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How to work on Negative Emotions and Thoughts

Pratyahara and Managing Negative Mental Health

In my last post on the series of Yoga we discussed Pratyahara .Internalizing the awareness and the developing of the witness in one is the process of Pratyahara. In today's article we would try to see how to use that idea more for the benefit of our self in day to day practice .

We are living in the age of 21 century, we as humans are turning more and more attached to materials than before . With attachment comes exceptions or desire , ultimately making us victims of frustration , leading to tension and conflict .Due to this the ego feels insecure .This insecurity is then added on the unconscious mind which leads to repression .All the conflicts and tension do not die , but remain active in the unconscious mind and then manifest as symptoms of negative mental health such as anxiety , depression and phobia {Feldman 1998} .This would be the classic way that each one of us gets involved in negative emotions or health . How to reduce it,how to work to stop this process .. as the Tibetan say De-attach our self .. is that so simple .Even being a Vagabond you are attach to some thing and that some thing would cause this issues .So how we do it .

ASAKTI (attachment)
Ego feels insecure
Unconscious garbage

Chart from Siddhartha Bhusan article on Pratyahara .

If we bring the concept of pratyahara we would see that that we bring the witnessing attitude . Again we are bringing all sense inwards and looking in to us as a third person to understand more and more about our self .
How we do it simple with a pen and a paper or a diaray . Every night chalk down your events of the day that you did . Just have a look what you did and was it postive{P} or negative{N} in your mind .

1] Woke up in the morning as my alarm goes P
2] Had a nice breakfast with my kids and wife , though was in hurry P
3] Nasty traffic ... really irritated me , got a little bit snappy with the system N
4] Office was as usual ...
5] Boss being just a boss again and tried to look faults rather than good things ,lose temper so frustrated and irritated at that point . N
6] Came home along with the temper and all came on kids and wife . N

Once you know what are the issues that makes one react to a particular situatuon especially when writing a diary like this one would always try to look for answers . Say traffic .. no one cannot find any answer .. but one can change one's response to it . One knows that your boss does not think twice before speaking some times , then one must try to understand how to react to it and behave .
What else can be in corporate here with the concept of Pratyahara .

1] In traffic may be road or rail whichever you travel .Start travelling with a book or a nice CD.Hear the music or just start working with some deep breathing exercise or Pranayama . Just inhale in and out .

2] Take some breaks in between your office work . Go out to nice secluded spot may it be a washroom and do the breathing exercise .

3] Try the shavaasan or relaxing the body ,but just in sitting position instead of lieing down . For 5 min it would invigorate you more than what you think.

4] Practice some inner and outer moun or silence when you go back home .Try not to think or read or analysis but just enjoy the nature and the people around and go back home .

You would be different when you appear in front of your kids and wife .Try that !!

Once you start knowing the issues of your own reaction you slowly would start changing the way you dealt with it .Here what Yogic would say your ego would harness .
Do let us know what you researched on yourself and what you thought might be good for you by trying this way .You have the answers for all your worries after all .

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Ayurveda 101: What does Ayurveda Strive for ?

Goal of Ayurveda !!

The science of Life "Ayurveda " we now know that it has been an ancient know-how . We also know that certain scripts that even today many Ayurvedic practitioner do use for their day to day work treating the needy to achieve healthy life .
Is treating patients is that what Ayurveda strives for ? Is that what Goal this science puts in front of the new coming age of hi-tech .Or do they have any more deeper goal ,Lets look into it today in this series .

" Swastyasya Swasta Rakshanam ,Aturashya Prashmam chya "

This are words that every Ayurvedic doctor or what we call our self as Vaidya strive for. A quote from the ancient books of Ayurveda ,this words are in Sanskrit ,unable to get the fonts I am quoting them in simple English .Lets look closely what it says ,
In its literal translation it means "Try to work to maintain the health of healthy individuals , and also cure the diseased ".

The "Swastyasya " comes from the root word "Swasthya" we have seen this word many times discussed on this blog before . It means Health . The word "Rakshanam" means to protect . The role of any ayurvedic practitioner is to make sure that he protects the health of the healthy first . Well what it covers .. It means he strives to make sure each one of the individual is healthy .

What is health in this 21 century medicine . To me when I re-analysis this words all that comes to my mind about Ayurveda 's motto is to work on building the immune system of the person . For a healthy person who has no issues , no diseases , every thing in life is smooth , still is bound to have some issues sooner or later. To prevent our self from the worst one must have a strong immune system .Thus why not work on that system to give us quality life .

In the second section of the sutra "Aturasya " means diseased , sick individual , one who really needs help , while the word "prashmamcya " means to cure or to reduce the pain suffering of the person . In more simple words it means to cure and help the sick .

Now you would say so Ayurveda is more focused on the healthy rather than sick individuals . Yes and no ... The whole understanding of Ayurveda has been what WHO started following in the recent years "Prevention is better that Cure ". If we work to keep the healthy more healthy, we literally would have less sufferings , less pain in the world . Do not you think ?

When you get a chance to read any book of Ayurveda , you would see that a large amount of emphasis is given to prevention and different lifestyle changes and diet and all that .Even the olden manuscripts are in the same way .Good diet habits , Good Life style , Good exercise pattern all of this comes prior to healing any diseases . Same is true even with a disease patient after treating them , the focus of Ayurveda continues to work on the immunity even though a disease is cured completely . Let me give me an example you had fever , you got medicines to treat it .The fever is gone now after taking medicine . That's it !! No not according to Ayurveda , we would then work to make sure the person gets back his immune system by providing him advice on boosting his immunity so he does not face such fever again . There lies the real gimic of the science even in treating a diseases .
In the next part of this series we would see what ideology Ayurveda sticks to help a person in the goal that it has kept before us .
If you have any doubts do free to email me or write me .

