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Review of "e-swastya" for the last 31 days .

Hello Friends and Blogger's , its been over one month today since I have started the blog after the 31 day challenge of Darren Rowse . The goal that I kept in front when starting this blog was pretty clear . Alternate day post on health , lifestyle , diet, yoga and any thing to do with educating and creating awareness of the Science of Living namely called as "Ayurveda".

Today I am thankful after 31 or more days of doing it seriously , it seems that this blog has done well .Thanks for all you for helping me out by either reading this blog or commenting on some post , or even suggesting some post . Some of my post also received some re- tweet and diggs which was really nice of you all .

Popular topics of the Month :

Swine flu not all dictated the North American hemisphere , but also had a crazy impact on blogger . I felt very lucky when Greg Nemer asked me to write about the approach of Ayurveda in dealing this issue . To its full extent this article received the maximum clicks in this whole month .
Two more of my articles really rocked and I suppose were loved by all of you with comments and hits too . One was "Tips on successful marriage and relationship " and the other one was on
" Nothing is a waste " on Dandelions .Thansk and I hope to write more on such topics in future .

The blog was devoted to write on yoga every Monday since it started , but unluckily not that many clicks were received on those topic other than " 6 things to do before going to yoga" . Little bit sad , as I was expecting over warming response on yoga too .That's OK .. I will try to be better.

Readership :

My readers came from either twitter , or on some signature that I left on different blogs . Some days when busy at work , it was impossible for me to actually visit new blogs and thus those days saw less readers . Google search engine too played a good role recently especially again the above topics were searched by at least 5 to 9 visitors . Even with this success I need to confess that I could not hold my subscribers for long for sure . Do not know why they leave , but yes there are days when I would have large subscribers number and suddenly it falls down . But still I am content in what I have now but still try to reach more and more individuals.

My down falls :

1] Losing subscirbers often has been major one recently .
2] Poor English Grammer { many have commented on it}
3] For me and myself not at all happy with the lay out . Seems too much basic to me . Need to change that .
4] Not enough time during busy working days to actually work on my blog .

Things to do for this month :

1] Christiaan Hillen would probably write an Guest post on my blog probably this month.Really looking forward for that post .I bet you that you would love that post .

2] Since the start of the blog, Karen Marzo had asked me to write about one topic on her blog as a guest post . Need to work on that and hope to complete it this month .Once again another gr8 topic to cherished for sure .

3] I would finish this month all the limbs of yoga and may try to write some thing else . Any suggestion on what topics that you need me to cover on yoga .

4] How can I forget to make new friends and reach more and more peoples , which would be on my agenda all the time .

An Request :

Please if you like what I am writing in this blog , feel free to share with your friends and ohhh also me . Any topic that you wanted me to cover and wanted to know about Ayurveda do email me or write to me any time .Would love hearing from you regarding any specific topic that you would have in mind .
If any one wants a Guest post on their and like wise on mine , please feel free to ask .You can reach me on my email or on twitter @vdsudeep .

That's all for now and this month !!

Happy blogging .


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Myth : Herbs Do not have side effects !!!

While walking through a health food store the biggest craze that you can see currently is Goji berries .Each one of those commenting how good the berries are and stuff . One of the pamphlet even said that no side effects and so did the lady who was trying to sell it . What triggered this article was her comment that they have no side effects .I am not against Goji berries and their use , well if they are healthy do take it for sure .But please make sure you have a clear picture of side effects and herbs and herbal formulation .
Apple the most healthy fruit what happens when you eat it on a day to day basis . According to the proverb it keeps the doctor away . That's good , but see the effect on different individuals. For some yes it really does keep the doctors away , but for few soon after 2 to 4 days of eating apple they start having loose diarrhea , cramps, stomach pain . No they are not allergic to apple , they have just been over eating them and thus the system could not handle them simple as that . But what does it proves . It proves that even a small fruit like apple would have different reactions for different individuals .

If a fruit as common as apple can have good and bad effects on humans , what happens with those herbs in Health food store.Many argue regarding any known research in Ayurveda or Herbal medicines. Unluckily both branches have extensive know how on this subject .To whom should be the herb prescribed , how much would be the dosage , what effects will it show , How long would be the effects last . How long should you give a herb for and lastly would it interact with any other herbs .Yes when an herb is prescribed to you the herbologist or the Vaidya would think more on the same terms as the western doctors do , rather a little more than that .Do you know that certain herbs can be showing great strength in certain geographic areas of the world . Certain herbs are more useful if used fresh , or if used dried .Though looks simple , but still its a huge study and analysis that goes when you are prescribed any herb .
Lastly the point is Side effect .If any mistake on all this criteria is made either by the Vaidya or herbologist , yes you are going to see some side effects for sure . If an apple is wrongly eaten , you see excessive diarrhea , then why not with any other herb .You are bound to see some wrong adverse effects to on individuals .
So the point that I am trying to make is please do not just buy herb with out knowing them properly . Because if you do and if you see any side effects you would blame the science . Unluckily many would like that because for them it is a form of witchcraft nothing else .

If you like this article please either re tweet it or digg it or even reddit .If you have similar or difference of opinion , comments are welcome always .
Looking forward to hear .

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Review: " Why Dirt is Good " by Dr Mary Ruebush

Couple of days ago I was in Chapters when this book just pooped in front of my eyes .Wohhh can we make really Germs our friend . The intensity of the topic was so gr8 ,it made me buy and read the book immediately. I thought that it might be helpful to just give a glimpse of this book to you folks.

"Why Dirt is Good : 5 ways to make Germs your friend" written by Dr Mary Ruebush ,PhD is an associate Professor of Medical science at Washington ,Wyoming, Alaska , Montana, Idaho Rural Health Research center and Medical School.were she teaches Medical Genetics,Immunology and Microbiology.

