Friday, May 22, 2009

Ayurveda and Vegetarian : Myth or a Fact!!

Its very common for people to co-relate Ayurveda and vegetarian or vegan life style. Many blogs article,websites have been dedicated on this thought .They think that eating of fish , meat and other sea food is banned if you are on any ayurvedic medicines or following the way of living as advocated by Ayurveda. Let us have a close look at this myth or is it a fact?

In Ayurveda the whole concept of food revolves around following points , the climate belt where we stay , the food that is grown around us , our digestion and its capacity to digest , our activities physical and mental , lastly our occupation .These are the points commonly observed by any ayurvedic Vaidya or Doctor before suggesting to you any food that you can or cannot have .

So what would be the reasons for Ayurveda to suggest eating meat and fish . In the cold Arctic and Antarctic circle were for 9 months because of snow you hardly can get any fresh vegetables,meat remains the only option . Even in Canada and America fresh vegetables, fruits are scare in the months of winter . The only way to survive is Meat or eating fish . Same holds true in desert area , you do have some area of plantations , but still some days you have to accept eating meat .

Second important point that comes to picture is Occupation and food habits .We can devote complete post for that subject.But for now lets just say ,what if your occupation is of a cop or a soldier in command . Would you get that ferocity and that killing instinct by eating vegetables.The kind of food you eat has lot to do with the mental qualities of the person . Its only by eating meat , fish products that you get those nature to work in such occupation .

One of the greatest Ayurvedic physician " Charak " in his book called " Charak Sahmita " written at least 3000 years ago speaks about different animals meat and their properties . That includes goats , pigs, deer , duck , cow , buffalo and many more .The use of Crab meat to boost one's lungs , the use of liver of different animals for treating anemia and stuff . Even the use of blood of goat in conditions like Leukemia .The use of wild meat or hunted meat in tuberculosis has been common practice for both the natives of North America and Indian continent .

What more we need for this debate that yes meat eating is OK , but under certain conditions . Ayurveda had never advocated simple vegetarian food for every one . You decide that what is needed . Yes if you are combining Ayurveda and Yoga for your spiritual march to be ONE .Then yes we would say meat should be banned as its not required for those seekers . But for a normal individual who just wants to stay fit and healthy and live his normal life , Ayurveda would suggest to eat meat if his digestion is capable and all the other points that we discuss above .

Let me know as I am sure lots of question would be raised by many individuals here .

The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live. ~Confucius

Posted By Sudeep
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5 comments: on "Ayurveda and Vegetarian : Myth or a Fact!!"

Ruth Trowbridge said...

I am so glad you started blogging and of my fortune to have found you. This post was enlightening for reasons not obvious. I appreciate your candor. Having passed on all shellfish for 10 years now, I am concerned that the chemicals absorbed from ocean will do more harm than the nutritious element of the creature. What do you think about this? Peace for all

Ralph said...

Thanks so much. This is clarifying and makes so much sense.

Unknown said...

Good for all the veg and non-vegs.Keep on writing on such interesting things so that people can get knowledge regarding their eating habits.

Anonymous said...

Except the ones who believe in ayurvedic medicine are Hindu, and eating meat would depend a lot on your caste.

In other words, eating meat is NOT part of ANY ayurvedic medicine, NONE AT ALL.

Can you mix them? Yes. But dont pretend eating meat is part of an ayurvedic regime. That sounds much more like a Buddhist approach, where you take the middle road.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment
Do you want further references.. please check Charak Samhita Rajyaksma chapter for your answer ..I hope that would help you understand well..

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