Friday, April 17, 2009

5 ways to save on our Vitamins Bill every Month

Recently I read an interesting article on Vitamins and their lack of providing the adequate support in the
current health scenario.New York times reported how even after taking vitamins everyday , their is lack of proper scientific evidence on if they can prevent cholesterol issues or when used to protect good cells , they do in a way also protect the bad cancerous cells in the body too. Can you imagine that we spend around 50 bucks per month or more just on those pills to keep us healthy as preventative.Is it worth the amount we spend on this pills .Well i know the discovery of this vitamins were made to save our lives and keep us healthy , then what is going wrong on that lines .

Another concern that the I always had is the need of this vitamins pills . I have kept this notion that this pills are more for the Third world countries were balanced meal is a luxury for half the people . For them this pills were life savers .Unluckily the original market were this pills are used in not in the Third world but in the first world .Were food is balanced rather abundant. What is wrong then .I tried to look out in diet pattern and lifestyles of individuals from all over the world were i found out few of the main reasons why The First world citizens do need this pills too ..

1] Highly processed food.
2] Fast food
3] Frozen dinners or snacks
4] Genetically modified food
5] Stress full life style
6]High Alcohol , smoking rate .

Well knowing the fact that this pills are not workingin a way they are supposed to work what can be golden rule to follow to remain healthy and protect ourself even in this conditions .Yes but without spending so much on this pills .

A] Eat Fresh , Eat Local :
Eat Fresh , Eat Local that is the Mantra of Good Health .Trying to eat fresh local food would help you get all the nourishment you need.According to ancient science of Ayurveda food that grow around your area gives the most nourishment that we need to fight all the disease. Ok staying in New city how would be that feasible ... you can eat some thing around by ." The 100 Mile Diet " would give you a nice idea of what i meant and how to work on that . Give it a try

B] Eat Seasonal :
Isn't it scary .. yes but we do eat a lot of food that is not at all seasonal Apples they are grown and harvested in September October .. hey well we eat any time of the year.
How come .. simple they are frozen in lots and then supplied or they are supplied around the world in what is required . Mangoes do not grow in Canada but still
we eat them all year around .Yes the price fluctuates .. notice that ..
Seasonal food have all the nourishment that your body needed to fight that time of the year .So look out more often for that farmer's market than any grocery store another reason to do that .

C] Eat Balanced Meal:
I have seen many times that people do over eat one sort of group a lot . If they like bread , its just what they would eat all day . The whole Idea of Balanced meal made by World Health Organisation { WHO} is all about giving you all this vitamins , minerals and the other nutrients needed for your body .Try to eat few carbohydrates, few leafy vegetable, if needed few eggs, meat products , some fats , some fruits , some milk products . This might look more balanced that just eating meat and potato .

D] Follow Mother Nature:
We just celebrated Earth Day , many people made different resolutions in their life on this Earth day . When it comes to food cannot we also follow the way Mother Nature wants us to .It gives fresh fruits when its hot in the summer to cool us off . And then we get an harvest of peanuts , yams , potato more near the winter time to give us the required heat . Does not it make sense to follow what is in our plate during those months rather than eating every thing all time , any season .

E] Grow your own garden :
Spring is around why not think of growing your own garden fresh vegetables , salads .Cost effective and a making a garden could be a gr8 exercise for your mind too .If you do not have space why not work with few friends together in a small patch to harvest nice lettuce , spinach , and fresh vegetables . Saves money on groceries right .

Yes I agree that their are few incidence were you might need to take Vitamins for a while so , but please try not to just have this habit of popping those pills often .Well eager to read your comments .

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.
~Doug Larson

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4 comments: on "5 ways to save on our Vitamins Bill every Month"

Marie said...

Even though we do these things - we still try and take vitamins. We will get them when they are buy one get one free, so the cost isn't so horrible.

I found you through Probloggers 31dbbb -

Thanks for the great reminders.

Claus D jensen said...

Great advice.
i also believe it's important to eat organic grown vegetables as the soil is not yet poor of minerals etc.

C ya!


Ruth Trowbridge said...

This is a fabulous post - common sense has not been en vogue for a very long time (looks like my Canadian accent is showing, eh) - thanks - peace for all

Ralph said...

I take quite a few vitamins, fewer than last year but I am still suspicious that there is not sufficient nutrition in food these days. In addition I think that superdoses of some vitamins may be necessary to slow aging.

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