The first few pages of the book are devoted to understand the whole functioning of our Immune system .Well folks gone through many crazy books, but I assure you this was the best and easiest way to explain immune system any person who does not have any medical background. Hats off to Dr. Mary !!! She then presents her important argument about why dirt is needed in our kids and our life and why we should not be too much of a hygienist . Her whole argument revolves around letting the germs know us and our body know them ,so that our body can build the necessary immune system.
She presents 5 pointers or Cardinal rules { what she say's}that can help us and our kid to increase our immune system .Here they are .....

1] Let them eat Dirt { Exposure pays off in long run}:

If your child plays in dirt ,let him do that That's how the child would be getting used to know the different germs present around. As the child plays he let the body build its defense and in the long run save himself from any infectious diseases .

2] Use it or lose it :

I am sure many of us know that appendix an vestigial organ in our body is currently functioning to its bare minimum because of its non use in our own body as Humans .So if an organ is not used for a long time the functioning of the organ decreases .The same rule applies with your immune system too. If we are taking too much care of our self and our kids like protecting them from dirt and not letting them play on play grounds or just giving even bottled water all the time .What basically we are doing is not letting the child's body build any immune system . Our Dr friends warns you here that if you do not use the immune system , you might lose it which is not at all good .So let them drink water some times from the tap , let them play a little bit in mud and sand. Let them enjoy ....

3] Don't Encourage Super Bugs: Avoid over use of Antibiotics:

Yes that's what a Medical doctor is saying to us .... we do have that tendency of asking for antibiotics even if our kid sneezes a little bit . Please do not . Most of the doctors do say that are been pushed to prescribe antibiotics and antihistamine by the parents , though not that necessary .
The author wants us to know that with help of antibiotics we are not helping our self and our immune system. Our immune system would be rather be weak if we go on taking antibiotics.Think on that .

4] Be Regular in giving Vaccination to your kids:

Vaccinations are some sort of antigens to our body in a way they build up to our immune system.Yes you might have the odd fever or bad day after them , but do not miss them that's what Dr Mary says .

5] Always Ask First ,Ask what mother Nature would have done?

That comes to me completely off guard especially from a Medical Doctor .Yes do ask what would Mother nature do for simple cures . The author guides you about different simple issues like cold, fever and aches and stuff .. do not just rush to your doctor and ask for antibiotics .. look what can be done at your home . A soothing Ginger tea or some spices from the kitchen rack that can sooth your health issue of your child would far more better than popping pills.
Well saves money and yes builds immunity ... do not you think.?

My thoughts do agree a lot with the author of this books .I have always wondered why the rate of kids and adults suffering from all sort of allergies are so high in the west than the east .Though the people in Asia and Africa live a very unhealthy life style and exposed to pollutant . { Slum dog millionaire seen that }. Makes complete sense now ..
What are your thoughts . Let us know
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Become dust - and they will throw thee in the air; Become stone - and they will throw thee on glass. --Iqbal


Monday, May 25, 2009

Niyama: Second Limb of Yoga

Each Monday as I said before we would have some post on yoga .Last Monday we discussed about " Yama" the First Limb of Astanga Yoga .Today we would deal with the second limb of it namely called as " Niyama ". Both Yama and Niyama are recommended to be used at any stage of life and your pursuit for in search of being " One" .The results are always positive .

The word "Niyama" means Self discipline . Ethical discipline was dealt in the earlier part of Astanga yoga namely called as "Yama". Today's post would more guide you in how to discipline our self in our journey to learn and understand the principles of Yoga .

Niyama as in Yama are also divided in to 5 parts they are namely:

a] Saucha:
Saucha in its literal meaning means Cleanliness. Cleanliness of our body, our mind, our behavior. Cleanliness of body like having
shower , brushing teeth , and so on and so . Cleanliness of mind is kept with good reading habits listening good music and thoughts and avoidance of any impure thoughts .Anger , lust ,greed , competition are thoughts that we should avoid as they could be of harm to us in the long run .

Q Please ask a question to your self about all the thoughts that arises during your period of time in the yoga class . Are they pure or impure ..What can be done to it on it .

b] Santosha :
Santosha or Contentment . Its said that the mind which is not content cannot be controlled .So as a disciple of yoga we need to be content in ourselves. How many of us have been nagging about weather daily, our life, our boss . Be content in our life in what we have, in what work we do , in what money we earn . Try not to seek what is not meant for us .Wondered how many time in a day we do say to ourselves Ohh I wish I was rich , Ohh I wish I had more money!! Try to be happy in what you have got in your plate and not what you do not have .It will build your character as the old timers would say .

Q. So are you content in what you got ? Are you running for simple pleasures of life ? Check them out ,they might bring sorrow for you in the long run .

c] Tapas :{ Austerity}:
Tapas or Austerity is just the literal translation. The word “Tapa" meaning blaze, burning
, shine, suffer pain. An ore of gold has to undergo the intense heat to change itself to a shinny nice metal the gold . The actual heat , the flames would help the small rock to burn all its impurites to form that piece of shinning Gold.
Most of the world religion you would find this mention of physical and mental self strain , harm done to the body to seek Austerity or Tapas , in order to be One with the Universe. Even in yoga the same tapas has been used to gain benefits for ones cleanliness .Self denial has been a very literal translation of the word tapas .. but tapas is also self denial in moderation. It could be just of a small thing like say not drinking water for a day.. or even simple as that standing in one position or asana for 3 min .. Simple thing. But for many that 3 min can be like 3 years due to rigidity of the workout.

Q What self denial can you practice ? Can you be without your blackberry for one day ? That is a nice self denial...

d]Swadhya { study of self}:
Swadhya or study of self . Many times this word has been wrongly understood as reading ancient scriptures , religious books and stuff . Yes in one way you need to too but the meaning used by most of the great yogis is defiantly about knowing our self.
Try it some times some times in the night when you lying on the bed , think about how did you do today . See how you reacted to different happenings of the day . Study your own judgment, mistakes ,flaws .
The more you would do this , the more you would try to improve yourself in the long run. which results to a happy individual , happy family , happy society .So study SELF ...