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Women's Best Friend: Turmeric

Surfing different blogs recently , I came on this article written by western herbologist about 10 herbs that are the best for a women for life time . I was quite surprise when Turmeric was not in that list .Thus encouraging me to write more about this post and why it is regarded as the " Woman's life time friend" or in Sanskrit " Stree-saki" .
Known mostly in the west as the curry spice , this herb has also some what dominated the herb trade since ages long . So its familiarity in western cuisine can be seen in some curried dishes too. While in Asia and especially Indian cooking , its like the grand mother of all herbs . Every household would have this herb not only for its taste but also for its value in help for different diseases .Every women right from her child hood till her old age can be benefited with this herb and thus its importance in the woman's world .

Turmeric or in Sanskrit called as " Haridra" or in latin as " Curcuma Longa" is basically a root of plants grown prominently in Asian countries .Known for its blood clotting value and also for its healing values in this article we would try to discuss taking the approach from a women perspective rather than from men.

Turmeric and Birth and Childhood :

A birth of a baby girl , the first thought that arises to her mother would be to make sure she is beautiful . And thus right from the early neonatal age comes into picture the importance of "Turmeric " . In many Indian families especially in the south its very common to mix oil and turmeric together and apply it all over the body of the girl , every day . Its believed that Turmeric has wonderful result in glowing the skin. According to Ayurveda turmeric is known for increasing blood circulation , removing toxins out form the blood . Thus many beauty products now days have Turmeric as their major ingredient.

Another common issue faced in child hood is minor cough and cold were again turmeric plays a magic role . If given with honey every half and hour , it really soothes your throat and reduces the cough . Thus save your extra money on antibiotics . The same recipe also works really well as a deworming agent .Yes even good for as small as an neonatal baby .

Turmeric for your growing up daughter :

Young girls when in Menarche often have many hormonal issues starting from pimple to irregular menstruation cycle .Heavy bleeding or scanty , most of them are the result of irregular lifestyle or food habits . Pimples are the most common not only for girls but also in boys in this age group . But again the girls are more cautious about them rather than any one .
Turmeric works so well in all the above issues . Either with honey or even just added to food can help a lot to prevent or fight for those issues .
Apply some turmeric paste on your the pimples and then see the result after couple of days . No pimples , no discoloration , no scar .
Again this is the same age when kids play and get hurts . Turmeric being an excellent antiseptic works really well as first line of action on many wounds before taking to the doctor .

Turmeric and your Marriage :

Indian weddings cannot be completed with out this herb . Its strange but lot my cultures in India would have a complete day of celebration with turmeric .As we discussed the property of turmeric and skin glow the same is used on this important day in the life of the Indian bride and the groom
Turmeric with flour of yellow lentils with milk is mixed together and then applied all over the body of both the groom and the bride . Its all about the last minute touch for the wedding .

Turmeric in Pregnancy :

In the recent times due to change in life style , diet habits many women do face complications during pregnancy such as Placenta previa , excess blood loss and other . Turmeric can used as an gr8 herbal tea to be taken during such conditions or even during the whole 9 month of pregnancy.
If you want your baby to have gr8 skin , soft and smooth and beautiful , please try this Drink some turmeric tea every day once you know you are pregnant . Check it out ...That's what many did in the ancient India ...

Turmeric and the late Adult hood :

When a women reaches the age of 40 or plus .. the ghost of menopause starts bothering her .Hot flashes , heavy bleeding , mood swings, back pain and osteoporosis . This few condition would always bother a women in this age group . If you just going to that age group try taking turmeric at that time and see the difference. If you are facing all the above mention issues try the turmeric even then and see it .
Due to its known work on blood and its source according to Ayurveda , turmeric works magic as an hormone replacement medication you may say .No sweating , no clots , no trouble .

Turmeric and Old age:
As old age comes , so comes the typical diseases associated with it diabetes , heart problem and varicose veins , arthritis you name it ...
If you look closely diabetes , cholesterol ,varicose veins and few of the other known condition the answer that you might find for prevention and for healing would be in this magic drug .
Researchers have proved the results of turmeric in diabetes and cholesterol and so in as an anti inflammatory for arthritis .
So each single step of her upbringing a female child can be benefited from this simple drug namely called as Turmeric .The why not try and use it , a small pinch in meals is what we ask for.

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Fifth Limb of Yoga : Pratyahara

Last two weeks we have been discussing about Pranayama and its Benefits. Deep breathing if carefully exercised would slowly start building us not just physically but also mentally in to proceed to the next level of yoga .In one way deep breathing would increase our own awareness.

Today as we continue with the next limb of yoga , slowly and slowly the physical aspect of yoga reduces and more and more work on the Human mind increases . What happens when we start working more and more on pranayama , many people would say they are so conscious about them self and their thoughts. Awareness is on a rise suddenly.Its funny but true that this exact increase of awareness have now to be used to internalize and discover what is happening to us mentally in this part of yoga .
This limb of yoga is called " Pratyahara".

Swami Niranjananda quotes that Pratyahara literally means disassociation or withdrawal of the sensory awareness from the external world . As the awareness internalizes it culminates the development of the witness in our self .Its a state where one develops the ability to simply observe the sensory inputs and functioning of the mind

Its not that hard to be frank , we all know it , we have done it before or even many times. I will give you an example to understand . Lot many times when we try to observe our own reactions in happy or sad mood or even in an angry mood is what we call internalizing the awareness . We all know very well how we are going to react if the team that we favors wins the Euro cup or if they lose it. How do we know because we have seen it before as a third person to our own reactions in positive and negative situations . All of us do it knowing unknowingly. The practice of it more and more is what is called as Pratyahara. As we witness it some times daily it is a practice and its also a process of becoming more and more aware in our own self.

