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Treating Swine Flu with help of Ayruveda .

After my first post on Swine flu , I was emailed by Greg Nemer from Mexico .It was because of him I have decided to write on this topic again . So Greg I am dedicating this post for you and all your friends in Mexico .Being a slight procrastinator , I was not that scheduled in my postings but this morning news made me work my ass off for this post .The shocking news of this epidemic now Graded 5 by the World Health Organization is a simple warning to all of us . Grade 5 means WHO believes that this pandemic can spread not only in North America , but also all over the world . Better Gear up ...
The earlier post that I wrote about Swine flu pretty much dealt in a way how to prevent this flu from affecting us .But it seems like we are in need on knowing how to treat such cases of Swine Flu or called Influenza A(H1N1) .Ontario , Canada has been affected with some mild strain of this virus. A least possibility is predicated from my side to see such cases of this Influenza .But still my mind started wondering how to treat if a chance arrived . Would the ancient science of living have any answers in such massive epidemics .Well my research led me for some simple solutions which might be handy for all of us to work .

In my last post I had emphasized the benefit of Ginger and Garlic for prevention .Luckily both can be used to fight against this virus and its symptoms and treat the issues .Both are also easily available and had been in our daily cooking every day .Ginger tea would be the drink of choice for such individuals atleast 2 or 3 cups a day . Ginger tea reference in my older post .

The third kitchen stuff that you can use to treat such viral out break are Onions .Simply have some cut onions with honey before going to bed and yes you would find after few days your symptoms decreasing .Onions have been in know to work on such viral infection sinces time old.

Do you remember the old recipe for warm chicken soup that whenever you would get sick your mom or granny use to make for you even that would be good for your health in fighting this condition . Just make sure that when you make that soup , make it with dark meat , some ginger, some garlic and some onions to go by and yes that yummy soup would make your body fight that swine flu virus .

Lastly here is one of those grandma recipe to cure cold, cough and flu . I am sure it would be simply gr8 in such crazy viral epidemic too .

Anti Viral Decotion :

1] Dry ginger powder: half tsp
2] Dry black pepper : half tsp
3] Cinnamon sticks: 1 or 2
4] Licorice root powder: 1 tsp
5] Coriander seeds: 5 -10
6] Water: 8 glasses at least

How to make the tea { decotion}:
Mix all the components together and boil it slowly on low flame . Boil the combination till you have only 1 glass of water . So you have achieved all the important components from all the herbs that you have added . Drink half a glass of that decotion before breakfast and half glass before dinner .Do take it till you are not back in form .

The above article is a creation of what i would have done if i treat a case of Influenza A {H1N1} infection .Again its always advisable to make sure your family physician would be the first choice to visit about any symptoms regarding Swine flu .All the above are to facilitate your recovery with the normal course of action from the medical fraternity .

It's {the internet} like the flu -it just spread like crazy
-Jack Welch

Post by Sudeep

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6 comments: on "Treating Swine Flu with help of Ayruveda ."

MJ Doyle said...

Thanks, this is great information to have on hand. Having even the regular old flu can sometimes be scary!

Greg said...

That's great information in addition to your previous article on the swine flu.
I'm taking note of the Anti Viral Decotion also.

Thanks for responding to my request. I'll be linking to this article on my website.

Steve Crenshaw said...

My family has become more and more aware of the swine flue since it has hit here in Florida. I saw the tracking map on google the other night and was amazed at the spread this far. My wife is a nurse in an outpatient clinic so she is adding it to her list. She upped her vitamins and water intake and we just cross our fingers that no one comes into the clinic with this flu.

Anonymous said...

These are great and effective remedies! Ginger tea is excellent to lower high fever and to sweat out toxins. Onions and garlic are great for the immune system too. Best of all, they are natural and good for the body.

Your granny's recipe makes complete sense, and I will keep it mind for future reference. Thank you!

Salwa said...

Great information. I will keep note of these remedies.Thanks a lot for sharing this.

Coolwired said...

Hi Sudeep,
Thanks for this timely information.
If I may say, please add the importance of frequent hand-washing, & sneezing into your sleeve(covering mouth).Bacteria spread so easily!
Also, staying at home, drinking plenty of water, & getting a lot of bed rest, are important.
Regards, Coolwired.

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