Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers - Part 1

Since Darren tweeted on his tweet page about his wrist pain my mind started pacing on different health issue a blogger might face in his life . We are sure that every occupation has its own hazards on our body . So Blogging has been the occupation for many to say especially in the current times of economic depression .What are the most likely health issues the blogger might face ? To understand these issues lets take a closer look on the daily life of a blogger first .

a] Wakes up either too early or sleeps too late or have irregular routine .
b] Irregular time of eating food , breakfast , lunch and dinner . May even skip meals or even have snacks all the time , depending on the person .
c] All the day either in one position transfixed to the laptop or computer,constantly either typing or staring in front of the screen .
d] Headphones are current craze for many { not sure if I call them healthy },if not loud music for many .
e] Multitasking which is good in the business world would remain the same even in many blogger's perspective too .But would that not affect his health physical or mental ..not sure off ...

Knowing all this causes lets have a look at how this habits would affect you on your health in the present and then in the future .

1] Digestive system :

On of my friend on twitter Lisis Blackstone tweeted me the most unusual complain about a blogger. Decrease of Appetite when on computer. Change in appetite or food consumptions is the biggest issue for most of the bloggers . Either they would eat more not in quantity wise , but frequency vise or eat less or eat unhealthy . All the three scenario are not at all good for health in general . Constipation , bloating , gasy , upset stomach ,acid reflux or even the opposite Irritable Bowel Syndrome are common due to unusual work hours and stress involved . Hemorrhoids can also be the result of sitting on a chair for a long time . Lastly in this group how can we forget Obesity and all the different conditions that can be with it like diabetes , heart condition .

2] Muscular system/ Bones / Joints :

Most of Bloggers who I asked on twitter ,responded the following complaints Spasm , strain ,pain or inflammation in some group of muscle .Yes why not again , we do are sitting all the time , I am not sure which posture many of us take . But I know that I atleast do sit properly some times . And lastly who can not blame those tiny digits of our hands continuously moving on the keyboard . Any organ being over used is about to produce some restrain and would most likely show some pain or strain . Neck trouble , fingers paining , or hurting at night time , lower back pain are the most common issues for the blogger to face .

3] Nervous system :

Carpal tunnel syndrome has been in discussion a lot on twitter this day , may be because of Darren not sure. Its due to its the crazy position of the wrist joint while we all blog that make this condition so common . Have you wonder the ups and downs of our blog not affecting our nervous.
The stress coming from the fluctuation of producing the pillar articles , creating post every day .. Yes it will take its affect on our nervous system which will show all the likely signs of stress over due course . Headaches , Migraines would be common too ... its common in any work place you go now days why bloggers should be left alone hahaha ....

4] Sense organs:

I am not sure if our fingers are over worked or our eye sight is over worked .. But yes many have agreed on this that eyes do sign of restrain on them after being as a blogger for a long time .
Watery , dry , painful eyes , eyesight really getting bad are common complaints of pro bloggers .
Another sense organ which in my know- how would get affected would be our ears . Now I accept it know one had replied this on twitter , but sooner or later you will find out . What do we do when blogging , lot of us either have headphones on listening music , or music system going on. The younger generation I am sure would prefer loud music. So it has to take a toll on our hearing organs .Already I have started seeing clients with hearing loss , tinnitus and other issues, if not now then sooner or later this complaint has the be the norm of our day .

5] Reproduction :

When our food habits are not good , our life style is all over the place what happens with reproductive system . Not in men but more easily in women s . Menstrual cycle is all over the place . Irregular periods, scanty bleeding , heavy flow , clots , white discharge are pretty common.
Its just my thought again but why not in men .. yes even in men I am guessing our lifestyle and habits have to affect our reproductive system . Many of us would like to keep our laptop on our laps as the name go .. but have you imagined the radiation of the laptop not troubling your internal organs especially the testicles . Already the WHO report mentions of the sperm count of the 21 century Man has reduced . Again not sure, but can be .. why not ...

6]Mental Health:

When asked on twitter this was one more area no one commented on it , But I think so any job do affect our mental peace all the time . If we enjoy the job less likely , but if we do not yes it would . Ohh I am not saying that we are mentally affected or some thing , but yes many of us are addicted to the computer screen and blogs . For many people out their the virtual media are the only friends they have . Either in fear or just the best way to meet people but that's how we choose to do it . Again it remains each one of us to decide our own situation on that part and decide , I do not say that each one is in that way .
In the next post we will see the remedies and simple lifestyle condition to work on all this issues .

Lastly to say I am looking forward for your responses good , bad . Folks what do you think . I might miss some health issues . Comment it and let me and all others know . Not each one of us would have all this , this is just a summary what some of us might face . Thanks to my friends on twitter Christiaan Hillen, Liz Hover ,Ralph Carlson, Coolwired ,Gina ,Lisis Blackstone who shared their thoughts on this topic .

If you like this post , please do not be shy to let others know either on face book,on twitter or digg or any social media . Your forward would be appreciated not just by me , but also by all the fellow bloggers that can be helped by reading this articles .Thanks !!

Posted By Sudeep

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7 comments: on "Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers - Part 1"

Lisis said...

Wow, Sudeep! Now I'm really going to have to start worrying about the time I spend blogging! I thought I was just not eating right, but it seems I may be doing much more harm than that.

I wonder if there are any major studies on this yet?

Thanks for getting me thinking about it!

Steve Crenshaw said...

This is me to a tee. You just posted about my health and habits. I even had a friend post about his weightloss after starting blogging. I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 6 weeks to help fix my shoulder and neck problems. I have changed my mouse to a trackball and gotten a ergonomic chair.

Since I started doing Yoga stretching two weeks ago I feel less pain and I have put limits to how long and when I can write or even be on the computer.

Looking forward to the next post.


Ralph said...

OK Sudeep,
Now that you've pegged all the problems from blogging, what do you recommend?

MJ Doyle said...

Here's the weird thing for me. When I work on my laptop at my desk, even though I've tried to set everything up correctly, I still get a sore shoulder and neck within 30 minutes.

When I sit in my recliner chair with my laptop, with my feet up, I could sit there all day without any pain. Weird? I have to get up quite a bit when my legs feel stiff but other than that it's much better for me.

Sheila said...

Just like any profession there are new body issues to face.

For me it is important to take care of the body so that it does not call for my attention. I would rather put my attention on things of the mind and spirit.


Sudeep Chitnis said...

@MJ Doyle basically when we work even for 30 min on the computer because our attention is 100% on the computer we get tensed in general all over the body . Check it out That might be causing pain for you .
@ Sheila we need to give equal attention to both mind and the body.Both are equally important. If body goes wrong it affects the mind ,if we have trouble with mind , soon or later the body goes wrong .
Thanks for all the comments .

J.D. Meier said...

On the upside, I heard blogging can cause smarts.

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