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Ayurveda 101: What does Ayurveda Strive for ?

Goal of Ayurveda !!

The science of Life "Ayurveda " we now know that it has been an ancient know-how . We also know that certain scripts that even today many Ayurvedic practitioner do use for their day to day work treating the needy to achieve healthy life .
Is treating patients is that what Ayurveda strives for ? Is that what Goal this science puts in front of the new coming age of hi-tech .Or do they have any more deeper goal ,Lets look into it today in this series .

" Swastyasya Swasta Rakshanam ,Aturashya Prashmam chya "

This are words that every Ayurvedic doctor or what we call our self as Vaidya strive for. A quote from the ancient books of Ayurveda ,this words are in Sanskrit ,unable to get the fonts I am quoting them in simple English .Lets look closely what it says ,
In its literal translation it means "Try to work to maintain the health of healthy individuals , and also cure the diseased ".

The "Swastyasya " comes from the root word "Swasthya" we have seen this word many times discussed on this blog before . It means Health . The word "Rakshanam" means to protect . The role of any ayurvedic practitioner is to make sure that he protects the health of the healthy first . Well what it covers .. It means he strives to make sure each one of the individual is healthy .

What is health in this 21 century medicine . To me when I re-analysis this words all that comes to my mind about Ayurveda 's motto is to work on building the immune system of the person . For a healthy person who has no issues , no diseases , every thing in life is smooth , still is bound to have some issues sooner or later. To prevent our self from the worst one must have a strong immune system .Thus why not work on that system to give us quality life .

In the second section of the sutra "Aturasya " means diseased , sick individual , one who really needs help , while the word "prashmamcya " means to cure or to reduce the pain suffering of the person . In more simple words it means to cure and help the sick .

Now you would say so Ayurveda is more focused on the healthy rather than sick individuals . Yes and no ... The whole understanding of Ayurveda has been what WHO started following in the recent years "Prevention is better that Cure ". If we work to keep the healthy more healthy, we literally would have less sufferings , less pain in the world . Do not you think ?

When you get a chance to read any book of Ayurveda , you would see that a large amount of emphasis is given to prevention and different lifestyle changes and diet and all that .Even the olden manuscripts are in the same way .Good diet habits , Good Life style , Good exercise pattern all of this comes prior to healing any diseases . Same is true even with a disease patient after treating them , the focus of Ayurveda continues to work on the immunity even though a disease is cured completely . Let me give me an example you had fever , you got medicines to treat it .The fever is gone now after taking medicine . That's it !! No not according to Ayurveda , we would then work to make sure the person gets back his immune system by providing him advice on boosting his immunity so he does not face such fever again . There lies the real gimic of the science even in treating a diseases .
In the next part of this series we would see what ideology Ayurveda sticks to help a person in the goal that it has kept before us .
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Sheila said...

It is to bad Western Medicine treats the symptoms and does not put attention on staying healthy. It would be health care reform at its best.


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