Many other yogic techniques would help you in this internalizing of the awareness . "Shavaasana" or in other words called as Yogic Nidra , "Antar Moun " or inner and outer silence both of them would help a follower to practice and process Pratyahara .

What would be the benefits of such practices? Well do not you think that it would work on our personality. The more we get aware the more we would understand how different we are reacting to different situations and thus slowly and slowly the process of changing in our own reaction starts towards betterment. As a young kid I was angry person , but yes pranayama made me slowly and slowly internalize myself to understand my own reactions and then change it for my own good .This would be just the start of all the other benefits that one can get through the practice of Pratyahara .

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Ayurveda 101: What is Ayurveda?

As I started blogging my goal was clear to explain readers more and more about Ayurveda . Knowing that readers are aware of the subject especially when so many blogs are dedicated to this subject ,I did not
Lord of AyurvedaImage via Wikipedia
spend time writing on the basics . But soon enough I realized that my blog was more a food or healthy life style blog and nothing connected to Ayurveda. Hence to understand more clearly,I tried to tweet on this subject with some of my loyal readers . I was shocked with the reply ....90% of them had very few idea on this topic.This group of articles that are henceforth coming every Friday would be for them and for all of you to understand what I practice and what is the whole base of this blog "Ayurveda" .

What is "Ayurveda " ?

During the early 5000 B.C or even before when civilization started growing in the Indus valley .These people were civilized more than their own time .These were the times when some of the known oldest books came in to existence namely called as "Vedas".These books written in the ancient language of "Sanskrit " are studied even today all over the world .Other than different information about the civilization at that time , this books even had gr8 amount of know how about different diseases and how to deal with them during those times . The simple origin of Ayurveda came from those major books and thus regarded as a subdivision of one of those Vedas called as "Atharvaveda".

"Ayurveda " The Science of Life ,is the commonest definition known in the Western world .It does explains and does not explains the whole word properly in a way. We need to digg in deep into each word that Ayurveda is made up of namely "Ayu" and "Veda " . And then understand why it is said to be the Science of Living.

The simplest meaning of the word "Ayu" is Life .And what is Life. According to the one of the greatest writer of Ayurveda , the legendary physician Charak describes Life as the co-existence of body , mind , soul and sense organs .One can say only and only that they are living when they have all of the above .Life can be really hard for a person who is blind , but still the body tries to compensated itself by giving extra strength to other sense organs.So a person can have a some what gr8 life .

While the word Veda comes from the Sanskrit word called as "-vid"

1] "-vid" means to have in its basic form. Ayurveda is a science were the body , mind ,soul and all the sense organs are in its basic form .

2] "-vid" means to know . .Ayurveda is a science were one can know aout our body , mind , sense organs and our soul . Thus one can know about our ones life in all .

3] "-vid" means to gain . Ayurveda is a science where one can gain good life { ayu} by following the paths of it or gain disease by not following the paths .

Thus together in union these words gives you a clear picture of what is Ayurveda . Its a science which gives you the way to life from your start of your conception in the womb of your mother till the death . It will deal with all different things to do , things to avoid to be healthy , and also it will deal with different health issue one may have.It will deal with conducts for one self in association with self and others too for the proper functioning of the society. And it will speak about all the signs that one can see when Death shows it face in front of us .Thus it deserved to be called as "The Science of Life".

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Zen and the Art of Eating

Today on blog for the first time a Guest post by Christiaan.
Thanks a lot !! We hope you all would enjoy this post .

From the pen of Christiaan now ....

A few days ago Sudeep asked me to do a guest post here on his blog so of course I jumped in. It quickly became apparent that the subject of the guest post should have something to do with food (this blog) and zen (my blog, sort of) so what would be easier than to write about eating zen.

On an average day, take a look around on the streets. You'll see vendors everywhere selling all kinds of fast foods for you to inhale (can't really call it eating now can we) while on the go. We're constantly combining eating or drinking and other activities. Hardly ever do we sit down and enjoy what we eat in silence. The TV is on, we're walking, perhaps driving or stuck in traffic. At all times we're doing something else while eating .

This might not be true for everyone but you'll probably at least know someone who lives this way.

Two problems come to mind when thinking about this. The first being "Do we actually taste our food?" and the second "Do we know what and how much we are eating?" Obesity is becoming a huge problem in the western world. If you ask me, the problem is doing to things at the same time. Not only do we not taste our food but we gobble up insane amounts because we're not present with our thoughts. Eating has gone on autopilot and the brakes are missing. Have you ever opened up a pack of crisps during a movie only to discover it was empty some time later? You hardly even noticed where it all went.

Why is tasting food an issue? It's not so hard for anyone to become aware of the taste of healthy foods and not so healthy foods. You can quickly discover by tasting that something might not be the best choice to eat. An added advantage is that tasting properly takes time. Inhaling your food is impossible if you want to taste things properly. You'll eat slower with the added bonus of maybe enjoying what you eat. Savoring the taste and the structure seems odd at first but once you train your pallet a bit you'll enjoy eating and don't want to waste the sensation.

Eating slower and exploring the food with your taste buds will open up a new dimension to food if all you did was rush meals. Eating can be a great pleasure, but like any pleasure moderation is in order.
To make it easier you might want to turn off the TV and other distractions so it's only you and your food.

There is a reason Zen Buddhists say "When eating, just eat." Give it a try, take the smallest possible nibble of whatever it is you might be snacking on and really taste it. Does it taste healthy? Does the taste last? Any hidden subtle flavors in there somewhere?

When eating, just eat. Rediscover your food and enjoy with moderation.

