Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolution : An Appeal !!

Wishing everyone Happy New Year!! 

Wishing and praying that the coming year bring lot of happiness, Good health, peace and prosperity for all of us in the World.
As New Year arrives each one of us tend to make resolutions, it is but natural. Since childhood I have devoted the first few weeks of the New Year in making sure my resolutions are carried away faithfully. Writing a dairy, reading books every day and so and so. Every year those resolutions are all lost in thin air during the months of either Feb. or March or even a bit later some times. I am sure this story to be similar with each one of you. Can us changes that approach of keeping a resolution and then working on it for the whole year. How can we work on it?

 Have you seen the new design of the blog yet! I have been working on changing the blog design for months now. I was just not sure if I could manage to change the fonts and stuff. Unsure of my own capabilities, I was left wondering when suddenly I was helped by my Twitter friend Liz Hover. She not only gave me the moral support to change, but also emailed me few templates too. 

What struck me through this conversation is I knew I could do it, but still a little push from my friend helped me to do a lot. Thanks a lot Liz for your support. If that is the value of a simple support why cannot we help each other in supporting and helping each other in keeping our resolutions till the end of the year?

Here is thought in this blog I would be devoting one post every month on some of the New Year resolution per month. I would try to cover topics that I normally think people would have as resolutions. Topics like weight loss help to quit smoking or help to reduce alcohol are something that is very common resolutions.  I am very open for new suggestions too. May be any one can tell us about your resolution and how one should work on it in a Guest post. Do not worry I would not share names if said so. 

I am soon going to share my New Year resolution in one of the blog post to come, but would love to hear soon about all your resolutions too. So please either email me your resolution from the Contact page, or one can write on the comment section or one can even tweet me @vdsudeep.  Looking forward for your comments and once more time Happy New Year.

Posted by Sudeep

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1 comments: on "New Year Resolution : An Appeal !!"

Liz Hover said...

Hey Sudeep - very glad to have provided the moral support. Happy 2010!

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