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8 Questions on Variocse Veins

Have you noticed a particular part of the ankle or leg of your aunt or grandmother having this cluster of veins, they are called as Varicose veins .Ohh they are very common and of no practical danger unless some serious complication occurs .I have known this in my practice that many people would have some misconception about them . Patients do ask how they can prevent them from having such ugly structures .Many would ask how to deal with them .For some it hurts some days , for others it just looks ugly nothing else .
Lets discuss about few questions regarding this veins , their treatment , lifestyle changes that can help to with prevent them or work towards healing them .

Q1} What are Varicose Veins?

Varicose comes from the Latin word varix for "twisted". Normally they are either single prominently on the leg or in cluster , back of your thigh or leg or any were in the body more looking like a bludge in that area .See every vein has its job to let the blood flow towards the heart and not behind. So for this procedure they have small valves like structure or leaflets which would let the blood to flow only forward not backward or towards gravity.Due to many causative factor these leaflets would not function properly creating the blood to flow backward and that would create Varicose veins . Thus we normally find this issues of varicose veins more were the blood flows oppsite the gravity , as it is the hardest area like the leg .

Q2} What are the causative factors?

As said before Varicose Veins has to be caused only when the valves inside our veins collapse so the chief reasons for such things happening are following:
a] Standing for a long time ,or walking a lot ,or jogging a lot.
b] Those people who drive a lot especially standard vechile were both the legs are constantly are in action the whole time they are driving .
c] We are not leaving those people who sit a lot with legs left alone down , they are also on risk
d] Obese individuals are at a huge risk
e] Pregnacy , many womens have noticed varicosity espeically when they are pregnant and after delivery they are fine , But later in the old ages it comes back .

Q3} Any other places than leg were you can find this varicose veins?

Nomrally the lower part of the body any were you can find varicose veins , but you can also find them in any part of the body .Such as
On stomach { liver issues }
On Scrotum{ varicocle}
On Penis
On face or upper chest too .
Lastly even Hemorroids or piles are also one type of Varicose veins .

Q 4} Symptoms of varicose veins:

a] Itching of that area
b] Discolouration of that area some times
c] Spider like web formation or supervical veins forming a bulge or a structure
d] Varicose ulcers ..

Q5} What are ways to treat them?

Normally even experts would advice them to be as they are as they really of not any issue .Even I would say that same thing and let u do some preventative life style adjustment .But if those veins are seriously bothering you with pain or ulcer formation here are the few things you can think of doing
A] Surgery : Differant surgeries have been worked on for this condition . Normally they would remove the vein or straghten it up and fix the twist .Chances of the condition happening is very common .
B] Scelrotheraphy : Used in smaller veins an injection which can close the veins is given to the patient .
These are just the few to name .

Q6} Can herbal medicine cure them ?

Studies and work of many herblogist , Vaidyas , Shamans have shown that many herbs can help with varicose veins and its complication . What can be worked on is treating the condition from not getting worst than what it is, or even descreasing it . But complete vanishing of the varicose veins have never been an assured aspcet of herbal medicine .
This are few herbs that can be used for Varicose Veins :

a] Gota Kolu { Centella Asiatica}: A common Ayurvedic herb , used lot in India for many other conditions , but have shown results even in varicose veins. Pills of this herbs can be avalibale in the market . Your Vaidya's or herbologist would help in the dosage of those .

b] Ginko { Ginkgo biloba}: While in the Chinsese Medicine Ginko another herb that can work in cases of varicose veins .But a warning you need to take this herb only under expert advise as have many side effects .
c] Horse Chest Nut { Aesculus Hippocastanum}: In the American plateue Horse chest Nut is an herb commonly used for such condition .

As I finish this line editing a qucik thought occur to me , is'nt it surprising that all the above herb that work on varicose veins are also been used to boost the brain, increase memoray , vitalise you .

d] Violet{ Viola }:
Yes violet , James A.Duke in his book mentions of using violet flowers to treat Varicose in his book . Try it again under expert guidance only.

Q7} Any yogic position to help this condition ?

This has been question that few patients had asked me , which made me to write this answer .
" Taadasan": Please whenever you stand make sure you stand on both legs equally balanced please anywere.This asaana would be helpful for those people for sure .
Any position were your legs are relaxed would help varicose veins , like "pawan mukatasan" , should stand .
Effects of pranayam are well known for increasing blood circulation so in a way even this would help a person.And last " shavaasan " done regularly is a boom for such clients .

Q8} Any life style changes that can be done ?

Yes many rahter they are the main ways to help your varicose veins to not worsen up , or even protect from having any complication.
a] Make sure whenever you stand , you stand on both your feet,yes you do we know , but balance your body weight on both the feet equally .
b] Keep your legs ellivated , when sleeping use pillow to ellivate it , when in a sitting postion , use a foot rest and rest you legs .
c] If you drive a lot , make sure you take some breaks and relax your legs . Pranyam , a quick shavaasan really would make a differance .
d] Try not to work hard on your legs when in Gym.
e] Try not to use too tight clothes , people do advise to wear stockings , but make sure they are not too tightly fitted to your legs .
f] Massage your legs often with herbal or sesame seed oil . The massage should be towards the heart , so start from the ankles and then go upward towards to heart to let the blood flow up .

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