuse to accept Dhayna as equal to the word called Meditation .The what is Dhayna.....

According to Patanajali's Yoga sutra the literal definition of "Dhyana" can be defined as "when the mind has been able to transcend the knowledge of smell, sound, taste,touch ,form and at the same time ,when the consciousness is functioning around one point ".

Our mind is like water or any liquid , pour some water from one vessel to another and it will change the shape of itself from the vessel prior to the vessel later . Our mind is in that way to mould . If we want we can actually bring this moving mind to rest and calmness .Dhyana would be the solution for it .

Swami Satyanda Saraswati from Bihar school of yoga has classified Dhyana in three stages . He says that first we need to withdraw our sense organs {Pratyhara } , second stage then concentrate on one point { Dharna } and lastly meditate on that point longer {Dhyana }. All three things in combination would be called as an act of Dhyana .

Even before researching for this article ,I was also in a notion that to meditate is to focus on one point and try searching for the magic bliss .... But no I think so even I did wrong ... now I know where . Well I tried to concentrate on one point and then try to work on it ... but still here I am still receiving signals from my sense organs ... I need to restrain them .. I need to withdraw them .. for that I need to increase my practice of Pranayama and Prathyahara .. which would then help me to work on Dharana and Dhyana .What do you all think ...

Scientific Benefits of Dhyana :

We would not discuss the benefits that we know from Dhyana .. let speak in the language of science of the present world . Brain produces four kind of waves according to state of consciousness . Waking state is the fastest one named as beta .Relaxed state or the state when you just entering sleep the wave corresponds to it is known as alpha. In deep sleep the waves that are produced are called as theta and delta . Dhyana brings the brain waves slower and they also become intense . Long trains of alpha and theta waves are more ordered and harmonized are found . The metabolism slows down , lowering the body temperature and blood pressure .Eyes ,sinus , bronchial tubes are also affected .

So for a moment when we finish reading this post take a moment and try to work on the whole ideology of Dhyana and try it use it now .... right in that chair or coach we are sitting and feel the difference .. whatever you can feel .. Give it try come on!! Has any one from the readers tried this on any of their clients ,to show magic results in health .Feel free to share here ...

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Ayurveda 101 : Know your PanchaMahabhoot's

I was always interested in different cultures . May be that's why I enjoy so much of Canada especially Toronto. Many different cultures intermingle easily here which I really like to enjoy. The sharing of each other know how , culture , dress code , food habits gets more and more fun in such type of cities . For a careful observer one may notice that even though being different cultures the roots of each of them is connected to Nature in some way or other .

Take the examples of each of this civilization start with Egyptians , Sun , Moon God has played tremendous importance not only in their belief system , but also in their healing system too . Same is true with a Chinese or Korean ,the importance of 4 elements in healing has been used . That same principles remains true the Natives of North America and Aborigines of Australia . Did these all civilization communicate with each other or so . I doubt , but yes its just us Humans ... Nature for us in our early origins had and has been playing an important role in our life . We accept it or not .

So is in the case of ancient Indian culture, Many hymns in "The Vedas" are dedicated for those five elements that governs the universe . Thus even in the system of medicine "Ayurveda " the role of nature has not been foreseen .

This remains one theory that would keep on repeating again and again in many of the post when it comes to Ayurveda . This is the theory that would remain the basic of understanding health, food, good lifestyle , good exercise , good season and all those are bad . Though being simple still the application of this theory can be little hard and can be little tricky too I would say . But once you understand it well , its just fun to use it and analysis it .The theory I am speaking about is the "The Theory of PanchaMahbhoot" or "Theory of Five Elements".

According to the theory each and every living and non living substance in the universe can be classified in to its very basic which are the PanchaMahbhoots or five elements .
Now what are PanchaMahaboot or five Elements .The word "Pancha" means five while "Mahabhoot" means Basic elements in Sanskrit .
The five Mahbhoot's are as follows:

1] Akaash or Space
2] Vayu or Air
3] Agni or Fire
4] Jal or Water
5] Prithvi or Earth

If we try to look careful and analysis carefully even we can classify certain things with regards to this panchamahabhoots .Lets take an example.At this moment the chair or sofa you are sitting reading this post ,what is it ? If it is wooden chair or table , we would probably say it is earth , yes ,what about the spores in the wood ,does not it have space or Akash in it ,or even some air in that spores ,would it not have trace amount of even water and would it not burn itself immediately if we try to ignite it . Lastly its the earth that defines the chair the most , thus we call it more Earth or Prthvi rather than any thing else .So in general a simple chair like this still has all the panchamaha bhoots .

