Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cooking time : Scary Facts!

Just few days ago I was reading this gr8 book called "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan. This interesting small detail completely took be aback.

"Did you know the average time that an American takes to cook his meals of the day is around 27 min for preparing food and 4 min cleaning in the year 1995.While some 30 yrs ago it was 44 min for preparing of food and 21 min of cleaning ."

Well what is that takes you aghast when you read this few lines . Are we eating so unhealthy , junk , fast food or just we eat a lot outside or cooked meals or frozen meals .The best chef's of the world would agree that what really appeals to a human brain with regards to food is the smell of the food then the actual taste . So even cooking so little time do we get that charm or necessary flavor from the food , or we just eat to go on moving and forget the health part .
Coming from India were every meal at least takes 2 to 3 hrs of cooking time , forget the actual planing time for the meal ,even I was surprised when I saw how food is cooked and eaten here .Quick microwave , cold cut sandwich or BBQ which hardly takes time .Are we doing justice to our own body .
The author of book properly quotes "we are a nation where we are over feed , but under nourished " Interesting ha an ...
Do you agree on it ... What do you think that really matters just the food eaten or how it is cook .
Think and do let me know .The ball is in your court now .. Speak !!


Posted By Sudeep
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6 comments: on "Cooking time : Scary Facts!"

MJ Doyle said...

I love your blog (am going to subscribe today) because you have such an interesting take on plants and foods.

I recently went "raw vegan" because I had so many health issues I was desperate to feel better. It now takes me a long time to prepare my meals (30 minutes is long to me!) but it is worth the wait.

When my husband cooks food the smell is very tempting because it immediatly gets my taste buds going. So, I understand what you are saying about the smell of food. There seems to be a direct correlation between preparation time and the health of the meal.

When I'm tempted by alluring kitchen smells I remind myself that I've never felt better since I started eating this way. I plan to write about my "transformation" on my blog soon.

Thanks for the tips!

Gina said...

Another great and thought provoking post! This really is a huge problem in our culture....seems like everything is more important than being with the process of enjoying many seem to chase after some elusive goal and never being with what is right in front of them.
Mahalo for bringing this to light!
Aloha~ Gina
PS going right now to rt this on twitter @starlightlife

Karen Marzo said...

Great blog. I'm looking at food differently! You are an inspiration to all of us!

Unknown said...

Really needed post to new generation now. They are very careless on what they are eating... All junk foods pizaa,sandwhich... The food we intake should contain roti,vegetables,rice and dal.

Especially i tell parents are working and so they pay money to children so they purchase what they like and eat all unhealthy food.
i feel every parent should be aware what their children are reading.

hindibolo said...

I really appreciate your posts, I'm glad I found you on twitter... I am Italian and we actually dedicate a longer time to preparing food. We still don't like microwaves much and are not able to live only on sandwiches, anyway our lifestyle has changed a lot and the way we cook food is changing as well... Certainly women no longer have the time to spend the whole day in the kitchen and many people live alone, our society forced us to change our eating habits... what to do?

Jason Sandeman said...

Okay, this comment is really really late, but I felt it perdant to let you know this post is spot on. We really need to get back to the kitchen, back to basics, and leave the crap behind. I think we will solve a lot of the sickness in the world this way.

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