Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's day : My thoughts

Happy Mother's Day !!!! That's not just for my mom , but to all the mother's around the world who are celebrating . Keeping the tradition alive started by Ann Jarvis in 1912. I decided to look out for an appropriate gift for my Mom.Being a blogger I should tell you I searched a lot even online .But I was simply not satisfied with what gift could have been appropriate .Do you know why ... here are few of the reasons .Let me know if am right or not ...

I know how it hard it would have been for you when I was in your belly and restricted lot of your activities .I am sure because of me you even had bad days of nausea , vomiting and who can forget that crazy labor pains which told you that "I" am coming mom .You faced all that just for me .I know that mom .Can a greeting card say thanks for all you did .

You woke with me , you slept with me and had a crazy routine managing jobs and me .Some times you just slept for 2 hrs .Just because I was in pain when my teeth were coming . But still you gladly enjoyed those days . How hard would have been on you doing all this .Can a small rose say thanks for it Mom ?

We both cried on my first day of school , till that day you were my world,Mom .. and suddenly you pushed me to meet others and enjoy them with out you . I know being angry on that day ,but looking back I guess it was my mistake to be angry .Can a Bunch of flowers with a nice note on top say Thanks to you Mom ?

You were with me with me on good days of my school life and bad days of my school life. Remember getting Grade "A" in my hardest subject Mathematics, how happy were we that day and remember those days how I embarrassed you in front of all simply because I was full of myself . You were mad at me , but I was forgiven even then.Mom that was not easy , I can tell you Now !! How did you do that ? Can a nice warm breakfast say thanks for all you did Mom?

You were nervous and worried ,when I moved to University . And then you cried when I graduated when I was laughing with joy for my success .How can I forget that .Can a nice Dinner say thanks to you Mom ?

You cried on my marriage day again , and I knew well this were tears of joy again .And then slowly you went quiet apart from me as my wife became my world .You never said any thing , nor did I say .Mom but still you know that and I know that we both love each other .Even if I bring diamonds for you on this Mother's day those would be still nothing in compared to what you have given me Mom .
Then why should I celebrate this Mother's day .Cannot I enjoy every day to be a day when its Mother's day .Each second that I spend with you , can this be a memorable for both of us .
Friends did you knew even Anna Jarvis opposed her own creation of celebrating mother's day later in her life .Then why should I ...
Can any one help me in justifying if I choose in having a gr8 moments with my Mom

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.
~William Makepeace Thackeray

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3 comments: on "Mother's day : My thoughts"

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Lovely - you are a blessed man. Peace for all

Karen Marzo said...

What a lovely tribute! Thank you for sharing with us!

PeacefulWmn9 said...

What a beautiful tribute to moms every where. Thank you for sharing it.


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