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6 things to know before doing yoga

Gone are the days when doing yoga was said to be more towards spiritual progress and ascetic life style .This is the 21st century were yoga can been done only for what purpose it is needed by the follower .For relaxation , for de-stressing , for being flexible or may be yes for spiritual oneness ..Due to this out look from the followers of yoga we have seen many new yoga studio's sprouting every were . Each having their own philosophy , style and way of practicing .The author is not trying to point that they are wrong in any way, but its just giving what the teacher likes of the whole philosophy out to the students . If the students do not like it , they are welcome to join other classes for their own goals.
So whatever class you join, whatever yoga style follow ... here are few of the authors thoughts on what to do before going for yoga classes and during the classes ..

1] It's not style ,it's Yoga :
For God sake please it's not a fade or a fashion , its Yoga ...Please if your are thinking of joining a class of yoga , just because your friends are joining it , please do not do it for them .The author has seen many followers of yoga who do them for style and then hardly can appreciate the essence of it.
Yoga means mind and body together and yes if your mind is wondering some were else and your body is in the class just because of your friends please restrain and try not to come for yoga classes .

2] Health Concern:
Please make it a point to let your yoga teacher know if you have any health issues . Spinal injuries new and old history of those, spondlyisis, heart conditions, diabetes , Cholesterol level .Let your teacher know this . If the teacher has not know you before the class make it a point to let the teacher know if all the asans would be good for you and your health or not .In future this would help to get maximum benefit from the class you have attended .

3] Heavy meals or eating before yoga:
The author have visited many sites were to have a light snack and come for yoga class has been suggested .
Think about it in this way when you eat your blood has been forced to flow more towards your stomach and your digestive tract , your stomach and those parts feel heavy . When we do Asaans this all blood is being diverted to the part of the body needed especially the arms , thighs and not the stomach. Would that help digestion no i hope so that would be the answer?
Empty stomach is the best way to perform yoga and has been recommended by many senior wise teachers , but due to change in life style we do yoga at evening or some times even at early night after work , we are hungry ..
Try at least to have a light snack 2 hours prior to yoga and see .. if that might help you

4] Artificial Fragrance , perfumes , cell phones are no go :
Please avoid using heavy perfumes before going to classes .You would be doing a lot of breathing exercise.A strong perfume would definitely interfere in the concentration of not just your self but also of your fellow friends who are practicing yoga .
Same can be said about mobile phones .If you expect some urgent phone call keep it on vibration mode , but try not to keep it on .

5] Women's health and yoga :
Its advisable for woman's who are menstruating to keep away for performing asans at least . Mediation or deep breathing exercise are OK .But try to avoid all the harsh breathing exercises. Sounds abnormal for many ... yes as menstrual cycle is lot many times seen as some thing unwanted for many.
Due to many forward bends and different bandas , it might happen that circulation to the uterus increases , resulting in heavy fresh blood lose to many who do yoga at that time .You do not need that extra loss of blood .. so avoid doing tedious exercise during Menstrual cycle.

6] Be Gentle with yourself:
This last suggestion is just for in the actual class .Please try to be gentle with yourself, your yoga would be aware of that .But lot many times due to a type of class you might not think about it .Stress on your muscle can be destructive ,so do not push too hard while doing certain asaans.This might make you hurt your muscle and not gain from the class you had ..

So friends let me know if you have any more words of advice before or during yoga class to follow.

Thanks for my friend Lisa Stacey for sharing the picture above.

Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. - Jason Crandell
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7 comments: on "6 things to know before doing yoga"

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks for the warm welcome - am assuming this is your list post? i will definitely check this site as well for more interesting reads-thanks again

Money4Invest said...

Thanks for the comment in my blog. Appreciate it a lot.
I saw most of the people who joined Yoga were ladies. Is Yoga just for female?

Sudeep Chitnis said...

Its again one of the western approach to look towards Yoga . Any one can do yoga , but in the west because yoga is seen so calmer and relaxing and nothing to macho about , men's have not taken this branch that easily .Yes but you still have many good men who teaches yoga .Rather most of the famous teacher's i know in the west are Male rather than Females .

La'Tonya Richardson said...

The advice for women's health, and menstration is great. We consider it a normal part of life, and something else to get through. Many of us have never even considered the possibility of more blood loss due to strenuous exercise. Thanks.

I followed your comment from the 31 day build a better blog.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Wow - you are a mentor. I followed you from my blog. Can't wait to read more. This is the kind of information I long to find. Peace for all

Unknown said...

Excellent tips, especially not using smells or cells...I am highly sensitive to perfumes and they make breathing while exercising a challenge. As for cell phones...that should be a no-brainer, but...


Ching Ya said...

Hi Sudeep,

Yoga is so common nowadays, and like you've said, many are using it as a de-stress activity. I haven't done any Yoga, although some said it's good for the health and stay fit etc.Sure it's nice to know the tips before start joining any classes. ^^

Have a nice weekend ahead. Always a pleasure to be here. See you around.

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