Friday, June 12, 2009

Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers Part 2

In my last post we saw all the health condition a blogger might face due to his occupation. In this post we would see what different steps can we take to either prevent those conditions or work on those conditions . Lets us look what can we do in this post to help our self when we work.

1] Food Habits for a Blogger :

First and foremost it is the food that defines us . Its like a medicine or can be the root cause of all
health issues . So lets see in to it first .

a] Eat healthy and at regular intervals .

b] Eat when you are hungry , eat at least after every 3 hrs but try not to fast more than 6 hrs unless for specific reasons .

c] Fresh fruits and vegetables , meat products could be a good start compared to junk and snacks.

d] Drinking caffeine all the time would not be advised and so is pop or carbonated drinks .

e] De caffeinated herbal tea might be a good alternative for a blogger.

2] Rest Well:

a] Rest well in between your work .It is important for each one of us to rest . If you had 9- 5 pm job you would have taken at least 3 breaks then why not when we blog .

b] Rest not just your mind , but also your hands , fingers , eyes .It might be good to get away from the computer for 5 to 10 min for a small stroll in your own house or garden .

c] Move every single joint couple of times every 2 hrs .
Start from your fingers shake them, make a tight fist for a moment and release it .Turn your wrist and rotate it . Bend in your elbow and turn it half way through. Do all the moments that you can think for each and every joint .Yes even the lower back and hip . Hey do not worry takes around 5 minutes to finish this exercise.But you would be refreshed after this I assure you.

d] Rotate your neck 360 degree slowly either from your left going to right or from right going to left . Do it often may be after every one hour.

e] Lie down for another minute or two on the bed or coach . Keep your legs apart from each other and just try to relax . Let your mind calm down . Do not analysis or think for a moment or two .

f] Those who know and read my previous post . Please try doing deep breathing or Pranayama. It might help you a lot , not just in resting your mind and body , but also it would help us to give some major boost to our brains to think sharper later .

g] Practice Silence : Would not it be good to just stop the music or TV for some time and just hear the Silence .Try it .Even a silence can be refreshing !!

h] For all those young bloggers out .. Please prefer to have music at a reasonable volume rather than too loud , try not use ear phones all the time , unless needed . We do not need more ear specialist in the coming next decade .. do not you think ?

3] Exercise and Work outs:

a] Spend at least 30 minutes to 75 minutes on exercise .May be in one installments or may be in two or three small installments of work out . You decide !!

b] Bloggers have a very coach potato job , so prefer to do some thing that involves lot of moment like running , cardio, swimming or playing any outdoor sports .If you like Yoga , Pilates do it even that would be OK.

c] Lastly do not forget your mind . Exercise the mind too . How ... ohh stop working on your computer and just solve some sudukoo or crossword puzzle for 5 min . That would be enough to relax and revitalize your brains .

4] Family Time /Friends Time :

All blogger do have many virtual friends but yes it might be useful if we also spend some time with some real human beings out !!

a] Make sure we do spend enough time with our partner or friend .Not only it will help us relax from our work , but also it might help us get new topics to work on . Think!!

b] Spend some time with your friends too .Yes they can be your blogging buddies out in the real world does not matter .But do it .

5] Suggestions for Health Issues :

It is impossible for me to cover all the health solutions for all bloggers in this category , but I have written the most required one from my point of view .

a] Many experts of Ayurveda would advice sesame seed oil application all over the body before shower . Not only it refreshes us , but also it help us to prevent those aches , pains , stiffness and soreness of the muscles used . Give it a try !!

b] Freshly chopped Ginger tea . The recipe which has already been discussed before in some other post . Ginger tea has gr8 properties to work on conditions of digestion , inflammation and stuff . Works really well on carpal tunnel too ..

c] Flax seeds or its oil in our diet would help a lot to change our bowel moments . Even Castor oil can be used just once a week in some serious conditions of the bowel habits .

d] Castor oil if heated and massaged to the parts which are hurting or paining like the lower back or the digits gives real relief .

e] Soak some cotton pads in cold milk and at the end of the day apply those pads on your closed eyes . See how you feel after you do that . You eyes would slowly feel better if you face dryness , teary and stuff .

f] Warm milk in the night with some nutmeg , cardamon can be really good sleeping agent for those who do not fall asleep easily .

Lastly to enjoy the pleasure of our work , we need good Health for long ,so that you and I can blog more and enjoy each other posts . For that what I am asking is just around 1 hour every day for our body and mind to keep them healthy. Not more , nor less . Can you give that ......

I know your comments over warmed me last time. Thanks !! But if possible also twit this post for others , if possible digg it or use any other social network site that you can possibly think .It might be helpful for every one . After all " Optimum Health Care is my motto of "e-swastya".

Posted by Sudeep .

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Some advices mentioned are in general .They would not replace the advice of your General practitioner .So his advice would be the final word .

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6 comments: on "Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers Part 2"

Nate @ Debt-free Scholar said...

WOW! This is a excellent article! I expecially am convicted by the part about eating. Normally when I am blogging, I get so into it that I forget to eat - sometimes for most of the day. Hopefully this article will motivate me to change. :)

Thanks for writing such informative posts,

Jason R Fisher said...

This isn't just for bloggers, as a mouse jockey (I work at a computer all day) all of these apply to me. You may be limiting your audience. This is all very good advice.

Unknown said...

woow....This is good article. Of course for eating habits especially good article for all Software people who are continously working on PC or Laptop....
Just to say few words we dont get that much time to do exercise for 75 minutes.30 mins is fine...

Rajnish said...

2] Rest Well: Especially this is really helpful to those whose entire work is on computer eg. Software engineer etc.
Following these habits mentioned in this blog will keep you fit and healthy..

Sudeep Chitnis said...

THANKS all those who commented .
@jason , yes this can be true to many proffesion who have the same life style you are rigth on that part.

@shefali yes you are ok to do 30 min if 75 min is not possible . As long as you do some thing . that is main

Anonymous said...

Good suggestions. I never thought about moving every joint. I will take that idea and implement it. I may not move the joints as often as suggested, but I will do it at least once a day.

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