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Ayurveda 101: What is Ayurveda?

As I started blogging my goal was clear to explain readers more and more about Ayurveda . Knowing that readers are aware of the subject especially when so many blogs are dedicated to this subject ,I did not
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spend time writing on the basics . But soon enough I realized that my blog was more a food or healthy life style blog and nothing connected to Ayurveda. Hence to understand more clearly,I tried to tweet on this subject with some of my loyal readers . I was shocked with the reply ....90% of them had very few idea on this topic.This group of articles that are henceforth coming every Friday would be for them and for all of you to understand what I practice and what is the whole base of this blog "Ayurveda" .

What is "Ayurveda " ?

During the early 5000 B.C or even before when civilization started growing in the Indus valley .These people were civilized more than their own time .These were the times when some of the known oldest books came in to existence namely called as "Vedas".These books written in the ancient language of "Sanskrit " are studied even today all over the world .Other than different information about the civilization at that time , this books even had gr8 amount of know how about different diseases and how to deal with them during those times . The simple origin of Ayurveda came from those major books and thus regarded as a subdivision of one of those Vedas called as "Atharvaveda".

"Ayurveda " The Science of Life ,is the commonest definition known in the Western world .It does explains and does not explains the whole word properly in a way. We need to digg in deep into each word that Ayurveda is made up of namely "Ayu" and "Veda " . And then understand why it is said to be the Science of Living.

The simplest meaning of the word "Ayu" is Life .And what is Life. According to the one of the greatest writer of Ayurveda , the legendary physician Charak describes Life as the co-existence of body , mind , soul and sense organs .One can say only and only that they are living when they have all of the above .Life can be really hard for a person who is blind , but still the body tries to compensated itself by giving extra strength to other sense organs.So a person can have a some what gr8 life .

While the word Veda comes from the Sanskrit word called as "-vid"

1] "-vid" means to have in its basic form. Ayurveda is a science were the body , mind ,soul and all the sense organs are in its basic form .

2] "-vid" means to know . .Ayurveda is a science were one can know aout our body , mind , sense organs and our soul . Thus one can know about our ones life in all .

3] "-vid" means to gain . Ayurveda is a science where one can gain good life { ayu} by following the paths of it or gain disease by not following the paths .

Thus together in union these words gives you a clear picture of what is Ayurveda . Its a science which gives you the way to life from your start of your conception in the womb of your mother till the death . It will deal with all different things to do , things to avoid to be healthy , and also it will deal with different health issue one may have.It will deal with conducts for one self in association with self and others too for the proper functioning of the society. And it will speak about all the signs that one can see when Death shows it face in front of us .Thus it deserved to be called as "The Science of Life".

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