Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review of "e-swastya" for the last 31 days .

Hello Friends and Blogger's , its been over one month today since I have started the blog after the 31 day challenge of Darren Rowse . The goal that I kept in front when starting this blog was pretty clear . Alternate day post on health , lifestyle , diet, yoga and any thing to do with educating and creating awareness of the Science of Living namely called as "Ayurveda".

Today I am thankful after 31 or more days of doing it seriously , it seems that this blog has done well .Thanks for all you for helping me out by either reading this blog or commenting on some post , or even suggesting some post . Some of my post also received some re- tweet and diggs which was really nice of you all .

Popular topics of the Month :

Swine flu not all dictated the North American hemisphere , but also had a crazy impact on blogger . I felt very lucky when Greg Nemer asked me to write about the approach of Ayurveda in dealing this issue . To its full extent this article received the maximum clicks in this whole month .
Two more of my articles really rocked and I suppose were loved by all of you with comments and hits too . One was "Tips on successful marriage and relationship " and the other one was on
" Nothing is a waste " on Dandelions .Thansk and I hope to write more on such topics in future .

The blog was devoted to write on yoga every Monday since it started , but unluckily not that many clicks were received on those topic other than " 6 things to do before going to yoga" . Little bit sad , as I was expecting over warming response on yoga too .That's OK .. I will try to be better.

Readership :

My readers came from either twitter , or on some signature that I left on different blogs . Some days when busy at work , it was impossible for me to actually visit new blogs and thus those days saw less readers . Google search engine too played a good role recently especially again the above topics were searched by at least 5 to 9 visitors . Even with this success I need to confess that I could not hold my subscribers for long for sure . Do not know why they leave , but yes there are days when I would have large subscribers number and suddenly it falls down . But still I am content in what I have now but still try to reach more and more individuals.

My down falls :

1] Losing subscirbers often has been major one recently .
2] Poor English Grammer { many have commented on it}
3] For me and myself not at all happy with the lay out . Seems too much basic to me . Need to change that .
4] Not enough time during busy working days to actually work on my blog .

Things to do for this month :

1] Christiaan Hillen would probably write an Guest post on my blog probably this month.Really looking forward for that post .I bet you that you would love that post .

2] Since the start of the blog, Karen Marzo had asked me to write about one topic on her blog as a guest post . Need to work on that and hope to complete it this month .Once again another gr8 topic to cherished for sure .

3] I would finish this month all the limbs of yoga and may try to write some thing else . Any suggestion on what topics that you need me to cover on yoga .

4] How can I forget to make new friends and reach more and more peoples , which would be on my agenda all the time .

An Request :

Please if you like what I am writing in this blog , feel free to share with your friends and ohhh also me . Any topic that you wanted me to cover and wanted to know about Ayurveda do email me or write to me any time .Would love hearing from you regarding any specific topic that you would have in mind .
If any one wants a Guest post on their and like wise on mine , please feel free to ask .You can reach me on my email or on twitter @vdsudeep .

That's all for now and this month !!

Happy blogging .

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