Q.Try to study yourself for just 2 minutes . How are you reacting on different happenings in your life .Are you right or wrong ?

e] Ishwar Pranidhan{ Complete surrender to The Supreme Being }:
Have your experienced some times we just do not have clue to some of our problem and suddenly we are just at the mercy of the Supreme Being .Yes the same Supreme Being who some one called as God, or Jesus, or Allah . Try to surrender your self to that Supreme. Some do not like the idea of supreme being , OK at least you do surrender to some condition in your life. You are late to work due to cannot just go ransack or create havoc , we have restrain and surrender to the routine for a moment or two .. The part that is important is Surrender.. it is one thing that can help us work with our egos .. in future can work on to be with The One .

Q For moment in a day accept that we just are a small creation in this crazy world and we do have and do not have the power to rule the world .

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind. ~Patanjali, translated from Sanskrit

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Ayurveda and Vegetarian : Myth or a Fact!!

Its very common for people to co-relate Ayurveda and vegetarian or vegan life style. Many blogs article,websites have been dedicated on this thought .They think that eating of fish , meat and other sea food is banned if you are on any ayurvedic medicines or following the way of living as advocated by Ayurveda. Let us have a close look at this myth or is it a fact?

In Ayurveda the whole concept of food revolves around following points , the climate belt where we stay , the food that is grown around us , our digestion and its capacity to digest , our activities physical and mental , lastly our occupation .These are the points commonly observed by any ayurvedic Vaidya or Doctor before suggesting to you any food that you can or cannot have .

So what would be the reasons for Ayurveda to suggest eating meat and fish . In the cold Arctic and Antarctic circle were for 9 months because of snow you hardly can get any fresh vegetables,meat remains the only option . Even in Canada and America fresh vegetables, fruits are scare in the months of winter . The only way to survive is Meat or eating fish . Same holds true in desert area , you do have some area of plantations , but still some days you have to accept eating meat .

Second important point that comes to picture is Occupation and food habits .We can devote complete post for that subject.But for now lets just say ,what if your occupation is of a cop or a soldier in command . Would you get that ferocity and that killing instinct by eating vegetables.The kind of food you eat has lot to do with the mental qualities of the person . Its only by eating meat , fish products that you get those nature to work in such occupation .

One of the greatest Ayurvedic physician " Charak " in his book called " Charak Sahmita " written at least 3000 years ago speaks about different animals meat and their properties . That includes goats , pigs, deer , duck , cow , buffalo and many more .The use of Crab meat to boost one's lungs , the use of liver of different animals for treating anemia and stuff . Even the use of blood of goat in conditions like Leukemia .The use of wild meat or hunted meat in tuberculosis has been common practice for both the natives of North America and Indian continent .

What more we need for this debate that yes meat eating is OK , but under certain conditions . Ayurveda had never advocated simple vegetarian food for every one . You decide that what is needed . Yes if you are combining Ayurveda and Yoga for your spiritual march to be ONE .Then yes we would say meat should be banned as its not required for those seekers . But for a normal individual who just wants to stay fit and healthy and live his normal life , Ayurveda would suggest to eat meat if his digestion is capable and all the other points that we discuss above .

Let me know as I am sure lots of question would be raised by many individuals here .

The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live. ~Confucius

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Are you Healthy ? Try to find out Now !!

How would you know that you are Healthy on any given day . Body Mass Index{BMI} ,Waist Circumference would those two help us to tell us that we are Healthy . Are Blood work , X-Ray Medical examination help us knowing how Healthy are we? Can we not just look deep in to our self to describe that we are Healthy . And if we can how can we know that ...I am sure this questions would have bothered every human being some time in life time . "Ayurveda" The Science of Living has some some pointers in this aspect for us to know .Let us have a peek into those pointers which would Let us know that we are Healthy .

According to Ayurveda Health or Healthy status is called as "Swasthya" .Yes the same name for which the blog is dedicated to .In Sanskrit it means self state of Being . Its a state when we are in equilibrium with our own SELF , physically and mentally both .Its the state of being in Healthy.

" Every Human Being is the Author of his own health or disease"

Here are few pointers of Being Healthy :
1] Feeling Light and Healthy .
2] Good appetite
3] Great and excellent working Excretory functions .
4] Healthy and Coordinated Sense organs
5] Good state of our own mind.

1] Feeling Lightness :
Its a state which you can enjoy only and only when you are healthy .Do you get up in the morning and feel fresh and active .Or are you just tired and having pain here and their. Many people have done juice fast and different detox .. the feel that you get from them is the same feeling of lightness I am talking about .
Absence of any symptoms worth bothering you would also a part of this state of lightness. Imagine you are worried about some thing .Worry ,fear,anger would make you stressed and in a way tighten your muscles . How can you be healthy if you muscles are tight and sore .
So feel try to feel Lighted .

2] Good appetite :

Are you hungry when you eat your food .Is it a real or just a false hunger because you have seen some food around that you like .In my other post on Breakfast , We had discussed about this issue .If you do have some issues the first symptom that you can notice is abnormal appetite.Either you eat too much or eat too little or appetite is completely lost or decreased .Is your Hunger healthy .Do you eat to keep yourself healthy or do you eat because it is time to eat .

3] Waste system :
So when you eat .. do you also empty your system or not .Is it regular or not or do you need a book or newspaper to read when you go for washrooms.
An healthy bowel moment is one which you have right in the morning the first thing with out any coffee or tea or any force .You should feel light after actually having it and after half to one hour be hungry for your breakfast .Do you have such bowel moments .
What about your urine out put .Is it a healthy output , no excess smell or foam ....
What about Menstrual cycles in women? Are they regular or not ... Any signs of clots or excessive or reduced bleeding is a sign of abnormality in your body .Remember your digestion would affect your menstrual cycle very easily ...
Lastly how can you forget sweat .Do you perspire lot ? No sweating is common but does it stain your clothes with yellow marks .. that is not healthy.