Lets take an example of some thing as season can we define a particular season in this 5 elements . Rainy season in India is the worst for at least 3 months we all know that . What is rain ... full of water , but if to classify we need to understand that season too well . We all are aware that when the wind blows the clouds then form together to produce rain . Some fire is generated too in this process which is lightning . But still if classifying the rainy seasons we can say that yes its full of water element , but still it also has a burst of Air element to it . Notice how some old people knees would start hurting when rain comes . It has to do with that air element and the water element in excess's during rainy time that effects us .

I know it is a little confusing for that one must know more about each and every element in detail .Let us start that after we finish all the theories of Ayurveda and then one by one we discuss that ok . Till then take care !!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kids Saving The Planet !!

On my blog today once again another Guest post . This time from another friend on Twitter @CoolWired . I hope you would enjoy this post .

n a recent visit to a local elementary school, in Ottawa, I was pleasantly surprised to see a child’s hand-drawn poster with this simple poem:

****************************************************************************** "Every day is Earth Day.
If it's cold or wet,
Or hot.
Pitch in to save the planet.
It's the only one we've got!"

It was made by the junior Green Team, at their school. Talk about low budget, but you get the idea!
They had lots of original ideas, about getting kids involved, teaching them stewardship of planet Earth. They collect Kool-Aid Jammers packaging. They wash them, and make re-usable school lunch bags. How cool is that?

To raise student awareness, they are also starting Trashless Tuesday lunch days- where each student must return home without leaving any garbage , including paper, banana peels and apple cores ! Ouch! That takes some new ways of storing food (thermos/juice boxes/other?). This makes for creative lunch-making-skills, by busy mothers & fathers . Believe me! <<<<> mess we are leaving in our landfill sites. How many water bottles can you count in this picture? This is just one landfill site! They are also reducing the use of plastic bags and water bottles, and recycling batteries. When I visited Toronto, Canada, a few years ago, I saw a bus stop, filled with plastic water bottles. The message from that was very clear , I encourage everyone to: Reduce, Reuse, & at last resort-Recycle!

Is anyone working on recycling used car tires? What about making a rubberized playground base for play structures? Ready for some fun? Here is a simple quiz each one of us can take-to calculate our own ecological footprint:

Try it! It's fun & free! You might be surprised at your results. Feel free to suggest more new & innovative ideas here. Psst! Pass it on! We can use all the help we can get!

My thanks to @vdsudeep for hosting my Guest Post. *****************************************************************************

My Bio :

Coolwired is an Information Specialist, working for a large school board, in Ottawa, Canada, specializing in Social Media as it applies to education.
Coolwired’s Social Media Blog:
Follow Coolwired on Twitter @ Coolwired :

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dharna : Sixth Limb of Ashtanga Yoga

Last two post we spoke on Pratyahara for a length . I had some nice and interesting comments too for that post .Still was not sure if readers were enjoying the post or not . Has been the topics what I have been trying to explain through this posts going though you or are going way out of your reach . Please do let me know as the next two or three post that comes in this series are going to be little hard to understand and more serious post .

Even though with my practice of yoga for some years , still in the coming posts my words are getting dry. Blame it for my innocence but I need to accept it some stages have not yet experienced by me yet. Thus you would notice that some of my words are quoted form certain gr8 authors of yoga . It seems either I am not ready yet for those stages or I need more guidance on this topics to get personal experience .

Up till now we have tried to internalized our sense organs and mind to look in deep in our self . Going further today we shall speak on the sixth limb of yoga namely "Dharana " .

