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To Take it or Not To Take it !!!

8 Facts on "The Sweet Poison" Aspartame

Suddenly in the late 20 st century a new craze was all over the health industry especially starting in America and then all over the world. Sugar free stuff , sugar free gum , Nutria sweetener and the big brands of Diet Soda's .Health conscious crowd, diabetic ,obese ,even teenagers all were attracted by this so called artificial sweetener .And then during the same time started a moment , involving many dietitians , physicians, neurologist and lot many experts who dealt with cases resulting in so called this artificial sweetener intoxication .The Federal Drug and Food and Administration from many countries have ruled out any wrong findings about this chemical , but still notes , circulation , medical off record advice , naturopath, Chinese doctors , Vaidya advice would always be in the favor of not having this so call artificial sweetener commonly known as " ASPARTAME".

1] Aspartame {APM} chemical name aspartyl-phenylalanine1-methyl ester; that is , a methyl ester of the dipeptide of the amino acid aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Discovered in 1965 By James M .Schlatter working for G.D.Seale Company on his project for production of an anti ulcer drugs.

2] Aspartame calorie count is 4 Kilo calories per gram. Do not worry guys it is the amount used in our drinks and gum's and other areas is too small to make it to a gram a day ... so be free.

3] This is the data that might support your cause. According to the FDA a 75 Kilogram { 165lb}adult , it takes 21 cans of diet soda to consume the 3,750mg of aspartame that would surpass the FDA standard of 50 mg/kg DI of aspartame . Can you guys beat this record

4] Since its inclusion as a food product many controversies have been clouding this sweetener making its life sour .The last one to be resolved was in 2007 when again the American FDA declared it to be safe to use for general public .Up till now its only the British Monarchy { how honest} have spoken against it disadvantages ..

5] There are many so called toxic symptoms ranging from hives, migraines ,numbness , seizures food craving and the list goes on and on for pages . Many scientist have been connecting the toxic nature of this drug with Multiple sclerosis , Cancer and many more .

5] Preliminary study by scientist have found that taking such sweeteners have made weight control harder in Rats. But after all its just in it early stages and its on rats not on human .

6] Many sites on the net have given different ways to detoxify from this chemical hazard from juice fasting , liver cleanse too coffee enemas. and having specific supplements { ohh did you know some supplements like Vitamin C may contain a small amount of Aspartame too} and few Homeopathic medication.

7] On the last note Yes we can take according to different governing body in the world aspartame in small amount , but have any one studied any long term usage of this drugs in our body . In my own practice for around 5 yrs I had meet people who used to take 7 to 10 cans of Diet Soda a day going on for 3 yrs daily .. what about that type of toxicity .

8] Just as this post was about to go online , an editorial in today's New York Times confused me . The Congress might think to tax sugar loaded drinks , because of the risk of Obesity epidemic that is slowly taking in North America .The thing I do not understand is why did the FDA approve of such drinks in the first place and then why tax people for the mistakes they do .
But again as in the movie "Super Size Me" you need to choose , the FDA would approve any thing , but you choose if that's healthy or not healthy for you or not .

So the next time if you buy a diet soda or food item please keep in mind all the good and the bad things about it which is known-unknown.

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Unknown said...

Thanks god i was about to purchase it sugar free i was telling mom last week we will purchase it. Now i will never purchase it. Thanks for your advice.

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