Christiaan is a trained exercise therapist and student information science in The Netherlands. His interests and hobbies don't reflect this however. He blogs about "Lifestyle design with a zen twist" and is a zen enthusiast, martial arts lover and avid book reader, all of which reflected in his blog post. The posts on Mind the Beginner have always been thought provoking which I really enjoy and others with me. Don't miss the chance to subscribe to his blog and keep in touch with him.

You can find his blog here: Mind the Beginner
And he is on twitter using: @ChristiaanH

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Monday, June 15, 2009

What are the benifts of doing Pranayama ?

Instructor <span class=

Last Monday post on Pranayama , one of my friend cgordi told me about more health benefits of Pranayama .What I realized after re-reading my whole article again , I was trying hard to be more on the spiritual or mental benefits of Pranayama and not the bodily benefits which I suppose I missed in haste or purposely my own mind knows ..
Let's have a quick review what we discussed in the last post about Pranayama . Pranayam is the science of breathing in Yogic philosophy .Its also a practice to still your mind and concentrate on your breathe . The more we practice the deeper goes our breathe and the deeper the breathe the calmer the mind .What are then the benefits of doing this in actual physical life . How would it benefit a normal lay man who does not understand any thing of calming the mind.Any importance for any diseases .
That are the exact point which was missed in my last post .

My introduction in to yoga came more prominently because of pranayama let me tell u this . My mom suffered with real bad asthma when I was child . It was at that time my family physician refereed us to go and join a yoga clinic where she can learn yogic techniques and pranayama .Soon after she join those classes and religiously followed pranayama every day in the morning she realized that the need for her bronchodialator reduced ,her breathing getting more comfortable and her issues reducing slowly and slowly . That was a way I personally came to know about Pranayama .

1] Pranayama and Asthma and other Lung conditions :

International journal of thorax medicine conducted a study relating the results of pranayama on Asthma patients .They found that the use of bronchoidlator was reduced with those who practiced pranayama.Off course the lung capacity has not been changed a lot .Same what my mom experienced when I was young .

2] Pranayama and Cardio Vasuclar Diseases :

In the book " Reversing the Heart Diseases" Dr Dean Ornish speaks a lot on his studies on different cases of Cardiovascular Diseases and Pranayama . The most amazing facts that he speaks in his book is the experiment were patients were subjected to PET SCAN one of the most advanced scan of the arteries for the heart. The results showed that though the arterires showed sign of blocks {arteriosclerosis } , still they were able to withstand the pressure of the force of the pumping of the heart. Thus the patient though would have blocks in his arteries his symtoms were shown to be reduced after such exercise and life style .
Equally true are the benefits of pranayma for blood pressure and all those conditions one get affected with high blood pressure .

3] Depression and Pranayama :

Depression , anxiety , mood variation has been some of our biggest issues in the 21 century . A study published recently in Med scape one of the top most journal in the medical community shows the link between Pranayama and such mind conditions . The results of that study was really amazing . They found out { which yogis knew long time before} that those people who did pranayama and yoga the mood being easily elevated , depression thus reduced .A direct co-relation between the mental qualities and pranayama was thus chalked out in the mordern community .

Try yoga on those days when you simply some times feel its not your day or one of those days when you are lethargic or bored and see the results for yourself .

4] Pranayama and Autism :

Another disease that has gripped in the new generations of the kid in this century is Autism . Many topmost Vaidya or ayurvedic doctors and myself too have always been an advocate of yoga in pregnancy for the mom and dad together to have an healthy {physically and mentally} child . Recent studies have found out that pranayama if taught to an autistic child , the child slowly start strengthening the nervous system , increase overall health and increase the concentration .Improvement in the quality of life for the child can be slowly achieved.

5] Pranayama and Auto Immune disease :

Research and studies are still on with regards to auto immune diseases and pranayama . But yes they look more on the positive side of the story . Why not ? If you are breathing calmer and deeper as per the principles of yoga ,you get more fresh blood , thus increasing the cellular metabolism and thus working well on all such auto immune diseases .Let us see what we know and say is true in the medical world sooner or later .

And what is store for an average healthy person who neither has any blood pressure or asthma. Does Pranayama works for him in long run or no?

a] Due to very deep breathing what happens is the oxygen that goes in our lungs thus get more time to interact with the blood , thus more oxygen is absorbed and more carbon dioxide is thrown away . What it means the blood is purified a lot with pranayma first , fresh oxygen provided in excess to our whole body whenever we do pranayma .
b] With this gr8 amount of breath work we can also see that our body increases the supply of blood to all the parts as tiny as possible , thus decreasing fatigue may it be a physical one or mental one .
c] Increase of blood also means increase to the brain thus you can achieve more clarity , excellent memory ,thus boosting all the powers of the brain .Yes it can protect you from even Alzheimer's .
d] Also it calms your mind which means you get less angry , less irritated , less stressful and thus more energy in your body .Positive reaction are more seen when a person has lots of energy than just small amount of energy .

What are your personal achievements when you started doing Pranayama . Any thoughts please feel free to share . So are your tweets , stumbles , diggs welcome on any social book marking site.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers Part 2

In my last post we saw all the health condition a blogger might face due to his occupation. In this post we would see what different steps can we take to either prevent those conditions or work on those conditions . Lets us look what can we do in this post to help our self when we work.

1] Food Habits for a Blogger :

First and foremost it is the food that defines us . Its like a medicine or can be the root cause of all
health issues . So lets see in to it first .

a] Eat healthy and at regular intervals .

b] Eat when you are hungry , eat at least after every 3 hrs but try not to fast more than 6 hrs unless for specific reasons .

c] Fresh fruits and vegetables , meat products could be a good start compared to junk and snacks.

d] Drinking caffeine all the time would not be advised and so is pop or carbonated drinks .

e] De caffeinated herbal tea might be a good alternative for a blogger.

