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What are the benifts of doing Pranayama ?

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Last Monday post on Pranayama , one of my friend cgordi told me about more health benefits of Pranayama .What I realized after re-reading my whole article again , I was trying hard to be more on the spiritual or mental benefits of Pranayama and not the bodily benefits which I suppose I missed in haste or purposely my own mind knows ..
Let's have a quick review what we discussed in the last post about Pranayama . Pranayam is the science of breathing in Yogic philosophy .Its also a practice to still your mind and concentrate on your breathe . The more we practice the deeper goes our breathe and the deeper the breathe the calmer the mind .What are then the benefits of doing this in actual physical life . How would it benefit a normal lay man who does not understand any thing of calming the mind.Any importance for any diseases .
That are the exact point which was missed in my last post .

My introduction in to yoga came more prominently because of pranayama let me tell u this . My mom suffered with real bad asthma when I was child . It was at that time my family physician refereed us to go and join a yoga clinic where she can learn yogic techniques and pranayama .Soon after she join those classes and religiously followed pranayama every day in the morning she realized that the need for her bronchodialator reduced ,her breathing getting more comfortable and her issues reducing slowly and slowly . That was a way I personally came to know about Pranayama .

1] Pranayama and Asthma and other Lung conditions :

International journal of thorax medicine conducted a study relating the results of pranayama on Asthma patients .They found that the use of bronchoidlator was reduced with those who practiced pranayama.Off course the lung capacity has not been changed a lot .Same what my mom experienced when I was young .

2] Pranayama and Cardio Vasuclar Diseases :

In the book " Reversing the Heart Diseases" Dr Dean Ornish speaks a lot on his studies on different cases of Cardiovascular Diseases and Pranayama . The most amazing facts that he speaks in his book is the experiment were patients were subjected to PET SCAN one of the most advanced scan of the arteries for the heart. The results showed that though the arterires showed sign of blocks {arteriosclerosis } , still they were able to withstand the pressure of the force of the pumping of the heart. Thus the patient though would have blocks in his arteries his symtoms were shown to be reduced after such exercise and life style .
Equally true are the benefits of pranayma for blood pressure and all those conditions one get affected with high blood pressure .

3] Depression and Pranayama :

Depression , anxiety , mood variation has been some of our biggest issues in the 21 century . A study published recently in Med scape one of the top most journal in the medical community shows the link between Pranayama and such mind conditions . The results of that study was really amazing . They found out { which yogis knew long time before} that those people who did pranayama and yoga the mood being easily elevated , depression thus reduced .A direct co-relation between the mental qualities and pranayama was thus chalked out in the mordern community .

Try yoga on those days when you simply some times feel its not your day or one of those days when you are lethargic or bored and see the results for yourself .

4] Pranayama and Autism :

Another disease that has gripped in the new generations of the kid in this century is Autism . Many topmost Vaidya or ayurvedic doctors and myself too have always been an advocate of yoga in pregnancy for the mom and dad together to have an healthy {physically and mentally} child . Recent studies have found out that pranayama if taught to an autistic child , the child slowly start strengthening the nervous system , increase overall health and increase the concentration .Improvement in the quality of life for the child can be slowly achieved.

5] Pranayama and Auto Immune disease :

Research and studies are still on with regards to auto immune diseases and pranayama . But yes they look more on the positive side of the story . Why not ? If you are breathing calmer and deeper as per the principles of yoga ,you get more fresh blood , thus increasing the cellular metabolism and thus working well on all such auto immune diseases .Let us see what we know and say is true in the medical world sooner or later .

And what is store for an average healthy person who neither has any blood pressure or asthma. Does Pranayama works for him in long run or no?

a] Due to very deep breathing what happens is the oxygen that goes in our lungs thus get more time to interact with the blood , thus more oxygen is absorbed and more carbon dioxide is thrown away . What it means the blood is purified a lot with pranayma first , fresh oxygen provided in excess to our whole body whenever we do pranayma .
b] With this gr8 amount of breath work we can also see that our body increases the supply of blood to all the parts as tiny as possible , thus decreasing fatigue may it be a physical one or mental one .
c] Increase of blood also means increase to the brain thus you can achieve more clarity , excellent memory ,thus boosting all the powers of the brain .Yes it can protect you from even Alzheimer's .
d] Also it calms your mind which means you get less angry , less irritated , less stressful and thus more energy in your body .Positive reaction are more seen when a person has lots of energy than just small amount of energy .

What are your personal achievements when you started doing Pranayama . Any thoughts please feel free to share . So are your tweets , stumbles , diggs welcome on any social book marking site.

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zoft gum said...

That's really a nice article on Pranayama. I also do yoga daily because half an hour yoga really make your day. I have heard lots of people saying that they got relief from their diseases by doing simple Pranayama. It is really beneficial for breathing related diseases and your mom is the live proof. Congrats!

christyjames said...

Really nice post you put up here, thanks for sharing
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