Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health News that you might have Missed

Health blogs are currently busy working on keeping us all on bay with regards to Swine Flu.The actual know how about Swine Flu has preceded a lot than its actual influence on our life.With such nasty , dreaded news all over the news columns , making you just fear for your life . Just for change i thought to go through such news that might be positive and make your day . Such health news that could have been missed . So a quick peek in few News papers for our health .

No Gain without Pain:

Recent studies have found that if you are a pregnant having nausea and morning sickness , you would have gr8 chances of having a baby who has a higher I.Q .The Journal of Pediatrics reported that those mothers having no such symptoms , their kids lack that I.Q as compared to the first group.

2] Longer life you need not Vitamins but Friends :

Older people having many friends were less likely to die than those with fewer friends. A 10 year Australian research study came upon this conclusion recently. Survival rate for individuals suffering from cancer , AIDS, and other disease do affects if they have a larger friend circle. Same conclusion were reached with younger group of adults between 30 -50 age group . Well who need Vitamins, supplements now . Just have many friends.

3] Obama Administration and increase appeal for Medical Marijuana.

Since the Obama Administration in United States ,a sudden increase of people using Medical Marijuana increased .Is it the stance that the current administration has taken of not interfering in each states affair or just the economic chaos that may have caused many people in America go without Health insurance and now running for alternatives.It would be worth watch what happen with this story .

4] Age and Memory no connection:

Researchers have concluded that age has nothing to do with losing ones memory . We have always blamed one's age for forgetting .That's not what the scientist are saying .If we think in the possiblity of having great memory we would have .Its all the mind set , that was was concluded in that research .
Well think Positive now then ? Don't you think ?

The Greatest Wealth is Health - Virgil
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J said...

Hi Sudeep,
It is very informative. Wish you all the best.

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