Monday, May 11, 2009

Tax Credit to be and remain Healthy

American President Obama 's one of the eight principles on health is " invest in prevention and wellness " . A goal that has been carried by both the Democrats and the Republican , but never been reached that easily . Yesterday's New York Times carried an article saying that Congress is trying to work on a bill which would give health Incentives for developing healthy Habits. I guess so that took me for a shock .It seems like the country with highest rate of Obese individuals are now trying at least work on some of the issues right from the hearts of the Government . Wohhh that should be a gr8 mother's day gift for many .
The whole idea is to provide tax credit or other subsides to employers who offer wellness programs to their employees and promote healthy behavior among employees.So if an employer provides periodic health screening , counseling to help their employees adopt healthy lifestyle , decided to stop smoking , reduce weight such practices would give tax credit for them .It a more easier terms if you wanted to stop smoking or lose weight and decided to do some thing about it and your employer provides some gym membership or yoga class , the employers would receive it as a tax credit . Up till now if your employer gave you such facilities it was always taxable on your part .You could save on that if this bill got passed .
Now one debates that would arise which I also think so its fair is what happens if I am healthy , and my employers choose not to give me Gym membership because , being healthy you do no deserve it ?This debate has still not been solved by this bill so far or at least not clear .
So what do you think ? Do you think at this moment being an healthy person , you would prefer your employer to provide some benefits to those other colleagues who are having issues than yourself or do you thing this bill is not making a fair argument .Is any other country that you know that would provide all those health benefit .I know after watching the movie " Sicko" France has some pretty gr8 Health Program for its citizen .
Let me know .

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