2] Rest Well:

a] Rest well in between your work .It is important for each one of us to rest . If you had 9- 5 pm job you would have taken at least 3 breaks then why not when we blog .

b] Rest not just your mind , but also your hands , fingers , eyes .It might be good to get away from the computer for 5 to 10 min for a small stroll in your own house or garden .

c] Move every single joint couple of times every 2 hrs .
Start from your fingers shake them, make a tight fist for a moment and release it .Turn your wrist and rotate it . Bend in your elbow and turn it half way through. Do all the moments that you can think for each and every joint .Yes even the lower back and hip . Hey do not worry takes around 5 minutes to finish this exercise.But you would be refreshed after this I assure you.

d] Rotate your neck 360 degree slowly either from your left going to right or from right going to left . Do it often may be after every one hour.

e] Lie down for another minute or two on the bed or coach . Keep your legs apart from each other and just try to relax . Let your mind calm down . Do not analysis or think for a moment or two .

f] Those who know and read my previous post . Please try doing deep breathing or Pranayama. It might help you a lot , not just in resting your mind and body , but also it would help us to give some major boost to our brains to think sharper later .

g] Practice Silence : Would not it be good to just stop the music or TV for some time and just hear the Silence .Try it .Even a silence can be refreshing !!

h] For all those young bloggers out .. Please prefer to have music at a reasonable volume rather than too loud , try not use ear phones all the time , unless needed . We do not need more ear specialist in the coming next decade .. do not you think ?

3] Exercise and Work outs:

a] Spend at least 30 minutes to 75 minutes on exercise .May be in one installments or may be in two or three small installments of work out . You decide !!

b] Bloggers have a very coach potato job , so prefer to do some thing that involves lot of moment like running , cardio, swimming or playing any outdoor sports .If you like Yoga , Pilates do it even that would be OK.

c] Lastly do not forget your mind . Exercise the mind too . How ... ohh stop working on your computer and just solve some sudukoo or crossword puzzle for 5 min . That would be enough to relax and revitalize your brains .

4] Family Time /Friends Time :

All blogger do have many virtual friends but yes it might be useful if we also spend some time with some real human beings out !!

a] Make sure we do spend enough time with our partner or friend .Not only it will help us relax from our work , but also it might help us get new topics to work on . Think!!

b] Spend some time with your friends too .Yes they can be your blogging buddies out in the real world does not matter .But do it .

5] Suggestions for Health Issues :

It is impossible for me to cover all the health solutions for all bloggers in this category , but I have written the most required one from my point of view .

a] Many experts of Ayurveda would advice sesame seed oil application all over the body before shower . Not only it refreshes us , but also it help us to prevent those aches , pains , stiffness and soreness of the muscles used . Give it a try !!

b] Freshly chopped Ginger tea . The recipe which has already been discussed before in some other post . Ginger tea has gr8 properties to work on conditions of digestion , inflammation and stuff . Works really well on carpal tunnel too ..

c] Flax seeds or its oil in our diet would help a lot to change our bowel moments . Even Castor oil can be used just once a week in some serious conditions of the bowel habits .

d] Castor oil if heated and massaged to the parts which are hurting or paining like the lower back or the digits gives real relief .

e] Soak some cotton pads in cold milk and at the end of the day apply those pads on your closed eyes . See how you feel after you do that . You eyes would slowly feel better if you face dryness , teary and stuff .

f] Warm milk in the night with some nutmeg , cardamon can be really good sleeping agent for those who do not fall asleep easily .

Lastly to enjoy the pleasure of our work , we need good Health for long ,so that you and I can blog more and enjoy each other posts . For that what I am asking is just around 1 hour every day for our body and mind to keep them healthy. Not more , nor less . Can you give that ......

I know your comments over warmed me last time. Thanks !! But if possible also twit this post for others , if possible digg it or use any other social network site that you can possibly think .It might be helpful for every one . After all " Optimum Health Care is my motto of "e-swastya".

Posted by Sudeep .

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Some advices mentioned are in general .They would not replace the advice of your General practitioner .So his advice would be the final word .

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Health Issues of Pro-Bloggers - Part 1

Since Darren tweeted on his tweet page about his wrist pain my mind started pacing on different health issue a blogger might face in his life . We are sure that every occupation has its own hazards on our body . So Blogging has been the occupation for many to say especially in the current times of economic depression .What are the most likely health issues the blogger might face ? To understand these issues lets take a closer look on the daily life of a blogger first .

a] Wakes up either too early or sleeps too late or have irregular routine .
b] Irregular time of eating food , breakfast , lunch and dinner . May even skip meals or even have snacks all the time , depending on the person .
c] All the day either in one position transfixed to the laptop or computer,constantly either typing or staring in front of the screen .
d] Headphones are current craze for many { not sure if I call them healthy },if not loud music for many .
e] Multitasking which is good in the business world would remain the same even in many blogger's perspective too .But would that not affect his health physical or mental ..not sure off ...

Knowing all this causes lets have a look at how this habits would affect you on your health in the present and then in the future .

1] Digestive system :

On of my friend on twitter Lisis Blackstone tweeted me the most unusual complain about a blogger. Decrease of Appetite when on computer. Change in appetite or food consumptions is the biggest issue for most of the bloggers . Either they would eat more not in quantity wise , but frequency vise or eat less or eat unhealthy . All the three scenario are not at all good for health in general . Constipation , bloating , gasy , upset stomach ,acid reflux or even the opposite Irritable Bowel Syndrome are common due to unusual work hours and stress involved . Hemorrhoids can also be the result of sitting on a chair for a long time . Lastly in this group how can we forget Obesity and all the different conditions that can be with it like diabetes , heart condition .

