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Women's Best Friend: Turmeric

Surfing different blogs recently , I came on this article written by western herbologist about 10 herbs that are the best for a women for life time . I was quite surprise when Turmeric was not in that list .Thus encouraging me to write more about this post and why it is regarded as the " Woman's life time friend" or in Sanskrit " Stree-saki" .
Known mostly in the west as the curry spice , this herb has also some what dominated the herb trade since ages long . So its familiarity in western cuisine can be seen in some curried dishes too. While in Asia and especially Indian cooking , its like the grand mother of all herbs . Every household would have this herb not only for its taste but also for its value in help for different diseases .Every women right from her child hood till her old age can be benefited with this herb and thus its importance in the woman's world .

Turmeric or in Sanskrit called as " Haridra" or in latin as " Curcuma Longa" is basically a root of plants grown prominently in Asian countries .Known for its blood clotting value and also for its healing values in this article we would try to discuss taking the approach from a women perspective rather than from men.

Turmeric and Birth and Childhood :

A birth of a baby girl , the first thought that arises to her mother would be to make sure she is beautiful . And thus right from the early neonatal age comes into picture the importance of "Turmeric " . In many Indian families especially in the south its very common to mix oil and turmeric together and apply it all over the body of the girl , every day . Its believed that Turmeric has wonderful result in glowing the skin. According to Ayurveda turmeric is known for increasing blood circulation , removing toxins out form the blood . Thus many beauty products now days have Turmeric as their major ingredient.

Another common issue faced in child hood is minor cough and cold were again turmeric plays a magic role . If given with honey every half and hour , it really soothes your throat and reduces the cough . Thus save your extra money on antibiotics . The same recipe also works really well as a deworming agent .Yes even good for as small as an neonatal baby .

Turmeric for your growing up daughter :

Young girls when in Menarche often have many hormonal issues starting from pimple to irregular menstruation cycle .Heavy bleeding or scanty , most of them are the result of irregular lifestyle or food habits . Pimples are the most common not only for girls but also in boys in this age group . But again the girls are more cautious about them rather than any one .
Turmeric works so well in all the above issues . Either with honey or even just added to food can help a lot to prevent or fight for those issues .
Apply some turmeric paste on your the pimples and then see the result after couple of days . No pimples , no discoloration , no scar .
Again this is the same age when kids play and get hurts . Turmeric being an excellent antiseptic works really well as first line of action on many wounds before taking to the doctor .

Turmeric and your Marriage :

Indian weddings cannot be completed with out this herb . Its strange but lot my cultures in India would have a complete day of celebration with turmeric .As we discussed the property of turmeric and skin glow the same is used on this important day in the life of the Indian bride and the groom
Turmeric with flour of yellow lentils with milk is mixed together and then applied all over the body of both the groom and the bride . Its all about the last minute touch for the wedding .

Turmeric in Pregnancy :

In the recent times due to change in life style , diet habits many women do face complications during pregnancy such as Placenta previa , excess blood loss and other . Turmeric can used as an gr8 herbal tea to be taken during such conditions or even during the whole 9 month of pregnancy.
If you want your baby to have gr8 skin , soft and smooth and beautiful , please try this Drink some turmeric tea every day once you know you are pregnant . Check it out ...That's what many did in the ancient India ...

Turmeric and the late Adult hood :

When a women reaches the age of 40 or plus .. the ghost of menopause starts bothering her .Hot flashes , heavy bleeding , mood swings, back pain and osteoporosis . This few condition would always bother a women in this age group . If you just going to that age group try taking turmeric at that time and see the difference. If you are facing all the above mention issues try the turmeric even then and see it .
Due to its known work on blood and its source according to Ayurveda , turmeric works magic as an hormone replacement medication you may say .No sweating , no clots , no trouble .

Turmeric and Old age:
As old age comes , so comes the typical diseases associated with it diabetes , heart problem and varicose veins , arthritis you name it ...
If you look closely diabetes , cholesterol ,varicose veins and few of the other known condition the answer that you might find for prevention and for healing would be in this magic drug .
Researchers have proved the results of turmeric in diabetes and cholesterol and so in as an anti inflammatory for arthritis .
So each single step of her upbringing a female child can be benefited from this simple drug namely called as Turmeric .The why not try and use it , a small pinch in meals is what we ask for.

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4 comments: on "Women's Best Friend: Turmeric"

Coolwired said...

It sounds like turmeric is a good spice for all women. Another good one is folic acid. It can be found in sunflower seeds, with low calories-& gives high energy too !

Sheila said...

Wow! I had no idea. Hope this works for boys too. I have a grandson that is struggling with acne.

Using Turmeric is so easy I will give it a try.


Ralph said...

So Sudeep,
How much tumeric should a woman get daily? and is it any good for men?

Unknown said...

Great that are very useful things regarding turmeric...

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