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Book Review: " Why Dirt is Good " by Dr Mary Ruebush

Couple of days ago I was in Chapters when this book just pooped in front of my eyes .Wohhh can we make really Germs our friend . The intensity of the topic was so gr8 ,it made me buy and read the book immediately. I thought that it might be helpful to just give a glimpse of this book to you folks.

"Why Dirt is Good : 5 ways to make Germs your friend" written by Dr Mary Ruebush ,PhD is an associate Professor of Medical science at Washington ,Wyoming, Alaska , Montana, Idaho Rural Health Research center and Medical School.were she teaches Medical Genetics,Immunology and Microbiology.

The first few pages of the book are devoted to understand the whole functioning of our Immune system .Well folks gone through many crazy books, but I assure you this was the best and easiest way to explain immune system any person who does not have any medical background. Hats off to Dr. Mary !!! She then presents her important argument about why dirt is needed in our kids and our life and why we should not be too much of a hygienist . Her whole argument revolves around letting the germs know us and our body know them ,so that our body can build the necessary immune system.
She presents 5 pointers or Cardinal rules { what she say's}that can help us and our kid to increase our immune system .Here they are .....

1] Let them eat Dirt { Exposure pays off in long run}:

If your child plays in dirt ,let him do that That's how the child would be getting used to know the different germs present around. As the child plays he let the body build its defense and in the long run save himself from any infectious diseases .

2] Use it or lose it :

I am sure many of us know that appendix an vestigial organ in our body is currently functioning to its bare minimum because of its non use in our own body as Humans .So if an organ is not used for a long time the functioning of the organ decreases .The same rule applies with your immune system too. If we are taking too much care of our self and our kids like protecting them from dirt and not letting them play on play grounds or just giving even bottled water all the time .What basically we are doing is not letting the child's body build any immune system . Our Dr friends warns you here that if you do not use the immune system , you might lose it which is not at all good .So let them drink water some times from the tap , let them play a little bit in mud and sand. Let them enjoy ....

3] Don't Encourage Super Bugs: Avoid over use of Antibiotics:

Yes that's what a Medical doctor is saying to us .... we do have that tendency of asking for antibiotics even if our kid sneezes a little bit . Please do not . Most of the doctors do say that are been pushed to prescribe antibiotics and antihistamine by the parents , though not that necessary .
The author wants us to know that with help of antibiotics we are not helping our self and our immune system. Our immune system would be rather be weak if we go on taking antibiotics.Think on that .

4] Be Regular in giving Vaccination to your kids:

Vaccinations are some sort of antigens to our body in a way they build up to our immune system.Yes you might have the odd fever or bad day after them , but do not miss them that's what Dr Mary says .

5] Always Ask First ,Ask what mother Nature would have done?

That comes to me completely off guard especially from a Medical Doctor .Yes do ask what would Mother nature do for simple cures . The author guides you about different simple issues like cold, fever and aches and stuff .. do not just rush to your doctor and ask for antibiotics .. look what can be done at your home . A soothing Ginger tea or some spices from the kitchen rack that can sooth your health issue of your child would far more better than popping pills.
Well saves money and yes builds immunity ... do not you think.?

My thoughts do agree a lot with the author of this books .I have always wondered why the rate of kids and adults suffering from all sort of allergies are so high in the west than the east .Though the people in Asia and Africa live a very unhealthy life style and exposed to pollutant . { Slum dog millionaire seen that }. Makes complete sense now ..
What are your thoughts . Let us know
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