2] Muscular system/ Bones / Joints :

Most of Bloggers who I asked on twitter ,responded the following complaints Spasm , strain ,pain or inflammation in some group of muscle .Yes why not again , we do are sitting all the time , I am not sure which posture many of us take . But I know that I atleast do sit properly some times . And lastly who can not blame those tiny digits of our hands continuously moving on the keyboard . Any organ being over used is about to produce some restrain and would most likely show some pain or strain . Neck trouble , fingers paining , or hurting at night time , lower back pain are the most common issues for the blogger to face .

3] Nervous system :

Carpal tunnel syndrome has been in discussion a lot on twitter this day , may be because of Darren not sure. Its due to its the crazy position of the wrist joint while we all blog that make this condition so common . Have you wonder the ups and downs of our blog not affecting our nervous.
The stress coming from the fluctuation of producing the pillar articles , creating post every day .. Yes it will take its affect on our nervous system which will show all the likely signs of stress over due course . Headaches , Migraines would be common too ... its common in any work place you go now days why bloggers should be left alone hahaha ....

4] Sense organs:

I am not sure if our fingers are over worked or our eye sight is over worked .. But yes many have agreed on this that eyes do sign of restrain on them after being as a blogger for a long time .
Watery , dry , painful eyes , eyesight really getting bad are common complaints of pro bloggers .
Another sense organ which in my know- how would get affected would be our ears . Now I accept it know one had replied this on twitter , but sooner or later you will find out . What do we do when blogging , lot of us either have headphones on listening music , or music system going on. The younger generation I am sure would prefer loud music. So it has to take a toll on our hearing organs .Already I have started seeing clients with hearing loss , tinnitus and other issues, if not now then sooner or later this complaint has the be the norm of our day .

5] Reproduction :

When our food habits are not good , our life style is all over the place what happens with reproductive system . Not in men but more easily in women s . Menstrual cycle is all over the place . Irregular periods, scanty bleeding , heavy flow , clots , white discharge are pretty common.
Its just my thought again but why not in men .. yes even in men I am guessing our lifestyle and habits have to affect our reproductive system . Many of us would like to keep our laptop on our laps as the name go .. but have you imagined the radiation of the laptop not troubling your internal organs especially the testicles . Already the WHO report mentions of the sperm count of the 21 century Man has reduced . Again not sure, but can be .. why not ...

6]Mental Health:

When asked on twitter this was one more area no one commented on it , But I think so any job do affect our mental peace all the time . If we enjoy the job less likely , but if we do not yes it would . Ohh I am not saying that we are mentally affected or some thing , but yes many of us are addicted to the computer screen and blogs . For many people out their the virtual media are the only friends they have . Either in fear or just the best way to meet people but that's how we choose to do it . Again it remains each one of us to decide our own situation on that part and decide , I do not say that each one is in that way .
In the next post we will see the remedies and simple lifestyle condition to work on all this issues .

Lastly to say I am looking forward for your responses good , bad . Folks what do you think . I might miss some health issues . Comment it and let me and all others know . Not each one of us would have all this , this is just a summary what some of us might face . Thanks to my friends on twitter Christiaan Hillen, Liz Hover ,Ralph Carlson, Coolwired ,Gina ,Lisis Blackstone who shared their thoughts on this topic .

If you like this post , please do not be shy to let others know either on face book,on twitter or digg or any social media . Your forward would be appreciated not just by me , but also by all the fellow bloggers that can be helped by reading this articles .Thanks !!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pranayama : Fourth Limb of Yoga

In today's post as we discuss each Monday we are continuing our series of articles on "Ashatang Yoga"or 8 Limbs of yoga .After "Asana" the comes the "Pranayama " which I would try to explain it as simply as possible . Knowing the magnitude of the topic, we need to know that the current topic discussed is just a small post . Some times later we would try to bring this topic in some other post .Till then enjoy this read .

"Pranayama" means mindful deep breathing . To understand this properly we need to look at this word little closely. Derived from the language Sanskrit it is a combination of two words namely " Prana" and ayam " . "Prana" means breathe,respiration,life,vitality or some times its also refereed as the soul as opposed to body .The word " ayam" means expansion , length , or stretch.Together we can sum it up saying that Pranayama is the proper way of breathing slowly to one's full extent .

Yogis have classified each breathe of our into three parts . They are as follows :
a] Inhalation : To take a deep breathe inside the body through our nostrils, slowly letting the air to go in the lungs and and the abdomen and filling it to its maximum capacity .
b] Exhalation: To let the air pass out from our body starting the abdomen through our nostril .
c] Hold or " Kumbhak" : Its the time that we hold the air in our body in between the inhalation and exhalation .It can be
a pause of second or it can be extended to as long as possible .

This three together constitutes ones breathing ability . " Pranayama " is this combination of breathing were we try to extent each of this process as slowly as possible to full extent .So if you are inhaling for 5 sec , if seriously we focus our self we can see that we can increase this inhaling duration to 10 sec . Same is true for exhalation and kumbak part of our breathing .Now you can think that you can have as many permutation and combination of breathing work and this in general are
called as "Pranayama" . To derive another meaning of the word pranayam which means its
" The Science of Breathing "

So just check as you read this article when you breathe in and out . Suddenly for a moment or two you feel the difference .Your mind get completely focused on your breathing ,you feel lighter in just few breathes , you feel care free . Is that suppose to happen after doing deep breathing . The reason for being the fourth limb of yoga " Pranayama " is an excellent guide to control
one's mind . Our Mind is a wanderer , its really hard to focus on one thing , even while reading this article our mind is fluctuating ,should I continue , ohh I should eat now its time ... one after another thoughts are pounding in your mind . But as you deep breathe in and out and start practicing pranayama our thoughts stops for a while or so our mind suddenly is in focused on the breathing . The ability to keep our mind in control was known to yogis with the help of pranayama and thus its importance .
Practice of pranayama has to be under expert guidance only . Understand that breath is like the fire of our body .If we use it properly under supervision miracles can be achieved , if not self destruction could only be brought by it .

