Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breakfast : A thought

Couple of days ago I tweeted for some topics for me to blog on ,Christiaan Hillen replied back asking for some word on Breakfast . Thanks a lot for this suggestion Christiaan !! Here is what Ayurveda can say about breakfast .
The word Break-fast in itself explains you what does it means .Breaking the long fast .We had eaten the night before , and now lets eat and break the whole fast .It would be exactly around 8 to 10 hrs of break for many people having their breakfast and thus always presumed as the must meal of the day .{I will explain further why i said presumed }. Right from the period of Stone age I am sure humans would have followed this pattern .They would follow the sun and thus would eat when the sun set in the night time , and would have broken the fast with some thing in the early morning .
But we know all this benefits , I am not going to write how breakfast is important .But I want some answers and then you decide if Breakfast should be important for you or not .Yes just you , not any one else that you know or care for Please ?

Q1] Are you Hungry when you eat your breakfast ?
Q2] Has the food from night before digested ?
Q3] If not hungry , do you eat breakfast just because you know its breakfast time and you do it?
Q4] Any thoughts what would happen to yourself ,if you eat when you are not hungry ?

Yes give a thought are you really hungry when you eat your breakfast . Children are more sensitive some times , they know their body clock .They just question the moms that they are not hungry and then why should they eat .I just feel their pain when even if not hungry their mom's force them to eat it .That is common this days most of the house hold yes even I faced it too .
Why we are not hungry? Simple ,do we follow the sun as the old age people use to follow .Tell me how many of you eat at sunset . I am sure many of use are still working by that time. Lot of people would have their meals some were around 7.00 and some of them later as latter as 8.00 or 9.00 pm.Then how can we be hungry if we ate so late .Think when we are on go , go , go yes we need to be hungry , but when we are asleep then we conserve energy so our digestion is slower than the normal day .Thus if we have eaten a latter dinner or even heavier meal we do not feel that hunger in the morning .
Does it explains why we go for this parties and we eat a lot the next day we do not have a breakfast but a big mid afternoon brunch .
Now do we go to Bowel moment every day in the morning .Another question to ponder especially when bowel moments are also gr8 signs for food from late night to be digested for many healthy individuals .Not going into that topic a lot , but would some times in some later post .
Is it good to eat this way at a set time , a must breakfast .According to Ayurveda , we should eat when we feel hungry and every person is different .Some people have really gr8 appetite , so yes they are hungry in the morning , but few even just eating few morsels in the night , they are not that hungry in the morning time . So just eat when you are hungry .
Lastly yes if not hungry and you are stuffing your breakfast what happens , it simple. You filled you car yesterday with Gas and drove very few miles . What would happen if you fill it again with gas today morning .No you cannot fill it up .Unluckily our body is not like the car , it would still accept the food that you gave in , but simply it cannot digest it .Yes that's were all the undigested food would be produced .You do not wanted this undigested food or toxins or called "Ama " in your body .
So friends its upto you to decide if you want Breakfast or no ? It's you to decide if you are hungry or not ? Its you to decide if the food is digested properly and yes the your body needs more food or not ? Then decide to eat may be breakfast or lunch or dinner same rule applies for every meal.
Think and then eat

"Eat Breakfast like a king , lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper"
-Adelle Davis

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6 comments: on "Breakfast : A thought"

Karen Marzo said...

I love the gas in the car comparison... something we can all "sink our teeth" into. Sorry for the pun.
Great article. Thanks for the insight!

Unknown said...

Hi Great one.....I will keep in my mind :)

Susan said...

Good post! I am usually very hungry in the morning so my breakfast is appropriate at the time. I agree with taking meals only when we feel hungry, too, but luckily it seems those moments occur at the same time I am supposed to be having a meal...

Steve Crenshaw said...

Wow, I just took a look at how I view breakfast. I always take an hour before I eat but I eat no matter what I feel like. I will gauge my body before eating breakfast. The part I took most to heart was about the kids. My kids never want to eat when food is ready but I make them. I knew I was training them to eat at certain time so I think i am going to let them decide when they are hungry not force them into a time.

Yoga said...

Well! This was very helpful to think in terms of good health. Your ayurvedic living is impressive.

Ching Ya said...

I am told breakfast is the most important meal of the day since little. Maybe that has already been a habit of mine to have a brief breakfast at least before starting my daily routine.

Break the long fast, well this is new for me! But makes perfect sense. I think we shall have reasonable amount of food, and not 'eat' more because you feel like it, or been told to swallow as much. When you're full, you're full. No 'gas' should be pumped anymore. Our body knows the limit, so we shall respect that.

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