4] Healthy and Co-ordinate Sense Organs :
So are your sense organs coordinated .What is that ? OK let me point you this way . Do you read a book with no trouble in eyes .Do you like to hear too loud music .. Are you sure now you cannot hear too light music at all .Do you think so your taste buds can detect different taste well .No blind folded not all accurate , but can you just differentiate different tastes or no .
If they all are fine then you are one more step towards being Healthy .

5] Good and Happy state of Mind :
Again when you wake up in the morning are you fresh and active both physically and mentally .Are you a person who is Happy Go lucky .If not even being constantly worried stress is not an indicator of health .You all know how that can cause different issues in the longer run .But yes .. We must keep our Mind in a enjoyable state or state of constant happiness .Worries , failures are common but the real heroes are those who go through them with a happy face and a smile .

So now tell me and share with me what do you all think!! Are this pointers clear to make you understand your Health system or not .Any point missed or uncleared do write back.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Yama: First Limb of Yoga

Yoga is currently getting a lot of popularity in the western world with a twist to its original concepts. Especially strange is the idea of doing yoga in the evening and then going for quick drinks at the local pub. But achievers do have their own goals when they pursue the ancient art of yoga . I wish that every Monday I would keep on this blog as a day for an article on Yoga .This series of articles that would be published would help reader's gain some insights what I think and may be some guest posts. There might be a some mistakes due to lack of understanding on the part of the author of this article and no fault whatsoever should be in regards to the original philosophy and its teacher who have taught the author.

The most ancient philosophy of yoga comes from the work of Patanjali from his text namely Patanjali Sutra. In this work some were around second or third chapter are the words which looks too simple but too hard to follow them called the Astanga Yoga { 8 limbs of yoga}
Note: Its not the class that is around your area namely Astanga yoga.{ just a name sake }
“Asta” means Eight ,”Anga” means parts of the body or limbs those eight limbs of yoga which are must for any follower of yoga to know , are of tremendous significance .We would try to shed some light on each one of those in our blog one at a time . .

Astanga Yoga :
The first of the limb of Astanga Yoga is called as "Yama". Here is the explanation of this limb

1] Yama :

Yama represents the first limb of yoga from the Astanga yoga . It literally means Ethical discipline. Every follower should have his own moral discipline to the society, his family member and lastly to himself. If this ethical discipline is vanished it would bring all the roots of evil which are governed by different emotions namely lust, greed, attachment, anger, desire ,creating a world of chaos. There are 5 different branches of this Yama

a] Ahimsa:
The word Ahimsa is made more famous due to the works of Tolstoy, Martin Luther King second, Mahatma Gandhi in their respective role they played in the world politics. Ahimsa literally means Non violence not only physically but also not even in our deepest thoughts. Some time we do think in rage of anger some thing bad about a person ,even that thought would be clasified as "Himsa" or violence . Ahimsa in due course brings in us another important quality that is abhaya meaning freedom from fear .

2] Satya: Being Truthful.
Being Truthful and not saying lies that is the second part of Yama . Swami Saraswati puts this in a very nice word. He Quotes " Satya is not merely abstinence from telling lies , but also the ability to see the truth, to be aware of the truth behind every thing .Telling one thing and doing another thing would be seen as not following the principles of "Satya" or Truth.

3] Asteya: {a=not, steya=stealing} Not to steal :
This is the third part of Yama which is also commonly known as honesty , to be honest .Asteya would be not of just material things but also of thoughts .. but why do we do it . Stealing can be from any way currently stealing ideas are more common in this white collar world .Well another example would ,i do bet how many have not use their office fax machine or telelphone to do personally things .Even this nature would be against the principles of Asteya .Thus try to follow Asteya in our life.

4] Brahmacharya:
Life of celibacy is the literal translation of this word. But while trying to write this blog came upon a great article by Swami Saraswati which refer Brahmacharya as Brahma means Divine consciousness and Charya means living . Together they mean is Living for Being with the Divine consciousness, or being one with the higher consciousness.
Celibacy especially which is seen in ascetic of India, monks of Tibet or any other religion never have advocated suppression of desire .Many people in the western society have always pointed it as suppression of desire or urges . Its the whole idea of channelizing the energy used for the desire in some thing fruitful which is to be one with the Divine Self.

5] Aparigraha:
Being the fifth Yama it means Non Possessiveness or absentee from greed. This is very similar to the above one Yama namely Asteya. Passiveness is seen in normal humans all the time .Human race is known to hold stuff this is my car, my girlfriend, my purse , my blog , my thoughts my philosophy .. What is this all my thing. This is the idea behind Aparigraha.. Avoid having this desire to hold stuff.
As Asteya brings destruction in one's happy life same is true with the Aparigraha.. if we do not have hold on stuff , we would be stress free environment.

Thus finishes all the section of the first part of the Astanga yoga .Next Monday I will try to bring the second part of this seris .Till then Namaskar !!

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The Body is your temple.Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in .
- B.K.S Iyengar.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cooking time : Scary Facts!

Just few days ago I was reading this gr8 book called "In Defense of Food" by Michael Pollan. This interesting small detail completely took be aback.

"Did you know the average time that an American takes to cook his meals of the day is around 27 min for preparing food and 4 min cleaning in the year 1995.While some 30 yrs ago it was 44 min for preparing of food and 21 min of cleaning ."