If you like this post please feel free to digg it , tweet it or even re- blog it with some credit .

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Friday, June 5, 2009

8 Questions on Variocse Veins

Have you noticed a particular part of the ankle or leg of your aunt or grandmother having this cluster of veins, they are called as Varicose veins .Ohh they are very common and of no practical danger unless some serious complication occurs .I have known this in my practice that many people would have some misconception about them . Patients do ask how they can prevent them from having such ugly structures .Many would ask how to deal with them .For some it hurts some days , for others it just looks ugly nothing else .
Lets discuss about few questions regarding this veins , their treatment , lifestyle changes that can help to with prevent them or work towards healing them .

Q1} What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose comes from the Latin word varix for "twisted". Normally they are either single prominently on the leg or in cluster , back of your thigh or leg or any were in the body more looking like a bludge in that area .See every vein has its job to let the blood flow towards the heart and not behind. So for this procedure they have small valves like structure or leaflets which would let the blood to flow only forward not backward or towards gravity.Due to many causative factor these leaflets would not function properly creating the blood to flow backward and that would create Varicose veins . Thus we normally find this issues of varicose veins more were the blood flows oppsite the gravity , as it is the hardest area like the leg .

Q2} What are the causative factors?

As said before Varicose Veins has to be caused only when the valves inside our veins collapse so the chief reasons for such things happening are following:
a] Standing for a long time ,or walking a lot ,or jogging a lot.
b] Those people who drive a lot especially standard vechile were both the legs are constantly are in action the whole time they are driving .
c] We are not leaving those people who sit a lot with legs left alone down , they are also on risk
d] Obese individuals are at a huge risk
e] Pregnacy , many womens have noticed varicosity espeically when they are pregnant and after delivery they are fine , But later in the old ages it comes back .

Q3} Any other places than leg were you can find this varicose veins?

Nomrally the lower part of the body any were you can find varicose veins , but you can also find them in any part of the body .Such as
On stomach { liver issues }
On Scrotum{ varicocle}
On Penis
On face or upper chest too .
Lastly even Hemorroids or piles are also one type of Varicose veins .

Q 4} Symptoms of varicose veins:

a] Itching of that area
b] Discolouration of that area some times
c] Spider like web formation or supervical veins forming a bulge or a structure
d] Varicose ulcers ..

Q5} What are ways to treat them?

Normally even experts would advice them to be as they are as they really of not any issue .Even I would say that same thing and let u do some preventative life style adjustment .But if those veins are seriously bothering you with pain or ulcer formation here are the few things you can think of doing
A] Surgery : Differant surgeries have been worked on for this condition . Normally they would remove the vein or straghten it up and fix the twist .Chances of the condition happening is very common .
B] Scelrotheraphy : Used in smaller veins an injection which can close the veins is given to the patient .
These are just the few to name .

Q6} Can herbal medicine cure them ?

Studies and work of many herblogist , Vaidyas , Shamans have shown that many herbs can help with varicose veins and its complication . What can be worked on is treating the condition from not getting worst than what it is, or even descreasing it . But complete vanishing of the varicose veins have never been an assured aspcet of herbal medicine .
This are few herbs that can be used for Varicose Veins :

a] Gota Kolu { Centella Asiatica}: A common Ayurvedic herb , used lot in India for many other conditions , but have shown results even in varicose veins. Pills of this herbs can be avalibale in the market . Your Vaidya's or herbologist would help in the dosage of those .

b] Ginko { Ginkgo biloba}: While in the Chinsese Medicine Ginko another herb that can work in cases of varicose veins .But a warning you need to take this herb only under expert advise as have many side effects .
c] Horse Chest Nut { Aesculus Hippocastanum}: In the American plateue Horse chest Nut is an herb commonly used for such condition .

As I finish this line editing a qucik thought occur to me , is'nt it surprising that all the above herb that work on varicose veins are also been used to boost the brain, increase memoray , vitalise you .

d] Violet{ Viola }:
Yes violet , James A.Duke in his book mentions of using violet flowers to treat Varicose in his book . Try it again under expert guidance only.

Q7} Any yogic position to help this condition ?

This has been question that few patients had asked me , which made me to write this answer .
" Taadasan": Please whenever you stand make sure you stand on both legs equally balanced please anywere.This asaana would be helpful for those people for sure .
Any position were your legs are relaxed would help varicose veins , like "pawan mukatasan" , should stand .
Effects of pranayam are well known for increasing blood circulation so in a way even this would help a person.And last " shavaasan " done regularly is a boom for such clients .

Q8} Any life style changes that can be done ?

Yes many rahter they are the main ways to help your varicose veins to not worsen up , or even protect from having any complication.
a] Make sure whenever you stand , you stand on both your feet,yes you do we know , but balance your body weight on both the feet equally .
b] Keep your legs ellivated , when sleeping use pillow to ellivate it , when in a sitting postion , use a foot rest and rest you legs .
c] If you drive a lot , make sure you take some breaks and relax your legs . Pranyam , a quick shavaasan really would make a differance .
d] Try not to work hard on your legs when in Gym.
e] Try not to use too tight clothes , people do advise to wear stockings , but make sure they are not too tightly fitted to your legs .
f] Massage your legs often with herbal or sesame seed oil . The massage should be towards the heart , so start from the ankles and then go upward towards to heart to let the blood flow up .

