Friday, April 3, 2009

About Me !!

Welcome to "e-swastya" !! The person you are looking on the side is me alias Sudeep A Chitnis a citizen of India, currently living in Canada. I started my career as an Ayurvedic Vaidya or Doctor, but here I am more like a health blogger for you. I believe my passion is Ayurveda more than anything else. I live, eat drink and even sleep Ayurveda sometimes those are my pros and cons.

Why the need of a blog ?

As a traditional Indian Orthodox boy I did not miss to notice the difference in the society in the western world especially Canada and United States. There was a growing need of the society to stay healthy and look for something else than just the regular system of medicine. This need was being satisfied by many advocates of health in different ways. For lay man it was kind of confusing. Whom should they follow, is this right or this wrong advice. Many of my clients questioned me. To be truth full even for me it was a little confusing.  Solving those questions, I took refuge to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the science that has been since 5000 yrs old. Here I did get my answers, though they were hard to explain to my clientele.
The main inspiration for this blog has been those questions asked by all my clients in North America.

What is e- swastya ?

The word “Swastya” means Health in Sanskrit. One of the oldest languages spoken and written Sanskrit is the base of different Ayurvedic text.  Ancient wisdom of living applied to the current scenario makes this blog a unique union of old and the new. So we name the blog as “e-swastya”.

Why one should join and subscribe e-swastya?

“e-swastya” shares the same goal of Ayurveda that is working for keeping every one healthy. Helping those who face some health issues would also kept in mind. In this blog I would be writing many thoughts on different health issues which are often confused say for example, Breakfast: Is it must to eat or not? Also we have a section of yoga and different asanas to read. And some posts to understand some of the basic principles of Ayurveda.
We are open for thoughts and question on any topic, if you are confused feel free to fill the contact us form. If we can answer we would even answer in a form of an article.
Subscribe e-swastya for all that reason. Know more about your health and how you and your family can stay healthy. Understand different simple lifestyles we follow and why to follow them.Subscribe here

My Other Work

The growing need also inspired me to write article on other different medium on the World Wide Web. Hence for some times now I have been an active contributor on the Helium network of writers. I do write on some of the same topic of health, so feel free to browse my page to here.

Again to conclude this blog is a collection of some of my interpretation of thoughts of Ayurveda in today’s world. It would be nice to also have a peek on the disclaimer page too before moving ahead. That would be really appreciated.
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