Well what is that takes you aghast when you read this few lines . Are we eating so unhealthy , junk , fast food or just we eat a lot outside or cooked meals or frozen meals .The best chef's of the world would agree that what really appeals to a human brain with regards to food is the smell of the food then the actual taste . So even cooking so little time do we get that charm or necessary flavor from the food , or we just eat to go on moving and forget the health part .
Coming from India were every meal at least takes 2 to 3 hrs of cooking time , forget the actual planing time for the meal ,even I was surprised when I saw how food is cooked and eaten here .Quick microwave , cold cut sandwich or BBQ which hardly takes time .Are we doing justice to our own body .
The author of book properly quotes "we are a nation where we are over feed , but under nourished " Interesting ha an ...
Do you agree on it ... What do you think that really matters just the food eaten or how it is cook .
Think and do let me know .The ball is in your court now .. Speak !!


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing is Waste , Every Plant is a Blessing for our Health

Most of us in Canada and Northern States of America are busy now with making our garden pretty after some crazy winter .And the first think we do is to remove all the weeds from our garden .Wait .... please read this article before you throw all the weeds from your garden .If you still think you are OK to throw them do it .
I moved to Canada around 4 yrs ago, it was just one year ago when I meet this Guy collecting all weeds from the different garden. He asked me too if you do not mind him collecting it free of cost . It was that time I realized the worth of those weeds when he told me the importance.Yes and then I started incorporating to use them in my daily practice big time . Here are some points that you should read on Dandelions.

  •  Dandelion or Taraxacum Officinal
Known because of a corruption of the French word "dent de lion" meaning " lion's tooth" referring to the coarsely toothed leaves.They are tap rooted biennial,with leaves 5-10 cm long and a nice yellow flower standing on a long 7 cm stalk .They flower normally during the day and close during the night .You might find a nice garden full of yellow flowers during the afternoon time at some places .

  •  Harvest

Spring time are good to collect young leaves and fresh flowers . While Fall would be the time to collect and dry the roots.

  •  Ways to Use ?
a] Fresh leaves of this plant are really good to add on your salads . Many recipes are out on the net about them.
b] Leaves/ Flowers can also be steamed with Kale or Spinach and can used as a side dish with fish or potato.
c] Roots are dried and roasted and grounded and have been used as an alternative for coffee .{Want to have herbal organic coffee}Caffeine free by the way.
d] On different site I have seen honey , jam , wine made from Dandelion .. can you think this weed can give us so much .

  •  Liver and Dandelion 
For most of the herblogist this weed has been known for it s amazing property to work on liver especially for Jaundice .Because of its action on liver , dandelion has been a gr8 herb to be use for any issues of digestion.You can use every thing the roots , leaves , flowers to achieve this benefit from the plant .A good liver cleanse is achieved if you have dandelion every day in your diet .

  • Urine Infection
The roots again are potent diuretics . They would increase your urine output and in that way would cleanse your bladder with all the bad bacteria .

  •  Osteoporosis
Dandelion shoots have high calcium value which could be very helpful for those vegans who need extra calcium form vegetables .Thus can be helpful for those suffering with Osteoporosis even Osteopinea .

  • Alzheimer's Disease 
  Even I was surprised to find this information when writing for this article .I need to use it for now . Its said that the flower of this weed have a compound called lecithin and choline .Both increases concentration of acetylcholine in the brain and improves memory .But that's in a research phase ..So if any of you have any data that they have used please be free to share .

  •  Dandelion tea :
a] 4 cups of water
b] few slices of dandelion root freshly cut .

Mix them together and the boil them till you have only 1 cup of water remaining on a low flame may be for 30 min .You might wanted to add some honey or brown sugar to i t to make it nicer to taste .Drink half a cup each time after every 4 hrs . Please do consult more for your herboligist or you Vaidya to help you to charter the dosage .

  • Caution
a]Toxic studies have shown that even taken in large amount their so no such side effects about this herb. But still its always better to be careful .
b] Be also careful with some other species of weed that do have the same feature .To differentiate dandelion do not have hairy leaves and each stalk would have only one flower.The other weed has many flowers on a stalk so check on that OK.

Some Interesting Links

Wine workshop :
Wikipedia link :

"You cannot forget if you would those golden kisses all over the cheeks of the meadow, queerly called dandelions."


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breakfast : A thought

Couple of days ago I tweeted for some topics for me to blog on ,Christiaan Hillen replied back asking for some word on Breakfast . Thanks a lot for this suggestion Christiaan !! Here is what Ayurveda can say about breakfast .
The word Break-fast in itself explains you what does it means .Breaking the long fast .We had eaten the night before , and now lets eat and break the whole fast .It would be exactly around 8 to 10 hrs of break for many people having their breakfast and thus always presumed as the must meal of the day .{I will explain further why i said presumed }. Right from the period of Stone age I am sure humans would have followed this pattern .They would follow the sun and thus would eat when the sun set in the night time , and would have broken the fast with some thing in the early morning .
But we know all this benefits , I am not going to write how breakfast is important .But I want some answers and then you decide if Breakfast should be important for you or not .Yes just you , not any one else that you know or care for Please ?

Q1] Are you Hungry when you eat your breakfast ?
Q2] Has the food from night before digested ?
Q3] If not hungry , do you eat breakfast just because you know its breakfast time and you do it?
Q4] Any thoughts what would happen to yourself ,if you eat when you are not hungry ?