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Take it or Not To Take it !!!

8 Facts on "The Sweet Poison" Aspartame

Suddenly in the late 20 st century a new craze was all over the health industry especially starting in America and then all over the world. Sugar free stuff , sugar free gum , Nutria sweetener and the big brands of Diet Soda's .Health conscious crowd, diabetic ,obese ,even teenagers all were attracted by this so called artificial sweetener .And then during the same time started a moment , involving many dietitians , physicians, neurologist and lot many experts who dealt with cases resulting in so called this artificial sweetener intoxication .The Federal Drug and Food and Administration from many countries have ruled out any wrong findings about this chemical , but still notes , circulation , medical off record advice , naturopath, Chinese doctors , Vaidya advice would always be in the favor of not having this so call artificial sweetener commonly known as " ASPARTAME".

1] Aspartame {APM} chemical name aspartyl-phenylalanine1-methyl ester; that is , a methyl ester of the dipeptide of the amino acid aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Discovered in 1965 By James M .Schlatter working for G.D.Seale Company on his project for production of an anti ulcer drugs.

2] Aspartame calorie count is 4 Kilo calories per gram. Do not worry guys it is the amount used in our drinks and gum's and other areas is too small to make it to a gram a day ... so be free.

3] This is the data that might support your cause. According to the FDA a 75 Kilogram { 165lb}adult , it takes 21 cans of diet soda to consume the 3,750mg of aspartame that would surpass the FDA standard of 50 mg/kg DI of aspartame . Can you guys beat this record

4] Since its inclusion as a food product many controversies have been clouding this sweetener making its life sour .The last one to be resolved was in 2007 when again the American FDA declared it to be safe to use for general public .Up till now its only the British Monarchy { how honest} have spoken against it disadvantages ..

5] There are many so called toxic symptoms ranging from hives, migraines ,numbness , seizures food craving and the list goes on and on for pages . Many scientist have been connecting the toxic nature of this drug with Multiple sclerosis , Cancer and many more .

5] Preliminary study by scientist have found that taking such sweeteners have made weight control harder in Rats. But after all its just in it early stages and its on rats not on human .

6] Many sites on the net have given different ways to detoxify from this chemical hazard from juice fasting , liver cleanse too coffee enemas. and having specific supplements { ohh did you know some supplements like Vitamin C may contain a small amount of Aspartame too} and few Homeopathic medication.

7] On the last note Yes we can take according to different governing body in the world aspartame in small amount , but have any one studied any long term usage of this drugs in our body . In my own practice for around 5 yrs I had meet people who used to take 7 to 10 cans of Diet Soda a day going on for 3 yrs daily .. what about that type of toxicity .

8] Just as this post was about to go online , an editorial in today's New York Times confused me . The Congress might think to tax sugar loaded drinks , because of the risk of Obesity epidemic that is slowly taking in North America .The thing I do not understand is why did the FDA approve of such drinks in the first place and then why tax people for the mistakes they do .
But again as in the movie "Super Size Me" you need to choose , the FDA would approve any thing , but you choose if that's healthy or not healthy for you or not .

So the next time if you buy a diet soda or food item please keep in mind all the good and the bad things about it which is known-unknown.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

"Asana" Third Limb of Yoga

In my last two post on yoga we had dealt with Yama and Niyama the first two limbs of Astanga yoga .In today's post we will read more about the Third limb namely called as "Asana" .
Most of us know yoga or came to know yoga because of those crazy positions that you would see on books or in a class of yoga .The desire to be that flexible attracts many to such classes .Those crazy positions are called as "Asana" . It some times look like a gym class rather than yoga class, but still lot of difference that you can actually think when doing those positions. "Asana" are defined as a posture where you are comfortable in. So if you are standing you should be in comfort and not having any pain or ache .If you are sitting you should be comfortable .To perfect the comfort zone of a particular position remains the goal of many yoga followers .It some times takes minutes to perfect it or some times years to make it perfect and comfortable .

For me "Asana" is not just positions to be comfortable in , but they are paths where I can stay in to the present easily .When I do them , I feel that I am in the moment ,other wise the position does not remains comfortable any more .Is that what you need to achieve ,I do not know , but I am sure that would be goal of those positions .Looking at some postures you would feel uncomfortable , but if you are relaxed and calm you again achieve the posture very easily .

So what is any "Asana" useful for ? We could think of many advantages here are few , some postures are known to work on a particular group of muscles and area like the Cobra pose or "Bhujangaasana " helps to reduce lower back issues . Some are to stimulate the Chakaras that are around that area of activity like Lion's breathe , breathe of fire or called " Signha asana " is known for its work on Throat chakara. Some would help to maintain balance hence forth decrease the constant flickering of the mind like Tree pose or " Vrikshaasna ". In general they are meant to give both physical and mental equilibrium ,steadiness , lightness and stability to the mind .

Names of the "Asana" can be categorized accordingly .After animal like" shalabaasana" or locust position , or "Matsyaasan" or fish position . After certain objects in nature like tree pose or "Vruskashasan" , "Padmasan" or lotus position . After moods of the time or the temperament of the position like warrior pose or "Veeraasan" . Looking into the dept philosophy of Yoga teaches us to accept each and every organism in the food chain , look how they are and they function see the difficulty being in that way and respecting the value of them in the system .

Lastly a thought do arises why importance is given to "Asana" in yoga the most out of all the 8 limbs . " Mundakopnaishad " has explained to us properly on that question . It quotes that the " Self " cannot be attained by one with out the strength , nor though heedlessness , nor without aim . All of the above said factor are worked on when any one does "Asana" .You start attaining strength from them , you start having higher and higher goal and aims as you start practicing them .Thus the importance .

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Thanks to Lisa for the picture .

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