"Dharana" means to hold one self to one thing at a time . Your attention is focused to one thing . It seems like very similar to the idea of meditation .Yes Dharana and Dhyana the next stage of yoga both are stages of Meditation thus seems very common to each other .In Dharana you are trying to focus your mind to any thing that you wanted to do . The more your attention is
focused at the area needed the more one would enjoy.

Our mind is always moving even we do say we are reading a book , our mind flutters with many thoughts other than the book and thus we hardly even enjoy our book that we read . Do not have heard this complaint from your friends how quick the vacations went by and how little they enjoyed . Why ...even after having some time off why ? Simple even on vacations
this friends might be having lot of other things happening in their mind's. Thus reducing their enjoyment and fun. We tend to think either in past or future rather than being in the present .

Dharana is what yogis had in mind for such issue . Its a way one would keep his mind in attention always .The more it has been in attention the more one would notice the fun out of that . Some one has said that Dharana is like entering a dark room and pointing a torch to one single object . One 's vision is blinded being in a dark room and thus our mind is focused even for a second complelty to that simple object were the torch has been pointed . Can you try that
to keep the mind that focus.

In practical how one can practice Dharana. When one does his asanas or pranayama
try to focus only and only on one's position that is Dharana . See the fun , as I write it I understand that yes when I do practice any position and if my mind is in that dharana ,I enjoy that position for a long time than normal . If my mind is all over the place ,I hardly enjoy that position thus not staying or not feeling comfortable in that position .Its like being in the present all the time . Be in Attention and that what is Dharana What do you think .
Do you have any other ideas on practicing Dharana .
Do write to me or comment on this post .

Posted by Sudeep

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Ayurveda 101: Nature and Humans

Up till now in this series we covered the definition of Ayurveda and its Goals . To understand more of Ayurveda we need to now certain fundamental principles . Each science has those , in our current world we are governed with the principles of atom molecules , bacteria , virus . In a that same way in that era of 5000 yrs ago what are the principles that governed this science and are still in use even today in this 21 century .
So what are the fundamental principles of Ayurveda .

1] Nature and Human Beings : Relationship

We humans have been part of this universe for a long time .In a way we are like small drops in a large sea . Humans have known for a long time that nature would have an effect on us in many different ways . For Ayurveda that is the most important fundamental principle to observe and to know . Human and Nature and there co-existence .

Ayurveda believes that what properties that the Nature shows ,are present even in humans being on the first place . Like the Heat of the sun , can be seen in humans too , the coolness of the moon , can be seen in humans too . Going a little further it defines that whatever properties that Nature has in macro , humans would have those properties in micro , and whatever properties humans have in macro , nature would have in micro .

Now to understand this principle about how closely nature does affects us , lets take an example. Do not you have friends who complain of certain issues with change in weather . Like some one saying that they can predict rains coming with the help of achy knees or joints . That is how to nature can affect humans and has been affecting us . Its summer time we start drinking more juice and avoiding solid foods .Its winter and we start craving more and more proteins. Is it just us and our cravings or is it Nature that affects us to do this .

In Ayurveda because of its goal of prevention , more and more emphasis has been laid on working closely with nature for better health . Thus it is of prime importance for any ayurvedic consultant to ask you about your work area , where you stay as the way , Ayurveda sees it is in which natural habitat you live .

Does it makes a difference !! Yes why not I have been in Canada for 3 yrs and when working here I have observed a person coming from New york has to be worked and can be helped with certain herbs than a person coming from Toronto area . Yes not a big difference , both the cities are cosmopolitan , both are polluted in either ways , but still they have certain different natural habitat that gives those people staying around those areas a different aspect in part of their constituent .

Another thing what we can learn from this rule in Ayurveda is if our human body acts different in different Natural habitat do we change with change in seasons . Yes we change our clothes but that's our exterior what about our diet . Here in Canada Eggs , Bacon , Pancakes or a Muffin are all year around breakfast . Meat and Potatoes all the year around dinner . Why ? If season changes we need to look and also change our food choices that we eat to incorporate that change in weather .Think about it .

Such is beauty of this theory in Ayurveda . So the next time do observe your own body and ponder if some thing has to do with the Nature you are currently in . If you think you need help in understanding this more , feel free to ask or comment on this post .