Yes give a thought are you really hungry when you eat your breakfast . Children are more sensitive some times , they know their body clock .They just question the moms that they are not hungry and then why should they eat .I just feel their pain when even if not hungry their mom's force them to eat it .That is common this days most of the house hold yes even I faced it too .
Why we are not hungry? Simple ,do we follow the sun as the old age people use to follow .Tell me how many of you eat at sunset . I am sure many of use are still working by that time. Lot of people would have their meals some were around 7.00 and some of them later as latter as 8.00 or 9.00 pm.Then how can we be hungry if we ate so late .Think when we are on go , go , go yes we need to be hungry , but when we are asleep then we conserve energy so our digestion is slower than the normal day .Thus if we have eaten a latter dinner or even heavier meal we do not feel that hunger in the morning .
Does it explains why we go for this parties and we eat a lot the next day we do not have a breakfast but a big mid afternoon brunch .
Now do we go to Bowel moment every day in the morning .Another question to ponder especially when bowel moments are also gr8 signs for food from late night to be digested for many healthy individuals .Not going into that topic a lot , but would some times in some later post .
Is it good to eat this way at a set time , a must breakfast .According to Ayurveda , we should eat when we feel hungry and every person is different .Some people have really gr8 appetite , so yes they are hungry in the morning , but few even just eating few morsels in the night , they are not that hungry in the morning time . So just eat when you are hungry .
Lastly yes if not hungry and you are stuffing your breakfast what happens , it simple. You filled you car yesterday with Gas and drove very few miles . What would happen if you fill it again with gas today morning .No you cannot fill it up .Unluckily our body is not like the car , it would still accept the food that you gave in , but simply it cannot digest it .Yes that's were all the undigested food would be produced .You do not wanted this undigested food or toxins or called "Ama " in your body .
So friends its upto you to decide if you want Breakfast or no ? It's you to decide if you are hungry or not ? Its you to decide if the food is digested properly and yes the your body needs more food or not ? Then decide to eat may be breakfast or lunch or dinner same rule applies for every meal.
Think and then eat

"Eat Breakfast like a king , lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper"
-Adelle Davis


Monday, May 11, 2009

Tax Credit to be and remain Healthy

American President Obama 's one of the eight principles on health is " invest in prevention and wellness " . A goal that has been carried by both the Democrats and the Republican , but never been reached that easily . Yesterday's New York Times carried an article saying that Congress is trying to work on a bill which would give health Incentives for developing healthy Habits. I guess so that took me for a shock .It seems like the country with highest rate of Obese individuals are now trying at least work on some of the issues right from the hearts of the Government . Wohhh that should be a gr8 mother's day gift for many .
The whole idea is to provide tax credit or other subsides to employers who offer wellness programs to their employees and promote healthy behavior among employees.So if an employer provides periodic health screening , counseling to help their employees adopt healthy lifestyle , decided to stop smoking , reduce weight such practices would give tax credit for them .It a more easier terms if you wanted to stop smoking or lose weight and decided to do some thing about it and your employer provides some gym membership or yoga class , the employers would receive it as a tax credit . Up till now if your employer gave you such facilities it was always taxable on your part .You could save on that if this bill got passed .
Now one debates that would arise which I also think so its fair is what happens if I am healthy , and my employers choose not to give me Gym membership because , being healthy you do no deserve it ?This debate has still not been solved by this bill so far or at least not clear .
So what do you think ? Do you think at this moment being an healthy person , you would prefer your employer to provide some benefits to those other colleagues who are having issues than yourself or do you thing this bill is not making a fair argument .Is any other country that you know that would provide all those health benefit .I know after watching the movie " Sicko" France has some pretty gr8 Health Program for its citizen .
Let me know .

Links for this article

While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.
- Ben Franklin

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's day : My thoughts

Happy Mother's Day !!!! That's not just for my mom , but to all the mother's around the world who are celebrating . Keeping the tradition alive started by Ann Jarvis in 1912. I decided to look out for an appropriate gift for my Mom.Being a blogger I should tell you I searched a lot even online .But I was simply not satisfied with what gift could have been appropriate .Do you know why ... here are few of the reasons .Let me know if am right or not ...

I know how it hard it would have been for you when I was in your belly and restricted lot of your activities .I am sure because of me you even had bad days of nausea , vomiting and who can forget that crazy labor pains which told you that "I" am coming mom .You faced all that just for me .I know that mom .Can a greeting card say thanks for all you did .

You woke with me , you slept with me and had a crazy routine managing jobs and me .Some times you just slept for 2 hrs .Just because I was in pain when my teeth were coming . But still you gladly enjoyed those days . How hard would have been on you doing all this .Can a small rose say thanks for it Mom ?

We both cried on my first day of school , till that day you were my world,Mom .. and suddenly you pushed me to meet others and enjoy them with out you . I know being angry on that day ,but looking back I guess it was my mistake to be angry .Can a Bunch of flowers with a nice note on top say Thanks to you Mom ?

You were with me with me on good days of my school life and bad days of my school life. Remember getting Grade "A" in my hardest subject Mathematics, how happy were we that day and remember those days how I embarrassed you in front of all simply because I was full of myself . You were mad at me , but I was forgiven even then.Mom that was not easy , I can tell you Now !! How did you do that ? Can a nice warm breakfast say thanks for all you did Mom?

You were nervous and worried ,when I moved to University . And then you cried when I graduated when I was laughing with joy for my success .How can I forget that .Can a nice Dinner say thanks to you Mom ?

You cried on my marriage day again , and I knew well this were tears of joy again .And then slowly you went quiet apart from me as my wife became my world .You never said any thing , nor did I say .Mom but still you know that and I know that we both love each other .Even if I bring diamonds for you on this Mother's day those would be still nothing in compared to what you have given me Mom .
Then why should I celebrate this Mother's day .Cannot I enjoy every day to be a day when its Mother's day .Each second that I spend with you , can this be a memorable for both of us .
Friends did you knew even Anna Jarvis opposed her own creation of celebrating mother's day later in her life .Then why should I ...
Can any one help me in justifying if I choose in having a gr8 moments with my Mom

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.
~William Makepeace Thackeray

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

6 things to know before doing yoga

Gone are the days when doing yoga was said to be more towards spiritual progress and ascetic life style .This is the 21st century were yoga can been done only for what purpose it is needed by the follower .For relaxation , for de-stressing , for being flexible or may be yes for spiritual oneness ..Due to this out look from the followers of yoga we have seen many new yoga studio's sprouting every were . Each having their own philosophy , style and way of practicing .The author is not trying to point that they are wrong in any way, but its just giving what the teacher likes of the whole philosophy out to the students . If the students do not like it , they are welcome to join other classes for their own goals.
So whatever class you join, whatever yoga style follow ... here are few of the authors thoughts on what to do before going for yoga classes and during the classes ..

