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Swine Flu : Preventing with help of Ayurveda

All of sudden during this weekend the world especially North America was in shock with another pandemic lurking over it shore . Just it was few months ago when news paper stop having columns regarding the Avian Flu . And now it is all of sudden a new type of flu which some what like Avian flu namely "The Swine Flu". Swine Flu" its a disease of the Pigs and in some cases also affecting the humans who are in contact with the animals .The World Health Organization has reported on its website many cases in Mexico and United States . Even Canada yesterday announced that it is suspecting few cases been affected too .What we know that it is an viral infection of type A influence virus present in pigs. Infection with humana with this type is uncommon unless for those people who work and live closely with pigs can be affected.It normally affects the upper respiratory tract and its symptoms are similar to those of a Human Influenza .Fever with chill , cold, sore throat, aching limbs, headaches and general malaise .Some reports have been recording few cases of vomiting and diarrhea .
Normal line of action by the medical world is to give a drug called Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza) .No vaccines have yet been found on this condition.

Steps taken to protect yourself and your family member from this flu:
1] Cover your mouth when coughing all the time
2] Wash hand regularly in an alcohol based cleaner .
3] Avoid any close contact with any sick person suffering from cold , cough
4] Yes you can still eat pork .{ i do disagree } .

Ayurveda and Swine Flu:
For the branch of Ayurveda , epidemics of such nature were not that uncommon .Emphasis is given on the immunity of the people staying in the affected area and surroundings . With regards to taking any special herbs or any decotion its all to work on the increasing the immunity of the peoples .Because the whole idea that Ayurveda promotes is if your immune system is strong , even if you are exposed to such viruses ,it would not affect you . Immunity will help us protect us from those viruses .
So the point is how to keep an healthy immunity .Many blogs have been advising people to start taking Vitamin D and differant mineral combination.
Here are the few things that you can thing of doing to protecting yourself and your family members and friends :

1] Ginger , Ginger , Ginger .....
Hey yes the same spice ginger that you get with your sushi { pickeled one} ,just use it raw can be an excellent way to protect yourself and boosting your immunity . Ginger has been known to fight different flu. cold ,fever condition . Not only that its good for inflamtion and in an healthy person just protects you from any infection from bothering you .
Ginger Tea:
1 cup of water
few Freshly sliced Ginger Root or dried ginger powder
Boil them together for 1 minute and then brew it in your cup.may add brwon sugar or molasses
Have this yummy spiced tea once a day and it would work magic.

2] Garlic:
Yes the vampire repellent . Garlic has this unusual property due to its obnoxious smell to repel off bacteria and viruses .Its has been known that garlic is an powerful natural antibiotic . So yes do have some sliced Garlic clove in your diet .Ohhh do not eat it raw .... please make sure you either stir fry it a little bit before you eat.

3] Amala{ Indian Gooseberry} : Embilica Officanales
One of the greatest fruits know to boost once immune system as properly names as the best to work in such type of conditions .We in the west may not be actually knowing this fruit properly but we do know it as a small constituent of the Jam named Chayavanprash . Many Ayurvedic websites and blogs have promoted this product as the best immune booster .Yes this fruit can help us a lot in this situation in boosting our health . A spoonful of Chayavanprash might do the magic in giving you the protection that might be needed to fight having this viruses .

4] Camphor:
Have you been aware of this herb before ... if not .. its nothing internal that you need to do . If you know a place were to buy aromatherapy oil , just purchase some Camphor oil and burn in it in your room , office a slight camphor oil all the time. Camphor again has its won property of keeping different air borne diseases .

This are the few main herbs to be used . Their can be a tons and tons of such herbs that can help you in preventing yourself from this Swine flu .Quick example : Basil, Sage, Orgeona , Elderberry , Burdock ,Yarrow. Please do visit your friendly herbologist or Vaidya before you take any of this herbs, just for your own benefit .Another warning for all you Fear is the last thing that you wanted to be in ... So be fearless and you can win all the epidemics.Stop the typical fear mentality .
Again the object of writing this post is not to treat the original condition , but this is the basic step that we all can take in preventing it happening it in our backyard " Prevention is always better than Cure " Do not you agree .Of course if you are ill with any of this conditions described ,do visit your near by doctor and let me know .In such epidemics its the duty of every citizen to report such cases to the government .

More information on Swine Flu;

We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.

-Helen Keller

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What an extensive article on the swine flu.
It really hits home with me since I live in South Mexico where all of the schools have been closed.
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Great info!

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Great peice of information !
Ayurved is the BEST 

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