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How to work on Negative Emotions and Thoughts

Pratyahara and Managing Negative Mental Health

In my last post on the series of Yoga we discussed Pratyahara .Internalizing the awareness and the developing of the witness in one is the process of Pratyahara. In today's article we would try to see how to use that idea more for the benefit of our self in day to day practice .

We are living in the age of 21 century, we as humans are turning more and more attached to materials than before . With attachment comes exceptions or desire , ultimately making us victims of frustration , leading to tension and conflict .Due to this the ego feels insecure .This insecurity is then added on the unconscious mind which leads to repression .All the conflicts and tension do not die , but remain active in the unconscious mind and then manifest as symptoms of negative mental health such as anxiety , depression and phobia {Feldman 1998} .This would be the classic way that each one of us gets involved in negative emotions or health . How to reduce it,how to work to stop this process .. as the Tibetan say De-attach our self .. is that so simple .Even being a Vagabond you are attach to some thing and that some thing would cause this issues .So how we do it .

ASAKTI (attachment)
Ego feels insecure
Unconscious garbage

Chart from Siddhartha Bhusan article on Pratyahara .

If we bring the concept of pratyahara we would see that that we bring the witnessing attitude . Again we are bringing all sense inwards and looking in to us as a third person to understand more and more about our self .
How we do it simple with a pen and a paper or a diaray . Every night chalk down your events of the day that you did . Just have a look what you did and was it postive{P} or negative{N} in your mind .

1] Woke up in the morning as my alarm goes P
2] Had a nice breakfast with my kids and wife , though was in hurry P
3] Nasty traffic ... really irritated me , got a little bit snappy with the system N
4] Office was as usual ...
5] Boss being just a boss again and tried to look faults rather than good things ,lose temper so frustrated and irritated at that point . N
6] Came home along with the temper and all came on kids and wife . N

Once you know what are the issues that makes one react to a particular situatuon especially when writing a diary like this one would always try to look for answers . Say traffic .. no one cannot find any answer .. but one can change one's response to it . One knows that your boss does not think twice before speaking some times , then one must try to understand how to react to it and behave .
What else can be in corporate here with the concept of Pratyahara .

1] In traffic may be road or rail whichever you travel .Start travelling with a book or a nice CD.Hear the music or just start working with some deep breathing exercise or Pranayama . Just inhale in and out .

2] Take some breaks in between your office work . Go out to nice secluded spot may it be a washroom and do the breathing exercise .

3] Try the shavaasan or relaxing the body ,but just in sitting position instead of lieing down . For 5 min it would invigorate you more than what you think.

4] Practice some inner and outer moun or silence when you go back home .Try not to think or read or analysis but just enjoy the nature and the people around and go back home .

You would be different when you appear in front of your kids and wife .Try that !!

Once you start knowing the issues of your own reaction you slowly would start changing the way you dealt with it .Here what Yogic would say your ego would harness .
Do let us know what you researched on yourself and what you thought might be good for you by trying this way .You have the answers for all your worries after all .

Posted by Sudeep

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