1] It's not style ,it's Yoga :
For God sake please it's not a fade or a fashion , its Yoga ...Please if your are thinking of joining a class of yoga , just because your friends are joining it , please do not do it for them .The author has seen many followers of yoga who do them for style and then hardly can appreciate the essence of it.
Yoga means mind and body together and yes if your mind is wondering some were else and your body is in the class just because of your friends please restrain and try not to come for yoga classes .

2] Health Concern:
Please make it a point to let your yoga teacher know if you have any health issues . Spinal injuries new and old history of those, spondlyisis, heart conditions, diabetes , Cholesterol level .Let your teacher know this . If the teacher has not know you before the class make it a point to let the teacher know if all the asans would be good for you and your health or not .In future this would help to get maximum benefit from the class you have attended .

3] Heavy meals or eating before yoga:
The author have visited many sites were to have a light snack and come for yoga class has been suggested .
Think about it in this way when you eat your blood has been forced to flow more towards your stomach and your digestive tract , your stomach and those parts feel heavy . When we do Asaans this all blood is being diverted to the part of the body needed especially the arms , thighs and not the stomach. Would that help digestion no i hope so that would be the answer?
Empty stomach is the best way to perform yoga and has been recommended by many senior wise teachers , but due to change in life style we do yoga at evening or some times even at early night after work , we are hungry ..
Try at least to have a light snack 2 hours prior to yoga and see .. if that might help you

4] Artificial Fragrance , perfumes , cell phones are no go :
Please avoid using heavy perfumes before going to classes .You would be doing a lot of breathing exercise.A strong perfume would definitely interfere in the concentration of not just your self but also of your fellow friends who are practicing yoga .
Same can be said about mobile phones .If you expect some urgent phone call keep it on vibration mode , but try not to keep it on .

5] Women's health and yoga :
Its advisable for woman's who are menstruating to keep away for performing asans at least . Mediation or deep breathing exercise are OK .But try to avoid all the harsh breathing exercises. Sounds abnormal for many ... yes as menstrual cycle is lot many times seen as some thing unwanted for many.
Due to many forward bends and different bandas , it might happen that circulation to the uterus increases , resulting in heavy fresh blood lose to many who do yoga at that time .You do not need that extra loss of blood .. so avoid doing tedious exercise during Menstrual cycle.

6] Be Gentle with yourself:
This last suggestion is just for in the actual class .Please try to be gentle with yourself, your yoga would be aware of that .But lot many times due to a type of class you might not think about it .Stress on your muscle can be destructive ,so do not push too hard while doing certain asaans.This might make you hurt your muscle and not gain from the class you had ..

So friends let me know if you have any more words of advice before or during yoga class to follow.

Thanks for my friend Lisa Stacey for sharing the picture above.

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. - Jason Crandell

Monday, May 4, 2009

9 Marriage tips From our Parents Regarding Successful Married Life

Couple of days ago we celebrated my mom and dad’s 31 Marriage Anniversary.31 yrs of marriage well not a big deal for both of them ,but for us me and my wife , we always wonder how did they make it . What are their secrets ? Can we learn something from both of them and their relationship . We got married recently and we both know its not that easy my friends . But we are sure we both have a lot to learn from our each other parents relationships. On our journey in learning all this we collected few pointers that we both would love to share that might help our and all readers in building a healthy relationship .

1] Respect,Respect, Respect:

The first and the foremost thing that we saw in our parents relationship is the respect they would have for each other .Its respecting each other as an individual person for what you are and who you are .It’s a fact that is well know , until you respect your partner for who he /she is till that point relationship can never prosper .The other person is not just your husband or wife , but he is human being after all in this universe . Do we have a respect for what he or she is .Does our natural instinct just tell us that yes she/he is the person who I respect the most .... sorry folks not love . You respect your partner first and then love them for what they are .

"Do you respect your partner?Do you feel that you simply feel that you need to respect him/her for for he/she is "?

2] Trust each other down to the core of your heart:

"Trust" " Faith" very common words used when in relations to any kind of bond , relationship. If you respect your partner , you then only start trusting them , keeping faith in them .Its not that easy yah i know, especially in this kind of the world .But well that would be the secret recipe for sure for a happy Successful relationship.

There would be days when you fail in some task in professional life. But well its just when you come back home and get a hug from your better half you know that they trust you and you would achieve success the next time . That simple knowing makes our day . A survey conducted reported that one of the gist of being successful and being a millionaire is the support, faith and trust of there better half's all the time." Trust " the magic word for your relationship.

"Do you trust your partner ?Do you have faith in them" ? "Even if the world falls would you be with your partner and would your partner support you"?

3] Allow each other to grow as a person in this world:

Both my parents were working parents, they both had their own priorities in their life in regards to profession life as well as personal life .Both worked hard to make sure each other can reach to their own personal growth .They had this terrific support of each other that made it work .Its just nice to see your better half grow in front of you , that does not make you a smaller person {even if she/he earns more than you}.Yes many couples miss that part in life when it comes to nourishing each other ,physical, mental ,spiritual growth , hampering each other’ s aspiration .

"Do you allow your partner to Grow as an individual "?

4] Sacrifice ,Compromise,Commitment are the most common words :

When we decided to get married the most common words of advice we got from every one was Sacrifice, Commitment , Compromise .Oh you have to compromise , sacrifice are u ok with that ... Well you do it just because you love your better half ... that's all .And if you do it please do not make it known to each other that you do .They know it that you have made that compromise and its just for them and just for their love .

"Are you willing to compromise for your partner ? Would your partner compromise for you"?

