Saturday, May 30, 2009

Myth : Herbs Do not have side effects !!!

While walking through a health food store the biggest craze that you can see currently is Goji berries .Each one of those commenting how good the berries are and stuff . One of the pamphlet even said that no side effects and so did the lady who was trying to sell it . What triggered this article was her comment that they have no side effects .I am not against Goji berries and their use , well if they are healthy do take it for sure .But please make sure you have a clear picture of side effects and herbs and herbal formulation .
Apple the most healthy fruit what happens when you eat it on a day to day basis . According to the proverb it keeps the doctor away . That's good , but see the effect on different individuals. For some yes it really does keep the doctors away , but for few soon after 2 to 4 days of eating apple they start having loose diarrhea , cramps, stomach pain . No they are not allergic to apple , they have just been over eating them and thus the system could not handle them simple as that . But what does it proves . It proves that even a small fruit like apple would have different reactions for different individuals .

If a fruit as common as apple can have good and bad effects on humans , what happens with those herbs in Health food store.Many argue regarding any known research in Ayurveda or Herbal medicines. Unluckily both branches have extensive know how on this subject .To whom should be the herb prescribed , how much would be the dosage , what effects will it show , How long would be the effects last . How long should you give a herb for and lastly would it interact with any other herbs .Yes when an herb is prescribed to you the herbologist or the Vaidya would think more on the same terms as the western doctors do , rather a little more than that .Do you know that certain herbs can be showing great strength in certain geographic areas of the world . Certain herbs are more useful if used fresh , or if used dried .Though looks simple , but still its a huge study and analysis that goes when you are prescribed any herb .
Lastly the point is Side effect .If any mistake on all this criteria is made either by the Vaidya or herbologist , yes you are going to see some side effects for sure . If an apple is wrongly eaten , you see excessive diarrhea , then why not with any other herb .You are bound to see some wrong adverse effects to on individuals .
So the point that I am trying to make is please do not just buy herb with out knowing them properly . Because if you do and if you see any side effects you would blame the science . Unluckily many would like that because for them it is a form of witchcraft nothing else .

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Posted By Sudeep


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3 comments: on "Myth : Herbs Do not have side effects !!!"

Ralph said...

So how do you evaluate the benefits of fruits and herbs on an individual basis.

Sudeep Chitnis said...

@ Ralph ,
Thanks for asking this question . Ayuveda has huge long theory on deciding that . Some times in the blog I would try to explain this theory of Panchamahbhutta or five elements that govern the whole world and also the human body .
Look forward for it and would let you know when I write this ok .

crash zone said...

This is very new to me as I always thought that herbs would not have any side effects. Thanks for sharing this post

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