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Also I have written a small Guest post on CoolWired blog . Please take your time to visit this post too .It explains different health drinks in this Hot Summer .

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day !!!

Canada Day is being celebrated here in Canada today. I take this opportunity to shed some light on the Medical masters from this country . For those people from Canada that have worked in the field of Health .Though not yet a citizen being an immigrant to this country my know- how was very little until I started surfing for this post .Indeed to my surprise I found a large list of medical doctors , Health Worker and politicians too . I was aware of some of the the work but never thought them to be from Canada .

Even today most Canadians when asked about any achievements in Medical field would speak about three or four major people . Honorable Thomas C. Douglas for Universal Health Reforms {thanks for the free medical care }, Banting and Best for Insulin and their work on Diabetes {imagine the world without insulin }. In the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame 74 laureates have been inducted up till now ,but due to lack of enough space in this post I have just tried to show some light on 5 to 6 laureates only sorry about that .

They are as follows :

1] Dr Hans Selye:

Also known as the "Father" of stress research because of his work and his discovery of biological stress response . Today all the signs and symptoms that we analysis and link with stress , lot has to be the work of this Great Canadian Doctor .Demonstrating that the body non specifically responds in virtually the same way to various stimuli or stressors was Dr Seyle's initial discovery . Researching further on the same lines he went and laid the ground work for steroids ACTCH ,GRH , somatostatin and other hypothalamic and hypophyseal releasing factors and hormones .He was also a prolific author on stress namely "The Stress of Life" and "Stress without Distress " . Both were international best sellers .
Though born in Vienna Austria , Dr Selye moved to Montreal Canada which became his home for all the research work .He was inducted in the Canadian Hall of Medicine in the year 2006.

2] Dr Charles B. Huggins:

Though born in Halifax , Nova Scotia Dr Chalres B. Huggins worked in University of Chicago.Practising surgery and teaching urology , Dr Huggins discovered that malignant prostate tumors were upon the support of male hormones for their growth and proliferation .
In the year 1966 he with Dr Peyton Ross both were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for there discovery that hormones could be used to control the spread of some cancers. This was also the first discovery that showed cancer can be controlled by chemicals .

3] Dr Henry J.M .Barnett:

If your doctor had prescribed you baby aspirin to prevent you from having stroke , then it has to be dedicated to this University of Toronto Doctor namely Dr Henry J.M .Barnett . He directed the large multi-centered clinical trials in stroke which included the the first randomized trials of aspirin to prevent stroke .Until then in all cases of stroke one has to operate the carotid artery and the success rate was really poor .Thanks for this work that we are now safe in the hands of Aspirin .

4]Dr Harold Jones /Dr .Sylvia O.Fedoruk :

If any one us has been advised to go for radiation for treating cancer , they should be thanking this two out of group of 4 Doctors from the University of Saskatchewan ,Canada for their works .
Both Dr Harold Jones Dr .Sylvia O.Fedoruk were the first developers of the first nuclear scanning machines and the Cobalt 60 therapy unit which pioneered the curative treatment of cancer using high intensity radioactivity cobalt in humans .
In further life Dr Harold Jones is said to be influential in the early developments of CT scanners and the definition of mammographic imagining .
While Dr Sylvia O.Fedoruck in developing Dosimeter which allowed doctors to control the exact amount of radiation that each cancer patient received .

5] Dr .Bernard Belleau :

Dr Bernard Belleau has been known for his research of chemistry of several groups of drugs in combating infections and cancer at the University of Ottawa and McGill . During hiss creative work it lead to the discovery of 3TC {lamivudine} a medication which presently plays a major role in the therapy of AIDS . The same drug has been seen effective in working on Hepatitis B too .

Lot of things can said of many more scientist , doctors , surgeons from Canada for the work in their field of Health and providing health care . This has been the country known for its research in medical community for a long time and even today it has been in the fore front in working on different drugs on major diseases including AIDS , Cancer and Hepatitis B .

We salute all those and to this country on the occasion of Canada day!!!

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Thanks for Canadian Medical Hall of Fame website to share all this material for me for this article .Please do take time to have a quick peek on that website too .

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