5] Know each other weak points and try to heal them not cover them:

In one of the relationship guides I came upon this statement which is carved in my heart .Its so true that we should not only know our weak points but also of our our partner. Well we are Humans after all. In a successful marriage , we try to cover each others weakness , we even can work on those and change them for the good for each others .

I know my parents do that very well . They first of all know when either one of them would make a mistake , and yes they would try to make sure that the other partner works on those weak spots .No ego in changing , no grudges , no anger .

"Would you work in hiding and changing your partner's weakness "?

6]Listen one another:

A good husband is a one who listens a lot ... ohh yah I am sure many of female readers would agree on that . Well any one would like to be listen at the end of the day .Every individual has some stuff to share .. and you being the better half .. then yes for sure .It’s something about chores of the day, the politics of work .Yes that can be a little irritating when we ourselves are going through the same .But yes it might be good if we forget for a moment of our own issues and just lend our ear's for our better half .

"Do you Listen to your Partner ? Do you hear them , their sorrows, their happiness" ?

7] Words of Kindness, Love, Care are worth Diamonds in a Relationship :

I know that i cannot buy diamonds for all the occasions for my better half , but what would be in my hand is this simple tool . “ Dear I love you” “ Darling thanks for this nice soup that you made” .Nothing wrong in a word of kindness or praise for your better half .They are worth a lot in a relationship .A small pat , a nice kiss , a small rose , a little praise during really crazy days makes her day memorable .Do not need Valentine day to enjoy and nurture any relationship. Let this actions come out from our heart , and please do not be mechanical .Yes we do , its like we program our self to say those words like thanks and sorry in this cultured world . So let it be a sincere effort from your side .

"Go off your way today and buy a small Rose to your partner , thanks them and see the effects".

8] Arguments are battles never let them to be war :

The difference between battle and war ,is battle is just one day or even few hours , a war goes on and on for days , months ,years .... In a relationship arguments , rowe;s are always there . Two people cannot agree on all things every day in their life .Its how you adjust to each other .But yes if we land up in argument keep it low and just for few hours .Try never to go more than that , and try not to repeat a same mistake again and again.Again the golden rule we are human , mistakes happen , but try not repeating them again and again.Do not ever go for I win , you lose scenario. Avoid those for sure .

"Do you keep old Grudges about your partner" ?

9] Ego: The Ultimate Marriage goal :

When I got married ,what I found was suddenly my world was not I , it was always We .I was never singular in the society , and then by itself We both accepted being We in the society . "I" an symbol of ego suddenly vanishes in thin air with out a single thought .Marriage makes that difference that's for sure .Try it and say " I did this today my sweetheart" and try this " We did this today my sweet heart". Just speak it and see the difference of both the sentences .We statement is more nourishing and calming than the I statement .

"Do you use "WE" commonly in your relationship or its still "I" Ghost that haunts your relationship".

Friends do help me with some more pointers for me and many more for a good married life.

A relationship doesn't begin our life;a relationship doesn't become our life.A relationship is a continuation of life.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Treating Swine Flu with help of Ayruveda .

After my first post on Swine flu , I was emailed by Greg Nemer from Mexico .It was because of him I have decided to write on this topic again . So Greg I am dedicating this post for you and all your friends in Mexico .Being a slight procrastinator , I was not that scheduled in my postings but this morning news made me work my ass off for this post .The shocking news of this epidemic now Graded 5 by the World Health Organization is a simple warning to all of us . Grade 5 means WHO believes that this pandemic can spread not only in North America , but also all over the world . Better Gear up ...
The earlier post that I wrote about Swine flu pretty much dealt in a way how to prevent this flu from affecting us .But it seems like we are in need on knowing how to treat such cases of Swine Flu or called Influenza A(H1N1) .Ontario , Canada has been affected with some mild strain of this virus. A least possibility is predicated from my side to see such cases of this Influenza .But still my mind started wondering how to treat if a chance arrived . Would the ancient science of living have any answers in such massive epidemics .Well my research led me for some simple solutions which might be handy for all of us to work .

In my last post I had emphasized the benefit of Ginger and Garlic for prevention .Luckily both can be used to fight against this virus and its symptoms and treat the issues .Both are also easily available and had been in our daily cooking every day .Ginger tea would be the drink of choice for such individuals atleast 2 or 3 cups a day . Ginger tea reference in my older post .

The third kitchen stuff that you can use to treat such viral out break are Onions .Simply have some cut onions with honey before going to bed and yes you would find after few days your symptoms decreasing .Onions have been in know to work on such viral infection sinces time old.

Do you remember the old recipe for warm chicken soup that whenever you would get sick your mom or granny use to make for you even that would be good for your health in fighting this condition . Just make sure that when you make that soup , make it with dark meat , some ginger, some garlic and some onions to go by and yes that yummy soup would make your body fight that swine flu virus .

Lastly here is one of those grandma recipe to cure cold, cough and flu . I am sure it would be simply gr8 in such crazy viral epidemic too .

Anti Viral Decotion :

1] Dry ginger powder: half tsp
2] Dry black pepper : half tsp
3] Cinnamon sticks: 1 or 2
4] Licorice root powder: 1 tsp
5] Coriander seeds: 5 -10
6] Water: 8 glasses at least

How to make the tea { decotion}:
Mix all the components together and boil it slowly on low flame . Boil the combination till you have only 1 glass of water . So you have achieved all the important components from all the herbs that you have added . Drink half a glass of that decotion before breakfast and half glass before dinner .Do take it till you are not back in form .

The above article is a creation of what i would have done if i treat a case of Influenza A {H1N1} infection .Again its always advisable to make sure your family physician would be the first choice to visit about any symptoms regarding Swine flu .All the above are to facilitate your recovery with the normal course of action from the medical fraternity .

It's {the internet} like the flu -it just spread like crazy
-Jack Welch

Post by Sudeep

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