Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you Healthy ? Try to find out Now !!

How would you know that you are Healthy on any given day . Body Mass Index{BMI} ,Waist Circumference would those two help us to tell us that we are Healthy . Are Blood work , X-Ray Medical examination help us knowing how Healthy are we? Can we not just look deep in to our self to describe that we are Healthy . And if we can how can we know that ...I am sure this questions would have bothered every human being some time in life time . "Ayurveda" The Science of Living has some some pointers in this aspect for us to know .Let us have a peek into those pointers which would Let us know that we are Healthy .

According to Ayurveda Health or Healthy status is called as "Swasthya" .Yes the same name for which the blog is dedicated to .In Sanskrit it means self state of Being . Its a state when we are in equilibrium with our own SELF , physically and mentally both .Its the state of being in Healthy.

" Every Human Being is the Author of his own health or disease"

Here are few pointers of Being Healthy :
1] Feeling Light and Healthy .
2] Good appetite
3] Great and excellent working Excretory functions .
4] Healthy and Coordinated Sense organs
5] Good state of our own mind.

1] Feeling Lightness :
Its a state which you can enjoy only and only when you are healthy .Do you get up in the morning and feel fresh and active .Or are you just tired and having pain here and their. Many people have done juice fast and different detox .. the feel that you get from them is the same feeling of lightness I am talking about .
Absence of any symptoms worth bothering you would also a part of this state of lightness. Imagine you are worried about some thing .Worry ,fear,anger would make you stressed and in a way tighten your muscles . How can you be healthy if you muscles are tight and sore .
So feel try to feel Lighted .

2] Good appetite :

Are you hungry when you eat your food .Is it a real or just a false hunger because you have seen some food around that you like .In my other post on Breakfast , We had discussed about this issue .If you do have some issues the first symptom that you can notice is abnormal appetite.Either you eat too much or eat too little or appetite is completely lost or decreased .Is your Hunger healthy .Do you eat to keep yourself healthy or do you eat because it is time to eat .

3] Waste system :
So when you eat .. do you also empty your system or not .Is it regular or not or do you need a book or newspaper to read when you go for washrooms.
An healthy bowel moment is one which you have right in the morning the first thing with out any coffee or tea or any force .You should feel light after actually having it and after half to one hour be hungry for your breakfast .Do you have such bowel moments .
What about your urine out put .Is it a healthy output , no excess smell or foam ....
What about Menstrual cycles in women? Are they regular or not ... Any signs of clots or excessive or reduced bleeding is a sign of abnormality in your body .Remember your digestion would affect your menstrual cycle very easily ...
Lastly how can you forget sweat .Do you perspire lot ? No sweating is common but does it stain your clothes with yellow marks .. that is not healthy.

4] Healthy and Co-ordinate Sense Organs :
So are your sense organs coordinated .What is that ? OK let me point you this way . Do you read a book with no trouble in eyes .Do you like to hear too loud music .. Are you sure now you cannot hear too light music at all .Do you think so your taste buds can detect different taste well .No blind folded not all accurate , but can you just differentiate different tastes or no .
If they all are fine then you are one more step towards being Healthy .

5] Good and Happy state of Mind :
Again when you wake up in the morning are you fresh and active both physically and mentally .Are you a person who is Happy Go lucky .If not even being constantly worried stress is not an indicator of health .You all know how that can cause different issues in the longer run .But yes .. We must keep our Mind in a enjoyable state or state of constant happiness .Worries , failures are common but the real heroes are those who go through them with a happy face and a smile .

So now tell me and share with me what do you all think!! Are this pointers clear to make you understand your Health system or not .Any point missed or uncleared do write back.

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Posted by Sudeep

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Ralph said...

This is where we need more work. What really constitues health? How do you know if you are healthy?

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